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2017/1/26 18:45:58
Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest ... PatMarrNC wrote:
I just looked at the mirror wall, and as far as I can tell, whatever magic used to make it reflective no longer works.

I don't ever remember it working - I think it was meant as a background prop or something.

One of the default sets has a mirror in it using the camera on backdrop effect.
2017/1/22 19:14:36
motorbike nbtoon wrote:
Thanks a lot. But what i have to do that the character hold the arms forward??

In Prepare-->actions you go to the category (I believe it's "biker"?) and choose any actions in there.
2017/1/22 19:12:16
Set won't open rollasoc wrote:
Thanks. Cunning plan! I will dropbox it and share the directory with them.

You can also email them if you wanted to attach the file. (Rather than dropboxing)
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2017/1/16 7:01:34
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. Wow that's not the result I expected. The 1070 is meant to be significantly more powerful than the RX480 but Muvizu seems to run faster as you say.
2017/1/15 17:38:12
Rollin', rollin', rollin'
2017/1/10 8:00:02
Frame rate question...... I'm fairly sure it's 25fps.
You could try exporting avi or mp4 to see what frame rate they are.
2017/1/9 7:18:56
New starter Muvizu relies heavily on your computer's ability to process graphics. Most laptops do not have a dedicated graphics chip which means Muvizu has to rely on the computer's CPU which is not designed for this demanding software. I don't think there's much you can do if this is the case.
2017/1/6 9:33:17
AVI import cropped and doubled You might find it to be down to your graphics card or its drivers.
2017/1/5 20:14:52
AVI import cropped and doubled Is the original file larger than 2GB? This can cause issues. Can you play it in a video player before importing to Muvizu?
2017/1/2 17:03:56
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory Apparently they stopped allowing FBX and ASE files on the store due to the cost of hosting them on the server. Models in ASE or FBX format currently on the store are from before.
2017/1/1 19:48:33
3D MOVIE question.... I don't know about other editors, but Sony Vegas has several 3D project templates.

I've never tried it so can't comment on how to use it, but hopefully Fman00 will reply if you send him a message. (I imagine there are guides online too)
2017/1/1 17:01:28
3D MOVIE question.... Youtube can handle the last couple of steps if you export from your video editor in 3D. Fman00 has done 3D videos before:
2017/1/1 14:08:16
What's New in Muvizu 1.9 There is a changelog, but it hasn't been updated for the current version.
They usually announce updates in the forum, and here's the one for the december update.
2016/12/30 20:17:23
how to import a character created in blender I can't help out with the quality of the model because I don't fully understand what makes models work in Muvizu, but I thought I'd let you know you can't rig that character in Muvizu so you'll only have a static object. (Just so you know)
2016/12/15 22:25:15
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I got the reverse email and hadn't considered that they'd do it this way round. I gotta agree that this is potentially their best marketing move in years and I hope it goes well!

reverse email??

From Muvizu advertising poser.
2016/12/15 22:04:58
HATS OFF TO MUVIZU MARKETING! I got the reverse email and hadn't considered that they'd do it this way round. I gotta agree that this is potentially their best marketing move in years and I hope it goes well!
2016/12/15 12:31:32
Scaling an object Witchy wrote:
Hi Guys, I'm back again looking for more help. I want to scale an aircraft so that it appears to be approaching the camera position at speed from behind. I have a character in the foreground. Surprised that keyframed scaling an object doesn't appear to be an option. Any ideas??

You may be able to in Prepare-->Object properties, but why not just keyframe it going towards the camera?
2016/12/15 11:57:23
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import The "half moon" glasses go on backwards (for the boy at least - I haven't tested the other characters).
2016/12/14 11:28:30
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import Am I using this static lighting right? It seems to be making these Dalek models look very strange.
2016/12/14 11:06:59
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import Anticip wrote:
I am gonna try that yeah. I've got 12,95 Mb/s download speed so I think it's should be more than enough. I'll cancel the download and go through site directly

Yeah it should only take a few minutes to download. It's best to install the new version separately anyway because there may be bugs.
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