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2013/7/20 15:34:51
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message If you get no response before Tuesday, contact Neil here:
2013/7/20 15:32:17
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message raybearmass wrote:
why can't I seem to find an address here to ask the Muvizu creators THEMSELVES about these kind of issues.

Wait until Monday and the team will come across this, hopefully with an answer!
2013/7/20 15:30:39
WIKI tripfreak wrote:
I also throw a glance at the WIKI and surprisingly found something that will badly disappoint somebody here:

LOL! I didn't spot that! laugh
2013/7/20 14:06:42
how do i To import .ase objects (eg: the ones here: ) you go to Create-->Import and find where you saved the object.

I hope this helps,
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2013/7/20 7:36:15
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message I get lots of firewall messages on install (sometimes around 30), but I can assure you that Muvizu is safe to use.

However, I don't know about the property box, perhaps someone else has the answer.

I hope this helps,
2013/7/18 20:48:02
How do I lift an object without a mouse? I don't think this is possible, but you could just buy a cheap usb mouse: (ok, so you may want a slightly better one, but this should do and it's the cheapest I could find)
2013/7/18 18:23:11
Where to find more animals and an office setting? For the animals, you need to know 1 thing. Muvizu cannot have 4 legged animals.
However, you can add cat (and other animal) attachments onto the first man character.

I hope this helps,
2013/7/18 6:22:59
Une communauté francophone : JE VEUX DES PREUVES Sorry for not speaking in french, but this may get lost in translation.

I believe that you can choose a youtube name but they will give you pop ups for when you log in asking if you want to change your youtube name to your real name.
2013/7/18 6:13:08
Muvizu logo ! It probably won't get used, but it looks cool anyway!
2013/7/17 21:17:32
Can't find muvizu.dll EagleII wrote:
All three ( short cut, al ) were left ticked ... I assume thats what you meant.

No, I meant the directx framework and that stuff.
2013/7/17 21:07:41
Can't find muvizu.dll Yeah, uninstalling and re-installing usually fixes this, providing you tick all the boxes at the end.
2013/7/17 6:48:37
Muvizu on Mac I believe this is on their to do list, but not currently what they are working on. If you really want Muvizu, you should either make a partition or get a PC.

I hope this helps,
2013/7/16 15:48:30
Muvizu keeps updating It seems that you have removed both versions, which doesn't matter. (In fact, it will speed up your PC)

Glad to see it's fixed,

Ah, I think I've worked out the previous problem:
You were clicking on the pink icon which asked you update to Play. Rather than opening Play from the white icon. Is this correct?
2013/7/15 21:59:22
Muvizu keeps updating Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing from the site?
2013/7/15 21:58:20
can i post on you tube but not commercial kieronhurst1997 wrote:
can i post my stuff on you tube but not for commercial but for fun

Yep, if you're not planning to make money from your video, you can put the watermarked (or non watermarked) one on youtube.

You might want to link your Muvizu profile to your youtube account because you can then upload through the Muvizu site. This will show your video on the Muvizu gallery and your youtube channel.

I hope this helps,
2013/7/15 21:27:47
WIKI WOW, I just found the new Muvizu Wiki!
Thanks guys!
2013/7/15 21:11:26
Iron Man 3 Just kidding Dreeko!
2013/7/15 19:00:13
Iron Man 3 Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Dear God.....

o v2.0?

*dramatic music*

Dreeko Re-vamped....

No more fun and laughter....

2013/7/15 7:21:44
Não consigo Publicar o video
2013/7/15 6:59:57
Não consigo Publicar o video Hi,
This is a common problem and easily solved. Exit the main window and go to tools-->timeline.
There are 2 pink diamonds at the top of the timeline, these will be on top of each other in yours.
Drag one of them to your right. This will make a pink bar.
Drag the pink marker to the end of your video.

I will make a diagram so this makes more sense.

I hope this helps
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