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2012/11/6 7:20:47
How to Close Eyelids on Original Characters it possible? To close the eyelids on the original characters to show them "out" or asleep? I thought I saw this in a Halloween video but Im wondering how to do it either in Muvizu or out? preferably IN becausae I am IN production on something....
2012/11/5 11:59:44
Cushy Butterfield (Spoiler alert maYBE) Wow Toon, Great Toonage there! Rock, Sex & Violence...what's not to love right? great! very impressive 3d outdoors look in the beginning WOW...very catchy punk song there and alot of great cinematic visuals! I'll have to watch it again it was that good. I liked the tats on the guys too ...subtle things that took alot of work man! Great Toon Toonarama! lol

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2012/11/4 17:44:33
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for the helpful info, and the links UKberty and Ziggy, I got em and I will check out those vids on sketchup and give it a shot again.

ziggy72 wrote:
EEFilmz, I feel your pain. Well, not the abdominal ones, but the psychological ones anyway. In an effort to help yourself and everyone else struggling to get to grips with the whole model importing thing, I've uploaded a set (which should appear in the Gallery tomorrow) which should help. It is the set I use to import and test models, and it is positioned in exactly the right place to allow you import the kind of models that Muvizu usually complains are too large to import inside the world.

As for the 'object too small' message, this is exactly what it says - Muvizu doesn't like objects that are too small/flat/thin in any one axis. If you make sure your objects are scaled to at least 1 metre long in any axis in Sketchup, and not too thin, you shouldn't get this message again. You can always scale it back down again in Muvizu later on.

Collision, as others have mentioned, is a right pain. This is why I made the ZMB in the first place so I could just side step the problem altogether, but it's still a pain. UkBerty's plugin is very useful here, and I'd go with that if I were you. I'd also recommend perservering with Sketchup rather than Blender simply because I know Sketchup will do what you need, and has very comprehensive video tutorials (which you can blast though in a day), and is much friendlier than Blender.

I'm sure Blender is a very good program, but the interface is hideous. And it's way beyond what you really need it to do - just import a couple of models, make them Muvizu compatible, and export them as ASE files. By Muvizu compatible, I mean make them the right kind of scale, reduce the number of textures/errors (I use Cleanup 3, a free plugin that fixes a lot of problems before they can nobble your import), and then 'explode' the model much as possible to remove any groups/elements (which can also nobble your import).

All this is just my experience of using Sketchup in conjunction with Muvizu. I've tried Blender, Gmax, Gile and the like, but Sketchup is what I've had most success with just because I accept it's limitiations as much as Muvizu's. It took me a couple of days to learn Sketchup, but that's just how it works, not how it works best with what I'm trying to do. So I'm still learning, still trying out stuff, still experimenting, and still in awe of someone like Dylly who makes my efforts look like I'm playing with lego by comparison!

Keep the faith EEF
2012/11/4 4:19:07
Sketchup to Muvizu Very Good Urban, you and I are the same in that, the learning thing is there but I now have to do it step by step, and stay at it or I lose it. I will press on because I love animation and am blown away by all the cool things I see others do, and want to do myself. I am gonna try Blender step by step until I get it, and maybe once I get good at that then maybe sketchup will be an easy undertaking by then. There are alot of tutorials on Blender and videos I just have to play everyday until it sticks and everything makes sense. Thanks to everybody without the encouragement and help I would be lost and guys are awesome! - EEF
urbanlamb wrote:
yes many of the models are just large you need to be up in the air near the center of the building area where the dome is largest.

As for learning this stuff it all takes time if you learn little by little eventually it will work out. However you need to shall we say start at the beginning and watch videos and read tutorials and start with just a plain cube or something because if you dont understand the principles of what your doing you wont ever learn. I dont know if blender is truly easier or harder then sketchup many claim that blender is far too difficult. I would suspect its not its just a matter of what you learn to use first. One day I want to take a peak at sketchup for building things like buildings. I am sure there is a way to make models that are just as nice vertex wise as blender. In the end though whatever you choose to do it has to be learned from the bottom up err figurately of course and I find now that I am getting older the idea to learning is to learn in stages and not try to pump it in all at once. It simply does not stick because I need to understand every single little principle of whatever I am doing before I can move on. When i was 20 I could just pile it all in and use it and learn the principles later on .. does't work like that anymore. IN any event as you get time learn it little by little one day you will turn around and realize that you can do what you wanted.
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2012/11/3 23:52:25
Sketchup to Muvizu I give up, I give up, I give up...Obviously it's something wrong I am doing because well, I do not understand it yet. I either get a message saying it's too small, or it's too large or outside the area, or the mesh is badly collisioned, or everything stops responding! I am sure Ziggy's method makes it easy and I am sure other people are obviously making it happen easily I just can't get it to work. No matter what I try!...So until I learn a 3d modeling program myself like Blender (which has a huge learning curve, and is already givin me **** because I don't have a 3 button mouse) or ask for models (but that can't always happen), I'm just limited I guess. No big deal, I have bigger problems to worry about like the pain I still have in my stomach.

