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2010/5/2 16:51:35
Looks promising Hi to the muvizu community

i am a new member here and am downloading the most recent version of muvizu now for a bit of an explore. First thing that struck me was how inactive the community side of muvizu seems to be. For a community with 1081 registered members, the forums seems awfully quiet (unless im missing something, in which case fell free to point me in the right direction)

Ive been involved in machinima for a number of years using a variety of software, voice acting, music writing, script writing and directing and came accross a video made by muvizu recently which really sparked my interest. I see that the software / community is still fairly fledgling and hope to see more activity on these boards in the upcoming months

For now i am eagerly awaiting my download to complete so i can start playing with the software and creating ..... something :P

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