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2012/3/11 21:55:04
Move objetcs Up And Down Hi guys I have a question.

I have the apple magic mouse and not as objects move up and down.

For example to move the scene up and down with the keyboard press the keys q and e but not how an object.

You can help me out?
2012/2/22 1:05:50
Problems in Mac Muvizu In the end I installed windows 7 with bootcamp and it is all perfect ... to
2012/2/21 16:12:49
Problems in Mac Muvizu Intel Core i5 2,5 GHz, Mac OS X Leopard, RAM 4096 MB, HD 500GB SATA 7200 rpm, AMD Radeon HD 6750M
2012/2/21 16:10:51
Problems in Mac Muvizu This is my system specifications can you help me with the settings you use ? :

Tipo de procesadorIntelProcesadorIntel Core i5Velocidad del procesador2,5 GHz

Sistema OperativoMac OS X LeopardMemoria RAM4096 MBDiscos duros internos500 GB SATA 7200 rpm

Tipo de tarjeta gráfica
Tarjeta gráficaAMD Radeon HD 6750M
2012/2/21 1:25:19
Problems in Mac Muvizu I installed parallels desktop 6 on Macintosh Leopard and I've got a windows xp.

I've installed Muvizu and everything to take to get this worked and the program opens pop-ups but for example in telling me if I want to see the tutorials or when I get to choose who I want to start the movie scene, or the same window in which the camerashows are constantly flashing.

Moving an object with the mouse also is jerky.

The operating system and all is apparently well with all the drivers installed fine.

I do not like having to install windows with bootcamp because I read it takes the original operating system cd and my mac did not come with the cd also I've also read that you can not have wireless keyboard and mouse for the installation and are precisely what I have.

See if someone can lend a hand to find out that it can be all this.

Thank you very much.
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