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2013/4/9 21:48:34
make a movie from start to finish? Have you got Windows Movie Maker on your pc?

This is an easy program to use and if you already have two videos published, you can easily join them together.
2013/4/9 20:37:13
Is it ready yet? urbanlamb wrote:
ooo it *IS* ready!

just got home downloading now

thanks the gods of readyness and digimania of course perhaps today is also the day I should go buy a lotto ticket!

tonight I play with muvizu play! perhaps reanimate my superman video that I had almost finished ^^
edited by urbanlamb on 09/04/2013

Great idea! I'm looking forward to seeing that superman video!

(ps: the timeline has improved dramatically) Sugar High
2013/4/9 19:27:06
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback OK, I think it's time for us to say thanks for bringing out Muvizu:Play!

Thanks Guys! I'm loving the new timeline!
2013/4/9 18:05:58
Batman.. Where are you? Dreeko wrote:
Funny how some vids receive buckets of views where as others just sit quietly in the corner ignored in the main

..Like this one



LOL, yeah! This conundrum was what happened to Uzivum 3!
2013/4/9 17:43:35
Is it ready yet? Dreeko wrote:
Worth the wait, I'm sure everyone will agree!
Well done folks! Applause

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2013/4/9 17:15:41
Is it ready yet? YAY! The new website design is finally live and Muvizu:play is available! Thanks guys! Sugar High
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2013/4/9 14:47:59
Is it ready yet? urbanlamb wrote:
well i don't know, but...

I got a t-shirt in my mail box today it even had my username on the back

its like this if i finish this video you will release it. If i wait and not finish it you wont release it.

otherwise I dont know either Big Grin

thanks for the tshirt!
edited by urbanlamb on 09/04/2013

Yep, Sod's law!

I think everyone who was invited to the hangout or 'shindig' got a t-shirt with their username on it! (Thanks guys!)
2013/4/9 14:30:55
Is it ready yet? Blimey, this conversation's confusing! Duhh
2013/4/7 20:59:51
HELP! I tried to join videos but it refused The Muvizu staff should start again on Monday morning.
2013/4/7 15:01:52
Is it ready yet? From what I understand, the release date has not yet been announced, but it will be soon-ish, so maybe in a few months or a year. dunno

However, they were a bit hazy around the holding objects, so a gun might not be available on the initial release...

For now, I recommend making your movies on Muvizu Beta, even with the limitations... sorry! Duhh
2013/4/7 14:52:19
20k views. Q&A How do you come up with so much great humor?
2013/4/3 20:25:37
Glasses? Have fun making that video, Stuapdoom!
2013/4/3 16:38:27
easy characters I'm sorry, I don't know of any other similar programs, you could, of course, try animating it yourself with Photoshop or something.
2013/4/2 14:29:15
Hello Everyone. Hi Dave!
That was a great video! I'm looking forward to seeing your videos in the future.

PS: The forums are the place to be if you need any help or want to find out tips and tricks. Just ask! Everyone is very friendly here!
2013/3/28 14:31:24
HELP! Beefy's eye beams won't turn off! I have made this video (so far)

But when I direct the character properties and untick the box for the eye beams, they stay on.
Help please!
2013/3/25 15:20:32
Doctor Who is starting soon! Hi, I just wanted people to know that Doctor who is starting on Saturday! Woo Hoo!

What do you guys think about the new series? Is it better or worse than the good old fashioned ones?
2013/3/25 15:14:33
help - PUBLISHING VIDEO - please! WozToons wrote:
Neil wrote:

Because you're only using one hand?

I'ts more hands than any Muvizu character can use! Just Kidding
2013/3/24 12:59:05
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? HayManMarc wrote:
Funny, they said you could use it for Tele-conferencing. Why not just use a camera?? Duh.

Ha! Imagine if in the future, people no longer used cameras but used digital avatars instead! What a weird world! Duhh
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2013/3/23 13:34:35
Batman.. Where are you? LOL! Another fantastic video Dreeko!
2013/3/23 13:29:54
CGI and faces. The future of Muvizu???? Dreeko wrote:
I see your point Berty, but I'd like to be able to try both!


Maybe in the future, we could have another animating program which is more realistic, while also having Muvizu!
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