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2012/9/26 19:47:56
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? Thanks @ Fullmetal but FCPX only runs on a mac, and I have a pc, otherwise that'd work...good tip otherwise! - EEF
2012/9/25 23:13:27
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? Thanks everybody, I think I got it now, had some trouble, but I have been lacking sleep and I was overwhelmed at the difficulty I had, and then today something just clicked!....and everything fell in line, but still workin on it. Now if only I could figure out why I'm getting inconsistant renders! time it renders fine, another time it renders all grainy, one time it won't even render right....and I changed nothing. Excpet now I am rendering this video out of muvizu 1289x720 hd FFDshow (normally I don't use that codec). The MSVFW codec didn't even work for me and Xvid I tried that one and I forget why it didn't fly this time, before I was rendering everything out in xvid or YUV or something and then in post converting it automatically to H624 which is amazing...was amazing...I love that codec...ok 4 words I never thought I'd say LOL!
2012/9/25 12:07:39
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? 1. Is there an easier way to sync a bazillion actions to electric guitar so it's accurate? otherwise I will be on this one til I'm old and the song is forgotten! I need the actions to be RIGHT, but damn! I know alot of Muvizuers have made some kick butt music vids...oh and is there an action for when they slide down the neck of the electric guitar and make that screechy sound?

and as long as im workin on this music video: 1 song, 1 set, 4 cameras, 4 videos of EACH guy performing entire song, and 4 angles for each of the 4 characters in each Awesome video, and now the question is:
2. I want to take all 4 videos and put them in ONE video, like a quad paneled (4 square panel) like a comic page layout or something. I use Muvizu, and Videopad(free), ...and If I have to I'll buy AVS, or something but I am not sure if what I want is even possible or plausable or what to use to do it?
If there is a better/easier way to do this please Help...

Thanks! - EEF
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2012/9/25 11:50:04
For once I could NOT Save the World!? Uh...Yes AND No Jamie LOL...ya lost me at find! (jk) Jamie wrote:
Nice find EEF!

It does appear to be a bug. Importing a texture on to a backdrop, pointing a camera at it and then put the camera as a texture on the object - try saving it as a favourite and "computer says no", well it doesn't say anything. It just doesn't save.

In the mean time, I'd suggest saving the backdrop as a favourite and setting up the camera output as a texture again when you want to use it.

Thanks for the heads up, we'll have a look at fixing it, though I suspect there won't be any we can do. It's a more complicated chain of events to be able to save it as a favourite. If you have a new empty scene with 1 camera, a ball and a backdrop and you were able to save camera 1's output as a favourite texture on the ball and then went to another set file with 3 cameras, of which all 3 cameras are pointed at your character and / or scene then which camera's output should be used to apply the texture? None of the cameras are actually going to be pointing at the world map texture you had in the previous set. If you follow me...
2012/9/23 7:19:03
For once I could NOT Save the World!? Maybe I'm up too late, still having pain, can't concentrate, or just plain forgot this about Muvizu...but For once I could NOT Save the World!? With my Super powers I thought I'd try and create the world (like someone else we know lol) and I tried to save the object as a favorite...but it didn't do it. Although it was an animated ball with camera backdrop earth texture projected onto that where I messed up? I can't find my red spandex....damn!
2012/9/20 6:24:53
Favorite Characters Not showing up in certain... Favorite Characters Not showing up in certain instances...this has happened before, now it's an issue I need to bring to light. Here is a little trick I learned before, but now cannot do and not sure why: I created Kiss characters w/muvizu masks(no mouth) when i did my very 1st kiss vid, then when zig made thosse textures I made same video only now I used the textures from zig, but here's the trick - I didn't have to recreate all the actions, set designs or even the characters! here's how I did it: I RIGHT clicked the masked kiss characters, then I was "able to find the favorite kiss characters I made w/zigs textures" and I double clicked on that favorite and it REPLACED the character leaving all the actions and everything in tact, so I didn't have to recreate the whole animation or anything all I did was replace the old with the new characters and viola!....are ya with me still? ok cuz here is the problem I notice...and I wonder if it is a set file issue, I just recently redid the kiss characters and improved them on my laptop, then imported (in a new set file) and saved those New favorite kiss characters as favs. The problem is when I opened the original set file with my old kiss characters and everything there...I can't Replace them now because when I'm in that set file When I RIGHT Click the old character the New favorite characters I saved do not show up in the favorite listing, but if I open a new set file there they are in the listing.
So, is there a way Muvizu can tweak it so ALL Favorites are available for ALL set files? and I'm not sure what I did to make it work before as to why I can't make it work now, it's been so long since I did it I forgot what I did to make that work. Please Help! I would like to make a new kiss vid without necessarily recreating all the actions etc all I wanna do is replace the characters w/my new characters
edited by EEFilmz on 20/09/2012 Updated question: Can you ony replace a fat man character w/a fatman character? is that how they show up in the list when you right click the fat man? only fatman characters show up in favs? etc or man chars appear in favs when you right click a man character? not sure, again iis there a way to replace ANY character w/ any character file?
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2012/9/13 7:47:16
The Garage Band Blues Episode #5 "Winning it all" Very Well done!...just like a steak!...mysto wrote:
Episode 5 of The Garage Band Blues is now live!

Danimal and I worked really hard on this one so have a look and please let us know what you think! Also, this episode features Danimal's original song "Winner take all"!

