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2013/9/14 15:57:43
this is a bug? Nice movie anyway!
2013/9/14 9:55:23
Can the character holding the gun Sorry, we can't hold objects apart from the instruments at the moment, so you'll have to use some clever camera angles until then.
2013/9/14 9:52:54
this is a bug? Yep, that's a bug, send the .set file to and say what the problem is. You should get a reply by Monday.
2013/9/14 9:42:23
Hi Honey I'm Home! Welcome back!
Sounds like a brilliant boat trip!
2013/9/8 17:45:15
"Baju Kurung" - Google it. urbanlamb wrote:

Perhaps return when you have time to download and install the software and get it to work because you will need to spend time learning how to use the software we will not be able to do that for you.

You will need to watch the tutorials and download the software.

How fast is your internet?
(check here:
2013/9/8 17:40:00
"Baju Kurung" - Google it. thelksone wrote:
It's a Malay sort-of outfit, with the "tudung" (Google it) and the "Baju kurung". I have to ask, is this attire design-able on Muvizu? Yeah, including the "tudung" that Malay girls + women wear on their heads.

I don't think we're able to do this at the moment, perhaps the Muvizu staff will try to implement this.
2013/9/8 17:30:16
System Requirements thelksone wrote:
So, no internet needed during installation?

You will need internet if you need to download extra parts (those funny tickboxes at the end)
However, you shouldn't need internet once you've downloaded the installer (I think)
2013/9/8 12:34:38
Fire ! Could we have a fireball effect too, like the explosion, but a ball of fire rising upwards then fading into smoke.

2013/9/8 9:34:45
Questions about Muvizu Any questions about Muvizu can be posted here
2013/9/6 21:33:12
Hello! :) Hello!

Welcome to Muvizu! We're all helpful here, so don't be afraid to ask anything about the software!

You might want to check your computer is up to the software by comparing it to this: If your PC doesn't meet these specs, then you will not be able to run Muvizu.

You will also need to watch the basic training tutorials:

I hope it all goes ok, and I hope you enjoy using Muvizu.

Looking forward to future films,
2013/9/6 20:33:43
Installer Integrity Check Error Message youkaii wrote:
Sorry for bringing this back but, the same thing is happening to me. My connection is fine. I have high speed internet and have attempted to download all links light and full several times to no avail.

Try using a download manager:
Could you also give us your internet speed using this website or a similar one:
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2013/9/6 20:31:46
Fire ! Yes, options to change scale of fire body, and also fire particles.
2013/9/6 17:01:10
Fire ! Yeah, and a small low fog please.
2013/9/4 19:19:48
Camera Cuts Dreeko wrote:
For crying out loud!

Can we put down the handbags and forget about how many errors we think are reported and who can and can't work a timeline and just make some videos?

Talk about work avoidance..Jeeze!

2013/9/4 18:55:00
Camera Cuts urbanlamb wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
The only time I've seen the prepare/direct issue was a few days ago when that person got confused.

This forum is small it doesnt mean others dont have the issue most things go unreported and now that they are in a release version and "public" asking users to report something is actually a stretch. Usually they rely on testers to report things. I have seen that issue several times on the forums.. more then just today and as someone who is constantly saying to myself "okay that is the prepare button that means I am in direct" it means something. I bet others are doing it as well just not saying anything about it.

I think that around one in three errors are reported, and the other two usually go unreported. Do you think there are more errors that go unreported than 2/3?
I mean 2 out of 3 not 2 to 3.
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2013/9/4 18:15:17
Camera Cuts The only time I've seen the prepare/direct issue was a few days ago when that person got confused.
2013/9/4 11:56:36
Camera Cuts Dreeko wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Can I ask what it is about the Timeline that makes you get up and walk away from the PC in such furor?

Chronoslineaphobic - The fear of tmelines

2013/9/3 12:07:16
Camera Cuts Ah, I see! Perhaps there could be one single button to switch between the full timeline and relevant timeline?
2013/9/3 8:23:10
computer shuts off If it shuts down without warning, possibly with a click noise, it may be a ventilation problem.
2013/9/2 21:33:55
Car Scene WOW, that's brilliant Fazz!
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