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2013/2/8 12:47:16
comic book effects/layout Muvizu_Admin did a video a long time ago called SUPERGUYS

I looked everywhere to figure out who it was that made that video with the comic book effects in it!

I have been wondering ever since I first saw this, what software or video editor does this?

I'd like to possibly create something with this format in the future. Does anyone know what software has that capability or templates in it or? Just curious I have some cool ideas in mind

2013/2/4 20:02:02
Coming Soon... WozToons wrote:
Not at all, a tender exploration of love and the human condition.
I know, I was just joking WozToons my man! just a lil joke 8)
2013/2/4 6:28:32
Coming Soon... Muvizu Porn? lol X(
2013/2/3 19:43:47
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Good one EEF - the scene is the interview room here :.

Oh ok Ziggy, I see that're right it wouldn't work for that. I wonder if a smoke layer of .TGA files would work? and then just use half of em to slow it down? or is that what you did w/multiple pics or you just used one pic? I dunno what I'm talking about b/c I've never used TGA images yet! lol. Just trying to help w/ideas 8)
2013/2/3 8:13:25
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Speed controllers on the effects with smoke! And by that I mean...well, just that. The smoke textures rise way too fast for anything other than a raging fire. I'm trying to use the smoke effect to get steam rising from a coffee cup and it's just too fast. Might have been requested before, but I've gotta gripe somewhere

Hi Ziggy, I was messing around with one of My bar sets for a sequel to the 1%erz vid, and I thought while in there, I would try to create your coffee steam idea to see if I could help you out...what I DID discover easily is that (depending on your camera angle ideas etc) I made a small fire in the same bar(1%erz bar set) which has a total black dark background, cup on a table slightly raised off the floor, and WAY in the back of the set (using some creative blocking) and placing the small fire on the floor, way in the back of the set, so that only the very top part of the smoke looks like it's coming out of the totally looks like a hot beverage on the table. Unfortunately I couldn't get a decent snapshot w/the snippet tool but I hope this helps. Like everything Muvizu ya just have to monkey around with blocking, camera angles, lighting blah blah you know the drill lol Hope this helps you my friend!
2013/2/3 6:52:56
Moovizu facial animation tutorial. LMAO @ DREEKO. that was hilarious, and useful as your tuts always are! Thanks I remember asking you for this a long time ago so I got choked up myself too when I ran into this by mistake lol. I like you, hope someday Muvizu will go crazy with this concept and make it super easy, and you could also move the head during the facial expressions...I mean we can walk n talk right now so why can't we move each character's facial features independantly right? That's where most "acting" is achieved is in the face...but for now Dreeko your very useful tip will sufface, I mean suffice! THANK YOU DREEKO! 8) - EEF
2013/2/1 20:38:34
Coming Soon... Very good Dylly, glad to see you're still at it! I have been on pause for a while with productions too...trying to figure out in my head how to work out a story situation for one of my sequels. That vid was top notch my friend!
2013/1/28 8:48:25
My very first attempt. Very good start Auroramoon
2013/1/27 9:12:07
Coming Soon... Very cool Fazz68! Can you make me one of those? I mean in the real world I need a new vehicle! lol
fazz68 wrote:
coming soon.....

The avenger jet bikes still currently under development in sketch up
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edited by fazz68 on 27/01/2013
2013/1/26 5:06:21
Noah and the Empty Ark Cute one Dreeko, nice job on the textures! Cool!
2013/1/25 11:58:21
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Sammamish again. Thankyou Muvizu HQ for fixing the transparency - it's (get ready for this) tree-mendous. Stop groaning, and kindly address all insults to the big guy on the right

This looks great Ziggy! I can't wait to see it! Those trees look excellent!
2013/1/25 11:42:12
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
This is why I needed disposable coffee cups, which were so kindly made for me by UrbanLamb (long may she model!). In fact, a lot of her models are going to appear in this film...

Because of everything going on w/me I haven't been Muvizuing in a LONG while, and I never knew this until now reading this post...Urbanlamb is a woman?!? LOL how do we know this?...I'm so lost! Sorry Urbanlamb
2013/1/18 4:21:53
Health update... Thanks again everybody for you're prayers and support, it means alot especially during difficult times! I will keep you posted, Thanks!
2013/1/16 2:11:52
Health update... Thanks everybody
2013/1/16 1:01:54
Health update... Health update: Last July I had my 1st ever surgery-ventral(larger than umbilical about the size of a softball) hernia surgery. Following a post surgical infection, and a drugged up (in hospital) back injury upon waiting for initial release, tons of blood, pain, drugs, o.t./p.t./i/o.p. therapies, over a 2 month rehab stay at a nursing home, and alot of vague Dr's answers from multiple test scans, seeing "something" Back when I said my lower right area hurt and it developed a shadow or ridge there after surgery, he wasn't worried even about it, and telling me oh you have a diastasis!? Really!? Well for a while recently, I had very little to no pain until yesterday's follow up w/my surgeon, and then he poked n pushed around and said, "YEP ya got another hernia there (below and to the right of where the surgery was); we'll have to get another CT scan to see for sure. I'm thinkin' Oh Yippie! now that it's more pronounced he says that. I mentioned it a long time ago something wasn't right. Now I've had pain ALL day and night yesterday and all day today! My next CT is tomorrow...I am NOT Looking forward to this at all....just when I thought it's healing and things are goin good!...2 1/2 MONTHS enduring all of that, now being home only the last 4 months and now I'm right back to pain and possibly going under the knife AGAIN!??!%@$# and then more pain again!? No more pain pain and more pain! I had other plans for me for 2013...
2012/12/20 12:58:45
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Jamie wrote:
This is a nice idea EEF!

I totally missed this thread when you created it, must have been a busy forum day

I've added the suggestion to our post-it note wall

Thanks Very Much Jamie You Rock! - EEF
2012/12/20 8:15:00
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. CreativelyWired wrote:
It would definetely be great if Muvizu created a content pack based around this.
There's so much potential here! Come on, Muvizu! Put it up already!

Thanks CreativelyWired...Glad to see someone else likes and agrees with my idea I think it goes right along with Muvizu's Mantra too "Direct Don't Animate!" ...I'm surprised it hasn't already happened..I HOPE they consider it and do it, I too would definitely be using a Hollywood MUVIzu-FilmMakerz Pak ! It's stil onmy WISHLIST! 8)~EEFILMZ
2012/12/20 2:03:23
Ghost House Trailer thingy jonbez wrote:
Thanks Everyone
Jamie wrote:
Looking good John! Is this season 2 or a new series based on the same characters?

As far as I know the writer of ghost house (Dustin) is intending to do a kickstarter to try and rise money to fund more episodes. This is a one off Avengers spoof trailer To Help with that.
I know dustin has alot more scripts written for ghost house. But I have no Idea when more episodes will be made im affraid.
edited by jonbez on 07/12/2012

Fund more episodes? Muvizu is free....?
2012/12/19 6:27:46
Christmas is coming.... LOL Great! The GROTTO letters were a bit distracting though being so huge and centered

WozToons wrote:
EEFilmz wrote:
Looks great Woz, can't to see the rest! - E

Thanks Here it is as requested, the ink's still wet on the paper.
edited by EEFilmz on 19/12/2012
2012/12/18 5:45:34
Christmas is coming.... Looks great Woz, can't to see the rest! - E
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