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2012/9/7 1:59:33
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... Oh...Duh! Don't I feel like a mo-ron Thanks Ziggy! lol ziggy72 wrote:
EEFilmz wrote:
....but what I was specifically referring to was whoever did the textures of the superheroes to the link you sent me, they put black backgrounds around the art, so the faces turn out black!?...

Odd - I have all those textures myself as well, but they don't turn out black. Are they still saved as .png files? If they're converted to something else the transparency won't work.

Update - just went back to the original link to check, and notice that on the first page you get to, they are shown on a black background - this is the non-transparent preview, not the costume file itself. You have to click on the image to load up the actual .png file (with transparency intact) and save that one instead. Daft way of doing it, but whatchagonnado? Anyway, hope that helps.
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2012/9/5 20:54:46
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... Thanks Ziggy, I redid the KISS characters using your textures on the "man" character so it'll be great when I do another KISS SHOW....but what I was specifically referring to was whoever did the textures of the superheroes to the link you sent me, they put black backgrounds around the art, so the faces turn out black!?...and I dunno I was wondering if there were any other hero outfit textures out there or are those the only ones on this site?....I've seen some verycool Hero costumes insome videos and right nowI'm still in recovery so I'm kinda lazy LOL. Plus, Idon't have alot of experence (yet) w/creating costumes...just a lil bit.
ziggy72 wrote:
As with the Kiss skins, the character textures are made for a particular one - a costume made for the Fat Man character will not work on the standard Man or Boy character, for example. I know that the Hulk skin is for the Fat Man character, but I'm not sure about the rest (I think they are mostly for the standard Man though, from what I remember). You could alter the UV maps to suit the character you're using, but to be honest I'd recommend just using whatever the original artist intended (it would have been nice if they'd actually labelled the costumes to reflect which character they were for, but what can you do? )
2012/9/5 1:06:59
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down If anyone has any ideas where to download 64bit codecs let me know, because I went to thesites below to get the k lite paks etc, I wound up deleting everything I downloaded that day because it messed up my display, my default video player settings, and even messed up muvizu so it wouldn't load. luckily when i deleted/uninstalled that stuff everything got set back to normal. So the next thing I download better be a legit. btw the places i went to:,,,,
2012/9/5 0:56:02
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... ZIGGY, I'm not sure some of those aren't it, the black backgrounds in the textures make the character skin blacked out. I'm hoping to see some of the costumes I've seen in some recent animations in the gallery, that they get uploaded to the site for download. I saw like adark knight outift, some cool superman outfits, etc.
2012/9/4 3:56:24
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... Thanks Ziggy!

ziggy72 wrote:
I believe what you are looking for is here :
2012/9/3 8:57:36
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down OK same old same old problem onlynow it'son my laptop!...I DL'd FFdshow klite cpdec paks/installed and still do not see any additional codecs in my muvizu dropdownlist!...what amI forgetting ? all i havein muvizu are defaultcodecs msv1 yuv1 2 and none,but I knowI have em installed. HELP PLEASE
2012/9/3 6:08:51
SUPERHERO Costume Textures.... I see alot of Cool SUPERHERO Costume Textures....Anyone care to share them please? for downloading. Ya know, IronMan= I got, I'd like: Batman, Superman, Captain AMerica, Hulk, and whoever else Ican't think of but ya get the ideas....I'd sure appreciate that...Please let me know~

2012/9/3 6:04:06
The Raven I dig it man, very well done!

InsaneHamster wrote:
The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Narrated by the great Vincent Price.

I love how this turned out except the small video overlay, worked all day on that. Going to work on it some more and try to get it more ovalish and transpiritish (is that a word) need to tighten up some walls i noticed but, Anyways by far I think it's the best work i have done by far. I hope you all enjoy it.

2012/7/20 23:54:51
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this UPDATE: Gut bleeding today, not sure if it's residual or infected, but I hd to go to surgeon's office today, he poked around on it to see where it was bleeding!...he slightly updated my pain meds an gave me an antibiotic just in case it is infected..he said it isn't torn, and said come back Monday, if it gets worse before go to the ER. He said he didn't mean to get me out the hospital befre it was time but at that time i was doing better...not fun and neither is going #2 I found out! Gotta hire some pygmiess or something to clean me up....luckily I had a volunteer to help...
2012/7/20 12:44:13
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this @ Neil Lev_Dynamite InsaneHamster ... Dylly
2012/7/19 20:39:29
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Thanks Everybody, you Muvizuers are great!...Just got home today...was originally gonna come home yesterday but they decided to keep me longer...the nurses ya surgeon actually, but now i'm in a lot lot of pain at home because i tried to put my shoes on; i kinked my back real bad ugh!...walkin w/a cane like quasimoto i got pain meds and plan on restin up for a whille....Thanks for all you support you guys rock! - EEFilmz
2012/7/17 12:56:28
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this Goin in for 1st ever surgery - emergency umbilical hernia(had it for over 1 decade now) surgery this am, due to extreme pain yesterday...originally wasn't doin this til august. Unfortunately when I wsa gonna play with Updated Muvizu yesterday is when the pain it'll have to wait....
2012/7/16 17:31:15
How do I add a different codec to Muvizu drop down I am usng a 64 bit version of Muvizu and my pc is 64 bit too, ....special 64 bit codecs?...Oh i the h264 no a codec i could install into muvizu from the internet or? lol I'm lost it's been a crazy day here...

tripfreak wrote:
Hi EEFilmz,
I first thought you might be using the 64 bit version of Muvizu and miss the special 64 bit codecs, but indeed this H264 codec from VideoPad seems to be kind of an internal video codec.

But the k-lite pack is really a good choice !
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