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2014/1/13 14:47:51
5th Grade tv You could record their voices, make some interviews and then show your classmates their cartoon version and make some sketches with them.

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2014/1/13 10:17:13
Body proportions Would be great to be allowed to change character body proportions ("size" of the head, arms, legs, neck and torso). Or at least control the weight of the superhero meshes, because the same bodyshape shared by all heroines (aside from Rosie) puts rather serious constraints on the number of possible varietions of the heroine type. And as the "regular" female characters (girl, woman, fat woman) all have cartoonishly big heads, they and heroines don't really make a good match when shown on screen together. So, if the body proportions could be controlled the difference between the types could be smoothened.


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2012/4/25 8:21:35
Doesn't work Hi, FelixColeridge!
Yes, this information IS very helpful, because I also use Comodo! Thank you!
FelixColeridge wrote:

I have found some Muvizu's files blocked by firewall.
After I've flagged it as secure files,Muvizu started to works fine.

Could you please tell me what files were blocked?
2012/3/23 18:42:49
Doesn't work Hi alexsea,

I understand... but I really don't think that error is caused by my system. You see, I have an original licenced copy of Windows istalled on my PC and I prevent it from being damped with unused files and viruses and invalid register keys. I take care of the system. That's why Muvizu startup failure is very surprising.
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2012/3/17 7:43:58
Doesn't work Hello, Jamie!

I got a similar error message on Muvizu startup.
I have the latest version of Muvizu installed on my Windows 7 (running under administrator's account).
It's installed to to Program File by default.
At first I saw this error message during the installation process (it appeared very early, while the output folder was: 'C:\Windows\Fonts' not Program Files):
MappedFile Error: 1006

but it wasn't critical, I guess.

Then the installation completed successfully and I tried to run the binary.

An error has occured: Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1).error CS0016: Could not write to output file 'C:\Users\Artful\AppData\Local\Temp\dq6n05h-.dll' - 'Access is denied'

BTW, .dll file's name is generated randomly on every startup.

Unfortunately, re-installation didn't fix it.
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