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2015/8/18 15:42:22
Shaun the Sheep I've seen a few of the TV episodes, but not the film.
Also this is an early version of Muvizu demonstrating how you could use the unreal 3 engine for this sort of thing:
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2015/8/18 10:17:35
Uploading to youtube fc123 wrote:
I did try to do it through Muvizu originally but for some reason couldn't get the file to upload. As I need an embed code from You tube for an e-poster I'm doing I did it directly to save time

Uploading through Muvizu should take the same amount of time but may not look as fast as YouTube.
Also, if you export as an mp4 from a video editor, your file size will be smaller and it will upload quicker.

Hope this helps,
2015/8/17 16:24:05
4/8/15 Release Bugs You can see why we might have issues:

I'm not sure what Ziggy's after, but perhaps the option to group items so this would say "Bending tree (200)" or something like that. I was going to find out how many exactly but Muvizu froze when I tried to select all the trees.
2015/8/17 16:16:44
Uploading to youtube If you have attached your muvizu account to your YouTube account (See "My account" on your muvizu profile page), then your video will be uploaded to both YouTube and Muvizu automatically. This only works if you upload through this site, not directly to YouTube.

Also, you don't need to apologize, it's an easy mistake.

Edit: Your video will appear on YouTube when it's been processed, but the Muvizu staff moderate it before adding it to the gallery.
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2015/8/16 14:30:29
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Mandy was the most recent addition so they might not have added the texture map yet (I'm sure you know already but the rest of them are here: ). You should try asking in support for them to upload one:
You might have to wait for their new content store though.
2015/8/15 14:56:20
Lip sync multiple characters The tutorial video you watched may be out of date.
I'll go through the steps just in case you missed anything:
So you have 2 characters and an audio track in Muvizu, go to prepare dialogue and make sure both have the right audio track in "lipsync to" dropdown box.

Then you click "Switch to Direct".
Next, you click the record button on the timeline which is the button with the red circle in the top left corner:

Muvizu will now count down from 3 and then start recording.
You click the talking button when you want your character to lipsync and the other button when you want them to stop:

When you're finished with that character, you hit the stop button which is the one with the square:

Now you repeat this for any other characters in the scene.

Having gone through this I think the point you may have been stuck is by hitting the play button rather than the record one.
2015/8/15 14:39:32
Lip sync multiple characters Thread made on behalf of fc123.
Posts so far:
Today 11:53 by fc123
Hi. am new here and have posted probs I am having with multi user dialogue on the forum. Would appreciate it if someone can help
Today 12:12 by MrDrWho13
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "multi user dialogue on the forum", but I assume you mean in Muvizu. There are a few guides you might like:
Today 12:14 by MrDrWho13 you want more info, I suggest you make a post on the forum because your questions will be answered in much more detail.
Today 12:25 by fc123
Thanks - sorry the chat post was to say I had posted the q on the forum. Have had a look at the wiki and tutorial vids but can't see answer to my problem. Muvizu not recognising my wav files as containing dialogue from more than one character
Today 14:06 by MrDrWho13
You have to do the talk/shush animation yourself for each character (Direct dialogue) and you can use the same audio for multiple characters. So you set it to talk when a person is talking, and then you make your character shush when someone else is.
Today 14:07 by MrDrWho13
I haven't seen your post on the forum, but hopefully that's what you're having trouble with. The mouth moving to the sounds is automatic, but knowing when to talk is not.
Today 14:09 by fc123
Thanks - yes tried to do this and seems to work at the time then when I play back both lip sync again at the same time. The tutorial vid shows a diff menu with only me talk etc. I don't see this
Today 14:11 by fc123
yes - that's my prob. Post not showing on forum yet. Still cant get it to work. Thanks for taking the time to help
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2015/8/13 16:09:31
4/8/15 Release Bugs Jamie1 wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
If your using them for the second reason then you may want to just render everything ??

Fair point. I've never really considered them as an optimisation though, I kinda of see that as an excuse to cram more and more into a scene rather than try to properly optimise a scene.

I've been using them to optimize my scenes - I cram a lot of stuff in anyway
I also keep pumping out test renders because I can't get Muvizu to play back the scene as it would appear without lagging.
2015/8/13 12:36:39
4/8/15 Release Bugs I rendered this scene a couple of weeks ago in DX9; Now I'm rendering it with DX11 and it seems to have a much longer predicted time. Is there a significant difference in render times between the two or am I doing something wrong?

It's about 3 minutes of 1080p.

Edit: I've since aborted the render and realized that it's rendering the layers individually. Could we have an option to render as one layer without switching to DX9?
Update: Rendering in DX9 is much faster:

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2015/8/13 12:30:58
4/8/15 Release Bugs Neil wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
Transparent would be great, but that's not what I got. I used AVI uncompressed and HitFilm.

Would I be right in thinking you'll only get transparent with TGA output, rather than video?

If that's true then I think we might need those chroma key options in the render menu.
2015/8/13 11:20:18
4/8/15 Release Bugs Ah yes, of course. I hadn't realized it would be transparent.
2015/8/13 9:03:02
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
Neil wrote:

On it again.Gotcha!

Just playing with layers now I have a scene where characters are not stood on ground planes (you really do need to fix that one!).

When rendering out layers the background you are going to key out for your composite layers is very important. Could we have a drop down instead of the tick box for the background layer. The choices would be original/black/green/blue/red and then it would change the background appropriately (don't forget we want illuminated and no shadows on the background if poss).

What do you think ?

What He Said
2015/8/11 19:42:03
FBX Importing Error This is probably due to a wireframe or something that's in the fbx model, try removing that and importing again.
2015/8/11 12:00:05
error message (2) I had the exact same message and have had no trouble with my sets so I assume it's safe to ignore.
2015/8/11 9:09:32
Create fog? Yes, I've always found low fog to be too small for most fog related sets.
2015/8/10 11:20:52
4/8/15 Release Bugs ukBerty wrote:
Wouldn't it be better to be able to select which layers you wish to render from the make video dialog ? That's where I want to select what is rendered.

ukBerty wrote:
Also the sky and ground render out no matter which layers are selected to render. Could these be selected / unselected from the render dialog as well please ?

What He Said
2015/8/10 10:33:29
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail You'd probably have to experiment with the size (Fazz68, ukBerty, and Rebel are the people to ask here), but the attachment point is pretty straight forward. In the appearance tab of the character properties, it's in "tail" and you click the icon that shows an arrow going into a wire box.
2015/8/10 9:14:15
Create fog? Create-->effects-->dry ice
2015/8/10 9:12:41
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail With Muvizu play+ you could import a tail in ase format from Google sketch up.
2015/8/9 12:20:44
4/8/15 Release Bugs I'm not sure if this can be counted as a bug, but I've noticed that there's a 1 pixel wide white outline on some of the objects and characters. This sometimes comes out in rendering. Is there a reason behind this? Is it a side effect of ambient occlusion or just something I haven't noticed before?
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