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2013/8/29 18:33:23
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES Dwarf wrote:
Plus de 1500 vues, quand même pas mal

Yep, you're on your way to becoming Muvizu-superfamous!
2013/8/29 16:56:29
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! Nah, it reminds me of this:
2013/8/29 16:30:54
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! rbeck1993 wrote:
Also, I'm not a she. :P

Ah. Sorry.

*Runs to edit post*
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2013/8/29 15:35:59
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! Sorry for replying with no solution, but to save others looking for a picture to copy from, here is what I think he means:

Also, the picture doesn't seem to load now.
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2013/8/29 10:16:20
More pie in the sky suggestions :) ukBerty wrote:
Yes, I would like a lot more "small movements" - for instance:-

  • Turning around 180 degrees, but the other way.
  • Two steps forward or back

Having characters move a long way in Muvizu is great but small movements are not so good.

Yep, at this rate, the movement disc is going to fill the whole dome!
2013/8/28 22:10:19
More pie in the sky suggestions :) urbanlamb wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
i would still like to have a character turn 90 degrees in one movement. pleeeeease............

and a tree planting tool Big Grin
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oh me too i want this I have um issues with cutting out all the turns because it looks like my dude is trying to dance with two left feet so I leave in the awkward turns but it would be like "way cooler" if we could have that

oh and a tree planting tool

Yeah I agree with the 90 degree thingy, I don't know why this hasn't been implemented before.

Also, you guessed it, a 'tree planting tool '

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2013/8/28 21:15:55
More pie in the sky suggestions :) ziggy72 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
I copy a plant, then fly around the set 'bombing' it with the paste command. Then I copy a different plant, and do the same thing. This is not the ideal way of doing things, but it does work. I still wouldn't say no to a planting or 'sprouting' tool that could automate the process a bit more, though.

No chance!
I don't believe that someone as precise and pernickity as yourself could be so random!

I'm just not buying it lol!

True, I do then spend a looong time re-positioning the randomly placed foliage to better suit my needs, but I do the whole 'bombing' technique all the time. Honest

That sounds more like it!
2013/8/27 21:35:26
More pie in the sky suggestions :) Hmm, they're actually great ideas, and I agree with that real-world theory.
2013/8/27 21:32:10
Batman parodies compilation All of them are great.

I just wanted to point out a few youtube features you could use:
  • The youtube shortcut in the share tab under the video instead of a bitly one
  • The playlist feature you could have used instead of putting them in one video, however you couldn't post a playlist to the gallery, and with the way you did it, you can test out the custom thumbnail thingy with that awesome 3d batman model.

I hope this helps,

2013/8/27 17:18:30
I've been trying something new! Amazing.
2013/8/7 21:23:31
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility Oh, I thought it was just in the camera window, I didn't realize it came out in the final render,
2013/8/7 21:21:38
New user issues Hi, welcome to Muvizu!

You've come to the right place for answers!

1. Yes you can turn an effect on and off. Click your desired effect and go to prepare-->object properties and change the intensity to animate and click direct. You can slide the slider to choose how powerful the effect is when you press the record button.

Here is a video tutorial on directing properties:

2. Similar to 1, but with character properties.

3. I think you can change the colour of the clothes, but not the actual piece of clothing.

4. If this means making a character/object disappear and re-appear you go to Prepare-->Object/Character properties and change visible to animate and when you click direct and record, you can tick and un-tick the box.

I hope this helps,
2013/8/7 14:17:25
Muvizu keeps wanting to update For all those who have not used Muvizu for a while, have noticed the website has changed, and keep getting the message The is an update available.

The old pink button -
This is for version 0.23b or older of Muvizu and if you click this you will get the update message.

The new white button -
This is for Muvizu:Play and should have appeared on your desktop. Click this for Muvizu:Play.
2013/8/7 13:58:39
Request Characters ChrisLatta wrote:
and thanks fo the vid

The video is part of the basic training for Muvizu.
You will need to watch these to know how to use Muvizu:Play.
2013/8/7 9:50:33
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility I noticed this as well...
I must write these things down so I remember.
2013/8/6 22:03:05
Request Characters First, you have to choose a body shape from the existing characters.
Choose the character with the body shape that is the closest to what you want.
Then right click and click edit.

Follow this tutorial and try to make what you want.

Hopefully people with see who they're meant to be
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2013/8/6 12:53:43
Star trek spaceship set not working properly I've been meaning to point this out for a while, and this video reminded me:

The Star Trek spaceship interior set (or whatever it's called) has the safety bars imported backwards.

It has been like this for a while.

Can anyone fix this?
2013/8/4 18:49:39
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties ChrisJ-2013 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Animate 'active' and tick the box when you're recording and want it to start.

It worked for my Brawl video (Set to the point where this feature is used):

edited by MrDrWho13 on 04/08/2013

This is very impressive!

Thanks, but I was just demonstrating that the way I showed actually works.
2013/8/4 18:17:15
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties Animate 'active' and tick the box when you're recording and want it to start.

It worked for my Brawl video (Set to the point where this feature is used):

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2013/8/4 18:11:11
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties

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