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2015/9/30 21:06:31
my first (and last?) animation marios wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
You've set it so that you're not able to embed the video, so it won't show properly on this forum.

I think it's OK now.

Yep, it's fine.
I haven't watched the whole thing, but I like how you've slowed some of the clips to customize the action durations.
2015/9/30 20:56:39
my first (and last?) animation You've set it so that you're not able to embed the video, so it won't show properly on this forum.
2015/9/30 20:20:28
Update - content store I understand what you're saying there, Cloudninja.

I think the chemistry pack was something that was started a while ago, and just needed finishing and testing before release. The "other" content pack I talked about isn't official, and has not started testing - I'd say they're probably going to sort out the key frame stuff before they get round to the next content pack. (Of course, a lot of what I say is speculation based on Muvizu's past. The time frames that I say are deliberately vague).

Muvizu is probably not going to fall down the pitfall which iClone did. You can see that the core program, and most of the functionality is based in Muvizu:Play+; whereas the content packs are just extra features like objects/characters. You can obviously import your own objects so this isn't a problem for those who don't want the extra packs. Personally, I think they could bring the price of Play+ up to £50 if needed.

Also, the merging of the asset section and store shows that there's potential for users to monetize their own assets in the future.

PatMarrNC, you're right about the updates showing that Digimania are giving Muvizu some love again. Stick around for after they finish the waypoints, they'll probably start pumping out content packs and store changes to improve Muvizu.

As an end note, I would have said that the update was going to come out today, but I wasn't sure how secret it was.
MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
"mid August" became "mid Sept" which became "by the end of the month"
Now it's pretty much the end of the month. Any news?

Stick around, there's still a chance it'll be September.

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2015/9/30 18:47:27
Update - content store PatMarrNC wrote:
In my opinion, since Muvizu has made it so easy to get the full version, they should at least monetize the product through sale of add-on content. In that context, I am especially pleased to see the store, because it suggests new revenue that will keep MUVIZU around for a long time to come.

They're one step ahead of you, that exactly what's happening.
2015/9/30 18:35:29
Update - content store PatMarrNC wrote:

Where can we find an official announcement? As of this writing I haven't received an email or seen anything here on the forum...

There will probably be something in the blog soon.
Main updates:
  • Update with bug fixes and some other things to the main program.
  • You can now buy the chemistry set pack which includes effects and objects in the store:
  • Another pack will be on its way, but probably not for a little while

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2015/9/29 7:14:49
Update - content store PatMarrNC wrote:
If we had quadrapeds, I'd create a dead horse so I could beat it. ;-)

"mid August" became "mid Sept" which became "by the end of the month"
Now it's pretty much the end of the month. Any news?

I'm not complaining here, just curious. I love this software and as soon as new stuff becomes available, I want it. ;-)

Stick around, there's still a chance it'll be September.
2015/9/25 19:28:09
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? Danimal wrote:
...which I did do. GTX 750 Ti (2GB) which should be here today. Maybe with that I won't be so afraid of using some of these new features! Thanks again!

Let us know how it goes!
2015/9/24 19:51:37
software bundling idea Interesting concept - I'll have to look into what they offer.
2015/9/22 19:46:36
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty wrote:
Global would probably be fine... What do you think ?

Global please
2015/9/22 9:09:40
Update - content store PatMarrNC wrote:
That exchange happened last week. What's the likelihood for THIS week?
(Or even NEXT week?)

Hopefully the holdup is that it takes time to add all the features that have ever been asked for... ;-)

I'm not going to say anything with certainty, but it should be ready before the end of the month. (Expect delays on the following features too)
2015/9/17 19:11:34
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? ukBerty's pretty much given you the rundown here.
The first thing I noticed is that you have an APU (Which is a processor built to focus on the graphics) and a graphics card which is an unusual combination since half the APU will be rendered useless when you use your GPU (Graphics card) (That's as far as my understand goes anyway). So if you plan to upgrade your whole PC in the future, keep this in mind

However, your CPU (processor) seems pretty good in terms of cores and clock speed.

