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2013/3/30 6:07:31
EEF - Trail Of Blood - Part 1% - Part 2

Just In case it fails to upload to Muvizu...also please feel FREE to Fan, Subscribe, know fer sure 8)
2013/3/17 22:58:30
To the community at large I'm hoping the new version will give me a deep tissue massage while creating...that I'd pay for lol
2013/3/12 3:43:17
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Ehh... I think some of you may be getting the wrong idea about my use of the word 'nasty'. In the context of this video, it means torture, brutality, and murder. This is that kind of 'nasty'. Just so you know

I knew that Ziggy, I was just kidding. Looks good can't wait to see it complete.
2013/3/11 15:02:42
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Another test still from Sammamish - this is where things get...nasty.

This is where the bom-chica-bom-bom music starts right zig? lol
2013/3/10 15:23:49
Art by Almighty01 cracked me up lol
2013/3/4 15:36:13
To the community at large I agree w/UKBerty, Dylly, etc...and hopefully we can someday customize/build 3D fruit n veggy costumes for our characters to wear too but I have big big dreams swirling in my head lolI have a copyrighted character I'd love to create in 3d in muvizu to look exactly the way I want it but cannot.
2013/3/4 14:59:23
Batman Begins ... with a B! Freakin' Hilarious Dreeko! ...and it looks stellar too! Your sets/animations are amazing!
Keep up the Bat work! LMAO
2013/3/4 3:26:32
To the community at large Just my thoughts and requests here, I think thematically along with Muvizu's theme of Direct don't animate, and for myself personally I have requested Muvizu come out with a Hollywood-ish and/or Movie-making "set" with all the ncessary props like directors chairs, panaflex cameras, ez-ups, food trucks, cables, boom mic all that stuff adn the possibilities are endless and I know Muvizu staff said it's on their suggestion wall I think...It's something I seriously hope t see since I wanna make movies about making movies and things like that. One of my hopes is that characters on Muvizu will be able to carry, hold, throw objects one day! we have all these sets an things that'd be cool if only...and by the way I am in production again now finally and thre is still an issue with capes turning pink on-set between setups! it's a minor thing but annoying, and it's these things that need to be ironed out before someone would shell out money for it. the competition for free programs is too vast, I do my research, I was looking for a free animation program that had a certain look/feel adn capability and Muvizu had ALL I wanted and it took me a year before I had a PC in my hands that could handle it. I love this program, I think it has alot more things to work through and fix...and some things need to be easier. It has been a learning experience for me, as I have had to teach myself so many things to achieve what I want, and some things I still cannot do because I just don't have the time or the patience or the focus to work out these problems myself, like getting 3d models into Muvizu, some people have that down and can do it eaasily, I have problems with it. Things like that I wish were simpler. The more complex I make my set I start to get crashes...although now it has happenede under many versions of Muvizu that I can somehow now intuitively know or figure out iin my head where the problem lies - most recently it is the capes that were giving me crashes adn errors on a certain set I I removed helped but not entirely...I still get times where the program stops responding. I guess I am spoiled by Muvizu being FREE that I don't want to see a paid version, but that's mainly because I was never all that annoyed by their logo in my animations at all. One hand washes the other it's not a big deal to me, Muvizu does a hell of a good job, the least I can do is not complain about their logo in my projects, but that's me. If I bring people to Muvizu by them seeing my animation Yay for that good for Muizu. Would I like to make money with my animations yeah, but quite honestly it's not my focus or my goal. What I really want to see in Muvizu adn I've said all this (above and below before) I want to be able to do EVERY STEP WITHIN MUVIZU: Preproduction(Planning)>Production>Post Production
2013/2/22 10:47:55
PS4 Revealed! Dreeko wrote:
PS4 Revealed in Muvizu!

Hope you Enjoy!

All comments welcome



Yeah leave it to to Sony to come out with that shiny New Spear just a few months after I finally broke down and bought the pointed stick! lol
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2013/2/22 0:19:34
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Jamie wrote:
This is a nice idea EEF!

I totally missed this thread when you created it, must have been a busy forum day

I've added the suggestion to our post-it note wall

ANy luck in this request in the create department? just curious 8)- E
2013/2/20 1:54:55
Batman _Fear of the Bat As before, Great set Dreeko! For some reason I had a hard time hearing what Batman was saying, I think maybe it was the echo or the volume not sure, but it was funny when Robin popped out! lol
2013/2/17 17:35:51
To the community at large gimmick wrote:
I think that a director needs to be the owner of his movies. So I paid around $100 for softs like Moviestorm/iClone and I am the owner of my movies. Of course, I must name Moviestorm/iClone in the credits. That's a simple deal. No percentage. No problems if I show my movies for the next 50 years

So I propose:
- Free version of Muvizu, with watermark. For non commercial uses (including earning $0.00 with youtube!)

- Commercial version of Muvizu, without watermark, with an unlimited licence for use in movies. Muvizu named in the credits. For example see

Idem for the additional contents:
- Free version with watermark.
- Commercial version without watermark, with an unlimited licence for use in movies.

