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2015/7/6 19:17:37
6/7/15 release bugs fazz68 wrote:
beefy sitting down. uninstall the content pack and reinstall. if its the same bug left over from last time. my beefy is standing ok but i did reinstall all my content pack last time.

2015/7/6 19:09:31
6/7/15 release bugs (fixed)4. I can't play or use chosen sound effects in the menu, only the default 9 work.

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2015/7/6 18:57:46
Today's Download I've found a couple of other bugs, so I made a thread for them

It's even stranger for the newer characters as just their heads are invisible
2015/7/6 18:52:12
6/7/15 release bugs There's a new version of Muvizu!
And that means there's new bugs.

1. As wdeprospo pointed out ( ), there's a problem with the character visibility/invisibility that only the main body is invisible:

(fixed) 2. Also, I can't get the lightning strike effect to trigger in direct object properties.
(Update) I can't get ANY property of any object to animate.

(fixed)3. The beefy character seems to be sat by default even when set to standing, but I seem to remember seeing a thread about this before.
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2015/7/6 17:36:30
It's all happening here! Well the website's definitely changed.
I think that the new restrictions on the free versions due to it becoming a "free trial" are completely understandable, and it goes well with the new price. Much better than when it cost £150

Edit: I haven't yet received the email though.
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2015/6/28 21:20:31
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Well, you're not wrong artpen...
2015/6/18 9:29:08
Muvizu on Steam Also, the F12 key activated the steam screenshot and the muvizu lighting effects at the same time when I loaded it on steam in the past.
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2015/6/16 20:29:29
where to locate objects that can be imported When you're in sketchup, make sure the bag is at the point where all the axis lines join. If you still can't see it, try it at different sizes or even try another from the warehouse.
2015/6/16 9:44:41
where to locate objects that can be imported Ah yes, sorry.

You'll need Muvizu:Play+ for object attachments. If you haven't got it already, click the question mark in the top right hand corner of the program, and then click licence manager. The program currently costs £24.99 which is actually quite good value for money. (You can get it cheaper if you're a student)

Once you've followed those steps, you have to right click your character and click edit in that menu. Then go the the hands (might be hand attachments or something like that) section in the menu and press the import button in the right hand side of that window.

You can't get your character to actually pick anything up or put anything down but you can make it look like they have by having one attached the the character and one imported in the normal way as a free object.

If you don't want to fork out for Muvizu:Play+, you might be able to make it look like your character is holding the bag with a bit of camera trickery.

I hope this helps, and don't hesitate to ask any more questions you might have,
2015/6/15 17:09:02
where to locate objects that can be imported You can get google sketchup 8: (they have taken the installer down from their site so this is the installer I had on my pc), and download the ziggymesh matchbox collision exporter from berty's site: (You put this in the plugins folder in the sketchup folder in your programs folder.)
Then you have access to the entire sketchup warehouse which you can export from sketchup, ready for Muvizu, using the plugins menu.

However, if you are planning to monetize your video, then you will need to check with the creator of the object beforehand.

If you don't trust my google drive link, then this website seems to have it:
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2015/6/8 13:15:41
New Welcome to Muvizu.
You can see the video tutorials here: and the written ones here:
If you can't find an answer to any questions/problems you run into on those then just post something on the forum.

Have fun!
2015/6/3 16:09:36
Muvizu on Steam Sounds like a good plan- there's a massive market there compared to what is currently a pretty unique part of the web.
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2015/5/28 15:11:42
Children characters...anywhere ?.... alquimista wrote:
By the way...on a personal note, I would love to create some fantasy themed movies so...some dragon characters would be really apreciated in the future for example.

You should speak to Dreeko!
2015/5/28 10:06:45
Hi all. Welcome to Muvizu!
If you run into any problems and can't find answers in or , then just post something on the forum.

Have fun,
2015/5/19 19:24:59
shut up!!zip it!...shh! WOAH dem views!

I don't think it's just the comments that youtube have changed.
2015/5/14 18:10:07
Download on Multiple Computers Send in a support ticket:
They should be able to sort things out if they verify your account.
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2015/5/11 18:49:26
Muvizu World (fan produced trailer) Wow, this is excellent. The sound effects and music brought it together quite nicely! Keep up the good work.
2015/4/7 11:44:06
Weapons You are able to import .ase files from sketchup (and similar programs) to put on your character in Muvizu:Play+(currently £24.99).
2015/3/29 11:28:43
Learn how to give characters guns and add textures This is really good!
We've been needing a couple of new tutorials for a while now.

I suggest using some screen capture software like Fraps to record rather than a camera because you're able to get the whole screen into the picture.

2015/3/26 17:47:31
Strange problem at start up of Muvizu play You can ignore the error message.
The spinning might be caused by a joystick of some sort which you have on your PC.
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