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2013/4/18 16:32:32
Forum on my mobile device This is strange, as I have a Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1)(running Android 4.1) with Muvizu on non-desktop mode and it works fine!

PS: I am using the Google chrome app.
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2013/4/18 16:22:13
Animating properties smoothly Great idea!
2013/4/18 15:53:19
Email updates Thanks Jamie!
2013/4/18 15:52:09
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Great stuff Neil, thanks for the update!
2013/4/17 19:36:25
Showing off my chopper YAY, great job Woz! Sugar High
2013/4/17 19:16:43
Double click camera window - CRASH ember wrote:
Neil, no problem, but you will not like what you are going to read:

Neil wrote:
Right-click the camera (the 3D camera itself, not the window) and select "Edit".

Bang! Crash immideately after I click on the Edit item in the camera menu.

Moreover, as I reported on the other thread, there are a lot of ways to crush Muvizu. For example:
  • Select any object, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any backdrop, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any effect, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select any words, right-click, select Edit - crash.
  • Select Create - Edit environment - crash.
The interesting thing is that it's NOT crashing when editing characters.

I really want to help eliminate those bugs, so if you need anything - just ask.

Hmm, sorry, I cannot get this crash on my system. Weird. Duhh
2013/4/16 20:22:04
Superman Episode 4 is done lol
2013/4/16 20:21:37
Stapling Squirrels what about superglue?!
2013/4/16 20:15:36
Superman Episode 4 is done ziggy72 wrote:
If they don't, then leave them to their 2 minute vids of cats in hats or whatever moronic trend is happening at the moment, you don't need them

2013/4/16 19:56:16
Stapling Squirrels THINK OF THE PLANET! Use bluetack!
2013/4/16 16:09:42
saving set error
2013/4/16 16:02:40
Do you have a publicity for me ! If nobody gets back to you, you can look at my video for ideas

Please bear in mind that it's history based!

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2013/4/15 19:26:49
Do you have a publicity for me ! In English, a pub is a place to get drinks (mostly beer), so you may want to use the word 'advert' in the future.
2013/4/15 18:21:15
saving set error WozToons wrote:
Have just loaded MZ and got the upgrade message. As it seems to have problems I will wait. I have not got the save or sound problems on my 32bit PLAY so will stick with it until the major fixes are sorted.

Good plan!
2013/4/15 17:57:50
saving set error fazz68 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
I don't have that waveform error though.

is it a soundtrack already in the set? i had no sound on my set originally and have only just added it.
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Ah, I have added audio to another blank set and you're right, it doesn't show up.
2013/4/15 17:41:06
saving set error I don't have that waveform error though.
2013/4/15 17:37:43
saving set error Same here on the saving error
2013/4/15 17:31:23
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion simonheffer wrote:
simonheffer wrote:
My 2p'th:
Sounds like we are trying to add all the Prepare and Direct menus into the timeline. Sounds far too busy to me. It was unclear whether those buttons Prepared or Directed (or both). And there was no Clapper-board button.

So I guess the Action/Movement button will either Prepare a new character Movement section or Direct one or... (this wasn't clear to me).
Busy = too much on the dialog.
Where's the Direct button (or is there another view of the time line for directing).
simonheffer wrote:

I'd prefer a right-click context menu on scene items to adding stuff to the timeline (as per Dreeko). That way you only get the relevant actions for the object type you've selected and the timeline is not in the way if you want to select a different item.

If I want to do something to Helga I right-click on her and a menu pops up allowing me to select Prepare/<action> or Direct/<action> or Properties. Pretty standard fare on Windows. Besides even on your version if I want to now do something to Fred I still have to select him and then go back to the timeline. I think Right-click is quicker.
simonheffer wrote:

As we have a lot more items on the timeline would having a way to focus on the currently selected object be useful?(eg we've looked at lots of objects in the timeline now we want to go back to Helga). Maybe the Home button or just re-select the object in the scene.

e.g. Re-selecting Helga would bring the Helga part of the Timeline into view.

Yeah, thanks.
1. Hmmm... I think prepare would be best, then if you want to direct, you hit the direct button.
2. Yeah, the direct and prepare right click buttons are a great idea
3. Yes, re-selecting Helga would bring back her timeline.
2013/4/15 17:11:00
New website feedback thread Lol
2013/4/15 17:02:35
New website feedback thread ok... hmm

I can imagine you lot saying 'uncultured swine!'
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