I have no ideas about educational licences.

NB: I think that "Catching objects" is an essential fonctionality in Muvizu for create commercial movies.

I agree with Gimmick, and have it be the Users choice of which one to use, although then Muvizu is just like many others (video editors do this) out there. I will say, if Muvizu itself wants to make money to fund improvements for it's users, (and this is just my opinion), keep it FREE for individual Users like now, but then Licence the software to companies to use w/o the watermark, charge the companies for use..they have the big $ anyway right? I'm serious though, maybe I watch "Shark Tank" too much but that's how Millionaires are made...Licencing Agreements with corporations are where it's at, but that's something for Muvizu to educate themselves on. Play with the big boys for the big ca$h and then create a whole new set of video tutorials for all the new features and capabilities of Muvizu. This way, it'll free up the time Muvizu has to create new ideas. Muvizu will have the funds to make he software ideas we all want, but who's complaining right? It's pretty awesome as it is. I still like the idea of FREE Muvizu and I hate it when I see programs that have all this cool stuff but I can't afford it...3DS comes to mind. THEN you the vendor have to worry about "cracked" versions getting out there and that's a mess...So now I'm just rambling because I need food so I must go eat but you get the idea lol....
2013/2/16 21:33:44
To the community at large I remember Muvizu said they were gonnna remain FREE which was one of the things that brought me to find it in the first place. I love the pprogram, but it has alot of capabilities it needs to impliment, and impprovements to be made, esp on it's eas of use with 3rd party apps - I still don't have success bringing in 3d objects and it's hard to go through a million steps to create certain effects. It'd be nice to make money with it if I knew of a way etc, but I use it for fun. I thinnk it should stay FREE. I'd also like to see an integrated video editor within muvizu....the more i can accomplish within muvizu the better it is...period. I'd also like characters able to grab/hold/carry objects. my 2 cents - EEF
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2013/2/14 19:59:31
To the community at large urbanlamb wrote:

1) I have like many people had to at times police my own content and I can't control the great internet of doom so I am almost feeling liable when someone rips off my content and tries to sell it or use it to make money which I have had done with videos at least twice in this last year. My only remedy is to issue a dmca takedown notice which is fine but I have a giant muvizu watermark on it and so it makes it hard at times and on top of it if muvizu sees my work with ads on it that I have not given permission for them to rip off are they going to come after me for the money?

Urban how do you know when someone is trying to rip off your video for profi? I have no knowledge of this and I too would be concerned and want to monitor that IF I made $$ for vids/animationz
2013/2/14 19:55:49
To the community at large ziggy72 wrote:
It might be simplistic, but my requirements would be this :

No watermark.

Clear fixed 'cut' percentage to give to Muvizu on money generated (because there's no watermark), or a higher one-off payment which entitles you to sell your creations without any further Muvizu involvement.

Everything else is secondary, really. Be nice to have higher resolutions, extra bits (like what Zubox obviously has), and the like, but the watermark/cut thing is the bit that myself (and I imagine most people) care about.

Thing is, how do you decide how much money has been made by a particular clip? No idea. Does Youtube or Vimeo give you this kind of information? Does it apply to each clip, or the whole channel? Is that for the UK only or overseas too? It's a minefield of complications as soon as you bring third parties into it. If you could buy a watermark free/fixed price version, those complications pretty much disappear (hopefully!). Just my tuppence

Ziggy from what I've read on Youtube, and what others told me, is yes Youtube can monetzie the videos you choose adn thre is a tracking page so you can see which videos generate ca$h and which ones don't etc. However, I have been told that when it comes time for Youtube to choke out a check to you it's hard to collect from them..whatever little money your videos do in fact earn which I assume isn't much from Youtube. I myself haven't made videos for profit, although that would be nice, and I know very little about it. I just create animationz for fun.
2013/2/14 19:10:00
comic book effects/layout urbanlamb wrote:
its also about half the price of the more known adobe and vegas.

Urban I checked the price on it, it's like $400! That's pretty expensive I think.
2013/2/14 19:05:33
comic book effects/layout AuroraMoon wrote: not the same video, but it was the same idea here. and it just shows you what you can do in sony.

Cute video from vimeo, I see they used copyrighted music with no issues, I wish you could do that with youTube/Muvizu without upload issues. The effects were cool in it as well.
2013/2/11 22:26:32
comic book effects/layout Thanks Aurora, I will have to try it again...I tried Sony once before and it seemed daunting and I had some problem with it but I forget what it was
AuroraMoon wrote:
I could also make all those comic book effects in Sony Vegas, a video editing software. it has some really nice transitions and text effects, and it also allows you to make your own effects. I have the platinum version too...

You could look into that too as well.
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2013/2/8 15:04:18
comic book effects/layout Thanks again Marco
2013/2/8 14:45:56
comic book effects/layout Thanks alot Marco, very informative, very cool article, video, and wow very involved! I had no idea so many programs were involved into it! Maya I think is out of My-uh-budget lol Marco_D wrote:

I talked to master mind behind the video you watched and he forward me this interview:

All the secrets are revealed

I hope this helps.

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