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2012/2/3 11:17:11
Every Body Can help me Luscan wrote:
We have a Van listed under the vehicle objects but without seeing the model that you're interested in I'm not sure how much help we can be.

If you can find the object in Google Sketchup on the Sketchup warehouse you can run it through the ASE exporter to turn it into an object Muvizu can work with. Dylly has done some brilliant work and tutorials on the Sketchup-Muvizu process. Give it a look


I Love You Luscan xD
2012/2/2 8:53:29
Every Body Can help me Sorry,
Yesterday I saw a video where there was a Roulotte (é.è)
Can You tell me how I can get it?
Thanks RainMan :')
2012/2/1 17:22:49
Every Body Can help me Marco_D wrote:
Hi RainMan,

You can try Google SketchUp and Blender 3D.
They are both free.


Thanks (=D) I will try
2012/2/1 17:00:24
creare una gonna - aiuto -- URGENTE! Se scavi tra fli oggetti da mettere addosso Trovi una gonna con i leggins colora i leggins con il colore della pelle e poi sballati con la gonna =)
2012/2/1 16:58:44
Every Body Can help me Okay if i Want try with a program to make a 3D model, what program can i use?

In the meantime I will try with the background

Thanks (=D)
2012/2/1 11:39:14
Every Body Can help me How i can do a roof for this circo? Someone can help me?

2012/2/1 11:28:38
non riesco a produrre il filmato Hai provato a fare Make Video^?
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