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2016/5/30 17:00:10
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" Don't forget spamming Muvizu support with requests.
2016/5/30 7:22:03
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! ukBerty wrote:
I had a really good look at this a couple of years ago when Muvizu was "resting"

That's one way to put it, I suppose
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2016/5/30 7:15:31
Depth of field and layers Do you need with depth of field, layers, or both?
I've made a couple of wiki guides for layers but they might not be very clear:
Here is the one at the top of this page with images:
Here's some useful info about exporting layers individually:

Edit: berty beat me to it by 9 seconds.
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2016/5/30 7:06:45
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Cough Source filmmaker Cough
But yes, Muvizu is certainly one of the very few low cost pieces of animation software.

hey that looks powerful! Do you use it?

I've played around with it a couple of times but I prefer Muvizu. You can have a look on YouTube for some films made with it, I believe there are thousands.
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2016/5/29 20:08:08
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! Cough Source filmmaker Cough
But yes, Muvizu is certainly one of the very few low cost pieces of animation software.
2016/5/28 22:14:45
May 2016 50% off sale I'm interested by the idea of just a sort of test dummy character where you can hide elements, and perhaps have many more attachment points for each connected section (I'm thinking multiple parts for each finger sort of level).
I would probably pay £50 for Muvizu in its current form, and perhaps £100 for one with more frequent feature additions. I've heard about some other features that are in the works that could be coming in a year or so.... very interesting.
Runs from people asking for more details
2016/5/28 21:56:51
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" You're spot on about people coming to Muvizu after seeing amazing videos such as those of Clayster.
Most of the Moguls used to be regulars just a couple of years ago, but over time (as you say) people come and go.
Clayster, and I would also suggest you, are great, regular forum users each with massive contributions over the time you've been here. The last time someone became a Mogul was 2014; it's about time we had some new users with this shiny badge.
2016/5/28 17:52:19
May 2016 50% off sale I'll probably have to start a new thread for this if it becomes a relatively large discussion. How much would you pay for a subscription based or high upfront cost version of Muvizu with frequent updates (new features every month or so). Or perhaps, how much would people you know be willing to pay?
Also are there any features that really stick out for you that Muvizu should have?
2016/5/28 17:37:00
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" artpen wrote:
Anyway, im going to say " Listen up people, CLAYSTER FOR MOGUL!!!! "

I'm happy to back this.
2016/5/28 15:29:03
Speeding up Muvizu editing joeactor wrote:
Well, tried it all.

Although it's better than it was, it's still ***WAAAAAYYYY*** slower than the prior version.

Gotta be something else to try (other than getting a new pc)


Other than experimenting with layers and closing other open programs, there's not much else you can do.
Muvizu requires the power of a gaming machine because it's just the Unreal engine below the surface.

If you'd like to revert, I have a small collection of previous installers.
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2016/5/28 11:59:50
errore w2 Unfortunately, the error will be W2 until Muvizu support re-enables your licence. Since it's Saturday today on a bank holiday weekend, they'll probably only see your request next Tuesday. For now you'll have to keep using the free version.
I just put this message through Google Translate and then back again to double check so I hope it still makes sense for you.
2016/5/28 11:49:14
errore w2 Did it say any different codes the first few times?
You can check what the codes mean here: under "Licence Activation"
2016/5/28 11:36:59
errore w2 Error W2 means you used the code too many times. Send in a support ticket to ask for an extension:
2016/5/27 22:25:58
Speeding up Muvizu editing If you hit f12, this disables lighting which can speed it up. You can also hide certain layers to reduce the amount of things Muvizu needs to render. So if you put, for example, your character and a few surrounding objects in one layer and hid the layer with the rest of the set in, then Muvizu would only need to worry about those few items.
Here's one basic guide on layers:
Press the little eye icon to hide the layer.

Other than that, it's just down to your computer's graphics hardware. If you have a desktop PC, you might want to look into getting a new graphics card such as the GTX 750ti.
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2016/5/27 16:06:35
scheda grafica I'd suggest you go with something like the GTX 750ti. Any of the super low-end cards like the GT series aren't really powerful enough for Muvizu.
2016/5/27 7:17:53
All of my Star Wars Characters for "FREE" Thanks Clayster, I'm sure many people will appreciate this.
2016/5/27 7:14:06
scheda grafica Hi. This is an interesting question since I've not heard of Quadro GPUs before. However, after a bit of research, I've found that the Quadro cards seem to cost more for the same performance in games. Muvizu is using the Unreal 3 engine so I'd assume that you want a more game-friendly card.
I'll see if I can get hold of one of the Muvizu developers to ask about this, and I'll report back here if they have any information.
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2016/5/26 15:58:18
Rendering animation as MP4s I've just created this wiki page outlining how the image sequence output works.
2016/5/26 15:26:59
Chemistry pack I remember having this issue during testing, but I don't remember how it was solved. Have you restarted your PC? Jamie will need to re-activate your licence though, it might be worth just sending in a support ticket.
2016/5/26 7:05:45
Rendering animation as MP4s For mp4, just put the slider to maximum since the file will be tiny anyway. However, I seriously reccomend using the image sequence output because it doesn't suffer from codec or compression issues.
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