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2014/2/13 23:43:01
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! Well, I finally got two six-letter words lined up and grouped together. What a chore! Of the letters I used, these are the ones that continuously fall over when 'keep upright' is clicked on: T, I, Y, S.

My second attempt, I laid the letters down flat on the ground. This made them a little easier to manipulate. But after I had them all arranged and grouped together, I couldn't rotate them in the direction to stand them upright.

My 'successful' attempt was this. I created a long block to use as a backing so the letters would line up with each other. I then clicked on 'keep upright' for all the letters. Then, I picked up the letters and set them into place in front of the block.
Invariably, the 'culprit' letters would wobble around and fall down. I just had to try again until they happened to stay upright. When they finally did, I had to very carefully pick them straight up, move them close to position, angle them correctly (having snap-to-grid turned on in 'tools'), then move them over to the 'backing block' and get them as close to the ground as I could before dropping them into place.
Wow. What a process. Is there an easier way?
Also, for the Muvizu software developers, can you make the letters so they don't weeble-wobble and fall down when the 'keep upright' is turned on? The frustration was horrible. I'm lucky to still have hair on my head. :P lol
2014/2/13 10:23:07
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! Thank you for the reply, but would you elaborate further, please?

Just to clarify, I know how to group things together, but how does that help the letters from being all wonky and hard to place?
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2014/2/13 6:48:00
Share the love! niklasklein has my vote for 'funny/silly' and WozToons has my vote for 'very nice'.
2014/2/13 6:42:47
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! Is there a method for arranging the 3D letters?? As I try to arrange them. they wobble around, fall down, wank to the side, etc, whether I have floating on or off. It's driving me nutz! What's your solution??
2014/1/14 16:41:11
First EVER sale! Done! Thanks for the bargain! (Not to mention the help with updating -- haha!) Muvizu staff is the best! Thanks again!!
2014/1/14 16:39:09
Problem with updating Success! The fresh install was the trick! The 'Play+' purchase went off without a hitch. Thank you for the help. Time to make some muvies.
2014/1/14 16:25:31
Problem with updating Lol - no problem, we're gettin' it figured out.

I tried the "should" way and it didn't work. Actually, it updated to the 7.29(?) version. Then asked to update again. I tried again, but this time it seemed to not do anything. So I went and uninstalled Muvizu. Turns out, I had a 32-bit copy installed too, so I uninstalled it too. Now I'm downloading the newest version of 'play' from the link you gave.

Funny thing -- in the midst of downloading and typing this, a message came up saying "unable to complete update". Apparently, it WAS doing something, I guess. I must have interrupted the process when I uninstalled.

Anyway, we'll see how a clean install fares. Thanks again.
2014/1/14 15:22:28
Problem with updating Thanks, Lev. Here's the process of what I did:

I opened my copy of Muvizu. I believe it was the "old look Muvizu (Beta)" as I have never downloaded the "play" version. Then I updated per pop-up message, including the three addons (.NET, directx, and other(can't remember)). Upon the 'finish install' message, I chose to start Muvizu. When the program opened, I was presented with the same update message - thus the endless loop of updating.

Here is screenie of "About":
2014/1/14 14:48:05
Problem with updating Hello

I just updated my Muvizu (64bit) to the recent version in hopes that I can purchase the "Muvizu: Play+" license while it is at such a bargain. But after the update, the program keeps telling me there is a new version of Muvizu and asks me if I'd like to update to the new version. I did so again, but alas, it asks me the same thing again. I checked the version without updating again to see if it would run, and it does. Per instruction by Carole (Staff), I looked for the 'play+' update info in the question mark. It is not there.

Here's a screenie:

What am I doing wrong? or... what is going on?
2014/1/14 14:29:20
First EVER sale! Thanks, Carole! Working on the big update now.
2014/1/14 13:18:04
First EVER sale! I haven't been here for a while. Please forgive me. I wanted to take advantage of this great deal, but I'm a little confused. I already have a previous version of Muvizu. Do I need to download it again to receive the "play+" deal, or do I need to update the version I already have? Do I need to uninstall the old version first? Will I lose any of my previous work in the process?

These questions have probably already been answered. If so, I'd appreciate a friendly point in the right direction. Thanks.
2013/4/14 20:13:00
Forum on my mobile device What happened to the forum?

The view changed on my mobile device. I use a Droid Incredible 2. I used to be able to see the same version of the forum on my phone as I did on my PC. But now, since about a week ago, it has changed. The change makes it more difficult to read the posts, and there is no way (that I can find) to optionally use the desktop version.

I hope this can either be reverted to the original forum or at least give us that option.

I hope I was able to explain this well enough.
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2013/4/8 1:16:06
HELP! I tried to join videos but it refused You could try a different video editor?? I dunno.
2013/4/3 3:20:02
Facebook, Twitter, Websites I was wondering who all had their own websites?

If you have your own website, or you'd like to be connected to thru Facebook or Twitter, please list your info here.

My Facebook is: http://m.facebook.com/?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fsearch&_rdr#!/HayManMarc?__user=1582655243

My website is: http://haymanquarterly.com/blogs/

I have an inkling to create some Muvizu related pages, like some resource links or something. Any ideas, please PM me.
2013/4/3 2:56:47
Can't 'Make video' Not sure why that's happening to you, but you might try updating your video card drivers to start with. If you don't know how to do that, let us know and someone here will walk you through it.

2013/4/3 2:51:02
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 Actually, I meant 'dark' as in 'dark comedy'. I didn't really notice the lack of lighting effects. You can really enhance the mood of your Muvi with attention to lighting. Absolutely a must for epic Muvies.

Drop me a PM if you'd like to discuss more. I love brainstorming ideas.
2013/4/2 4:39:15
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 Crass and dark to say the least, but some pretty good humor in there. Job well done.
2013/4/2 2:01:40
Hello Everyone. That was great! I loved the street musician! Funny stuff. Looking forward to more.

Oh, and... Welcome to the forums. I'm kinda new here, but what the hay.
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2013/4/1 4:19:31
Directing advice Thanks for sharing, WozToons. Some good brainfood there.
2013/3/30 10:11:19
Special Effects Missing or not showing correctly!! Hey, EEF,

You can check out http://freemusicarchive.org/about/ for free music. Also, you might find some generous musicians who will let you use their work on Reverbnation.com. All you need to do is ask.

It seems like there's another source, but I can't think of it now. I'll hit this back when it comes to me.

Hope that helps.
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