EEFilmz wrote:
OK Thanks, I am trying to use your method right now 8) ziggy72 wrote:
@ EEFilmz - set the collision volume to none when exporting from Sketchup, or use the old exporter (HardPCM's) before using the ZMB. Just ocurred to me that you have to start off with no collision at all for the ZMB to work right.
2012/11/3 23:06:55
Sketchup to Muvizu OK Thanks, I am trying to use your method right now 8) ziggy72 wrote:
@ EEFilmz - set the collision volume to none when exporting from Sketchup, or use the old exporter (HardPCM's) before using the ZMB. Just ocurred to me that you have to start off with no collision at all for the ZMB to work right.
2012/11/3 21:34:34
Sketchup to Muvizu tried it, but it says collision was badly formed - i just did a test, it says try again...ugh...I'm not sure what your matchbox method is but I've read good things about it, all I know is sketchup kills me, it works for me only 5% of the time. ziggy72 wrote:
This is to do with the new Sketchup ASE exporter as created by Muvizu HQ. It allows you to create a collision volume at the same time as your main object, and then export them both as one. If they are the same (i.e. you didn't change anything) then you get that message. Not a big deal, just means that the object has a default collision volume. I still use my own method of exporting using the old exporter, then using my Match Box Collision tweak to create the collision where I want it. There is the tutorial vid on how to use the new ASE exporter, so you might want to watch that.

It's actually a pretty good way of creating objects with collision where you want it to be, rather than letting Sketchup/Muvizu decide for you. I'd recommend you give it a watch, and see if it helps.
2012/11/2 21:38:17
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I heard on Sat TV that Glasgow is one of the most violent places in the world is that correct?? seems like everyone on Muvizu is nice and friendly lol
ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
That 'zombie girl' was REALLY scary!

Oh, I don't know about that - you've obviously never been in Glasgow on a Saturday night... Whaaaaa?
2012/11/2 20:04:53
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Wondering what Ziggy and Woz are gonna get? If they get any Reeses Peanut Butter Cups in their goody bags THEN I will I be !%^@#! LOL - just kidding yes Wacoms products are greaaat!
2012/11/2 16:47:37
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! LOLbigwally wrote:
Congrats to Ziggy72 and Woztoons! I was pulling for you (in more ways than one.)

(Somehow that doesn't sound right... Duhh
2012/11/2 16:47:00
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Congratulations Artpen Ziggy72 and Woztoons!
2012/11/2 0:41:14
Sketchup to Muvizu Ziggy, when you download from Sketchup, I always get this message : you have chosen the same name for the mesh as the collision this is not recommended do you wish to continue? - what the heck am I supposed to do there? Do I group everything first? rename something? I am kinda a rookie with sketchup obviously lol I have only had a couple successes with getting models into muvizu (cars) and a knife that took several attempts ziggy72 wrote:
I got mine (The Phantom Manor) off Google's 3D Warehouse. Just needed to rescale it a bit in Sketchup, import it with ID textures on, and it was fine. It was the first one I found that was suitable, and it actually worked first time! I was amazed, to be honest...
2012/11/2 0:26:18
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks Woz and Ziggy! very good tips, I will try that, as I am not yet proficient in d3 "modeling" - I downloaded Blender for the 2nd time, and gaain I haven't found time to learn it yet...Sketchup the same thing, I have at least been able to import a few things into Muvizu so I will try that. THANKS!
2012/11/1 23:43:41
Sketchup to Muvizu I'd like to know where people are getting those "Psycho" type houses used in the Halloween vids I saw! amazing....I coulda used that ! did they model them or ?
2012/11/1 16:56:24
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! LMAO A recount! Yeah a hanging "chad" or two or three! I can relate I have never entered one until now and I'm still waitin for the results too! lol WozToons wrote:
Would everybody please refrain from posting here until the result is announced.
The notifications get me all a flutter until I check and find that there has still been no decision.
I cannot handle the repeated highs and lows.
If there is a recount in progress please let us know and put us out of our misery.
2012/11/1 2:33:00
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' Cute!
2012/10/31 5:35:03
kirk of the dead Stellar, or shall I say INTERstellar work there!
2012/10/30 17:29:19
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Wow WOZ! I dunno what kinda sugar you sprinkle on your Wheaties but that was Creepy, twisted, and very good! WozToons wrote:
Much trailed now released. Best watched full screen with headphones after being sedated.........

Good luck everyone, some great entries here.

Happy Halloween.
2012/10/30 16:10:40
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I uploaded this one but don't see it in the Gallery yet, hopefully it'll make it, and hoopefully this one makes it in time for the halloween competition thing ...good luck to all. EEFilmz wrote:
this is my 2nd try, a newly edited version with a different soundtrack!! - hope it works this time! 8)
2012/10/30 15:48:57
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! lmfao! tHAT WAS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!...kIRSTY WAS TGHE SCARIEST THING i'VE EVER SEEN, you should win just for that on principal lol.
I'm curious how you did the balloon? because I've been contemplating using one for a story myself but sure how to go about it? was that a backdrop? Anyway that was great keep em comin! skylike wrote:
Not really applicable for the competition but it is Halloweeny
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