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2012/8/21 17:20:32
Crash with ATI AMD HD 46&X card Marco yes, I have an unfortunate tendency to use the beta version, that being said, the graphics engine is repaired itself and manages its instability, it is embarrassing for a few seconds, nothing more, I do not know or comes this occasional crash.
One more thing, I'm running Muvizu most music software at the same time, trying to fit the patterns with movement (this is far from obvious), a connection + Web + VLC occasionally. It may be a lot ....
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2012/8/21 9:39:07
Crash with ATI AMD HD 46&X card I have the same problem from time to time, amd drivers crash with a green screen, and it RESTORED alone, and as I'm tired of download of updates, I leave .... I do not run not think that will be a problem only of Muvizu, I have the same problem on American websites for displaying the rendered video.
Having said that many programs do not like Spyboat S & D and Zone Labs (crash to connect)
2012/8/19 22:52:13
propeller ziggy72 wrote:
That model is fixed, and so you can't alter the propeller at all. You'll have to get a plane model without a propeller, along with a movie file of a propeller spinning, then put the movie on a backdrop and match it up with the plane. Or you could get a propeller model and rotate that, but that would look, well, a bit weak to be honest. Objects don't spin all that fast in Muvizu. Pity it wasn't a jet

ok, thank you, I thought I would not have found the feature that turned the propeller, I look for a moment,
For the jet it is difficult to find images without Copyright videos, this is one of the reasons I left in 1916, and I really like anachronisms. I do not think time is important in the world of Toons.
thank you for the information
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2012/8/19 13:37:17
propeller hello

I do not know how to turn the propeller, it s possible ?
2012/8/18 12:17:42
see on you tube hello
I sometimes follow people on youtube for their creations, the logical consequence of this is a site dedicated to playlist cartoons and I will let you appreciate swing, swing long life
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2012/8/16 11:02:02
Issues WIth Character Playing Keyboard @fullmetall
I think you are asking the optimum settings for video and audio? I think there is a thread with the recommended settings for importing *.mp3 and *.avi files. As far as *.avi's I've importer standard NTSC avi files with no issue. I import lo-fi mp3's into Muvizu and then replace the lo-fi mp3's with wave files in video editing software. Hope that helps.

ok thanks i try whit wawe editor@++
2012/8/15 17:45:49
Issues WIth Character Playing Keyboard too many problems that I do not control for the music, I go through another video editing software. For vocals, it's worse, I do not mastery of English, so no dialogue, if Muvizu is easy to look, it becomes complex as a management audio and video in its imports, a low-level user computer as me, so I turned on DIY using various software.it is true that I do not use Muvizu way of academic
however it is a very fun program, really, really fun.
I take this thread to ask if there is a table of general compatibility (xls or adobe) with max video and audio max recommended

2012/8/10 13:57:48
Get Your Arse To Mars thank you for the link. Looking at the site I finally understood why there were so many people here http://www.panoramas.dk/2011/buckingham-palace.html
Menu is ecxellente
Venison with a dish of boiled wheat, a stewed dish, boars' heads, boiled meat, roasted swan, roasted fat capons, peas, pike, and two subtleties. White pudding, jellied meat or fish, roast pork, roasted cranes, roasted pheasants, roasted herons, roasted peacocks, fish, tarts, meat served in pieces, roasted rabbit, and one subtlety. German broth, spiced pudding of pork, dried fruits and eggs in a sauce of almond milk or wine, roasted venison, roasted small heron, roasted peacocks, roasted perch, roasted pigeons, roasted rabbits, roasted quails, roasted larks, meat in puff pastry, perch, a rice dish, fritters, and two subtleties.
2012/6/16 7:16:18
news salut tout le monde
je n'ai pas la force pour ecrire en anglais, je pense a muvizu et tout ses membres, je reviendrai des que possible
cordiales salutations
2012/4/6 15:23:48
What is Muvizu? I use muvizu for creating worlds that do not exist, with colors eclectic and tempos unlikely. it is a source of creativity "intarrissable" (translate no found).

music+Muvizu = audiovisual bomb full eyes and ears too
@++ all
2012/4/6 15:03:04
Problems uploading / commenting on videos hello gim, j'ai eu le même problème la vidéo est passée plus tard... mais elle s'est affichée sur le site trois jours après ( sorry for the french language)
2012/3/31 13:16:35
see on you tube old cartoon with
2012/3/31 13:02:20
2012/3/29 23:56:56
Featuring the wonderful talents of Mysto the Wizard (who is responsible for the brilliant band animations - along of course with our esteemed/steaming Muvizu developers) I present to you Decca's Drinking Dilemma from the Toy Dolls new album released today.
I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking Vince and Robert for their assistance in this little Project and allowing me to create a non-watermarked version of the video.
So switch to full screen, go HD,turn the volume up to 11 and hang on to your socks.

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it was a provocation , I had to answer
I had to answer and set fire to the robots
2012/3/29 11:18:18
music comment salut, tout le monde,
J'ai lu quelque commentaires sur mes vidéos a propos de la musique, certains semblent l'apprecier, ce ne sont que des VST et je ne suis pas musicien, mais si vous en avez besoin pour animer Muvizu, cher utilisateurs de Muvizu uniquement, servez vous, telechargez les , tout n'est pas du meilleurs gout.
mais il y en a une que j'ai faite il y a quelque temps, que j'aime bien c'est du Haendel qui vire au Jazz, si quelq'un veut l'animer, qu'il le fasse.
Voila encore une fois merci a tous pour votre acceuil, je risque d'etre beaucoup moins present sur le site pour des raisons professionelles. mais je continuerai a produire de temps a autre a un rytme plus lent.
cordialement dom

hello, everyone,
I read a comment on my videos about music, some seem to appreciate, these are just the VST and I'm not a musician, but if you need to animate Muvizu, dear Muvizu users only, help yourself, download them, all is not the best taste.
but there is one I made some time ago, I really like is that of Handel turns Jazz, If somebody wants to animate it, it does.
Here again thank you all for your hospitality, I may be much less present on the site for reasons professional. but I will continue to occur from time to time has a slower rhythm.
cordially dom

I repeat you can use the music of my site you tube you, if you agree (only users Muvizu)
2012/3/27 15:38:39
Gladiators - Fight for freedom franchement sympa ta vidéo comme nous avons les sous titres en français, c'est encore mieux !

really cool your video, as we have the subtitle in french is better

Langue source : français

Saisissez du texte, l'adresse d'un site Web ou importez un document à traduire.

2012/3/26 14:36:25
Group Movement ok thanks
then I keep it warm (french expressive), imagine a group of planes or cars or... ect....

"to make it look like the objects were all animated at the same time"
is it possible to copy ans past the time line of one abstract ?
2012/3/26 14:04:05
Group Movement hello
i am not sure to be at the good place for this question but,

how to move a group of abstracts ?
in a vidéo i make a chessbord whit 64 cubes, 32 with pictures, i group it and impossible to edit a time line.

is it possible?
2012/3/23 15:42:35
Favourite ever cartoon? epic scenes combination between negative movie and cartoon
2012/3/23 15:37:23
Favourite ever cartoon? I recommeded this

8 parts
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