Onto the GPU which is the main problem here:
Muvizu is very reliant on the GPU since it's based on the Unreal game engine. By no means do you have to run out and buy a top of the range Titan X or anything, but you need something with a bit more oomph. Anything that's got GTX in the name should do, and the top rated card on amazon is the GTX 750ti:

CloudNinja wrote:
The question now becomes, what models would I need to upgrade to make a noticeable difference? Is there a huge difference to spend $800 for a top of the line GTX 980 or $250 for the GeForce GTX 680 (which is the next level of upgrade from my GT 630 in the G3D mark top 10)?

The list on the benchmark site is just showing your card in comparison to the most popular cards, rather than giving you a representation of what's the next step.

Personally I have an AMD HD7770 2GB (Or R7 250X as the re-branded model is called) which works perfectly well.

I've found that the CPU is used when opening your sets and the GPU is used for everything else.

Oh an additional note - the only way to really increase the loading times for sets is probably to get an SSD, a better CPU (You'll have to change motherboard for this), or both.
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2015/9/16 17:58:05
Update - content store CloudNinja wrote:
Hi! Is the mid-Sept release targeted for this week or next week?

thank you!

I think it's unlikely to be this week.
2015/9/12 22:42:34
Licence question tresor wrote:
I also got the same problem with my license reseting each time I turn Muvizu off. I'm obliged to connect to the Internet to reactivate it each time. Isn't there a way to have it activated once for all? Thanks

Have you tried starting it with your internet connected?
2015/9/12 18:18:27
Camera setings during directing PrimusThe3rd wrote:
This indeed work nicely. Now I can recreate 'vertigo' video effect... :-)

I tried it, but had trouble getting the FOV to be smooth. Let us know how you get on.
2015/9/11 10:21:23
Dreeko's soft toon shading? There are a few things you can do to make your scene look like this, but it's mostly about playing around until it looks right.
You've already started using your own lighting - this helps immensely.
  • Set your shadows to "realistic" or "custom" in the edit environment menu and play with the sliders - Ziggy tends to whack up the shadows to 100% sharpness.
  • Make sure you have anti aliasing enabled in the options and also set the output to HD.
  • When you render, choose either uncompressed video or tga to get the best output (The Microsoft codec tends to over-compress the colours)
2015/9/8 22:02:21
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ Dylly wrote:
I'm thinking of having a go at building my own custom PC...saving up for the right bits and pieces...but its one of those projects where I know nothing about it at all. I want a machine that will run Max, 3D coat or mudbox, whichever I settle on, and my Muvizu with extreme ease.

This is where I can help. Big Grin
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2015/9/8 21:59:56
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? CloudNinja wrote:
Whoops - ok - now how do I play the uncompressed avi? It won't play in VLC or Win7 media player....I tried loading it into Nero Recode - nada....

thanks again,

It won't play if it's over 2gb - it's a problem with the version of avi Muvizu uses. You could render small (20 second?) segments, and if that doesn't work, have a go with tga.

The codecs compress it so it's not so big, but some (especially the microsoft one) take it out on the quality of the output.
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2015/9/8 17:45:57
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? The Microsoft codec is causing that. Most of us use either uncompressed video (limited to 2GB before going haywire) or targa sequences which need to be put together in an external video editor. You could get more codecs but this is risky because they're often from shady sites where you can pick up malware.
2015/9/8 17:40:52
20/08/15 reelase feedback @Berty I'm using Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 11 so I'm not sure if this is the same as whatever you're using.
Click the first image then select the "open still image sequence" tickbox to the left of the open button.

Then you should be able to treat it as a video and change all the images at once. Not 100% sure about that though.
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2015/9/8 7:16:18
hi Hello, welcome to Muvizu!
If you've only just started using Muvizu, then I suggest you have a go at the basic training tutorials:
If you have a problem, have a search on the site as there is a high chance someone else will have had this problem before and have a solution. If you can't find anything on the site or wiki page ( ), post a question to the forum.

Hope this helps,
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