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2012/11/10 11:39:09
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! .....

So anyways....

The Prison stuff looks good eh?

Yea it's a content pack or two and some bug fixes and such
2012/11/9 15:26:45
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Mike_Num_5 is making a tutorial video on transparency in Muvizu that's going to be as good as, like, FIVE Christmases. That's even better than characters holding objects, right...? Anime Sweat

Again, apologies if there was genuine confusion as a result of my earlier post!

Dear god...the pressure! shake head

Thanks Lev....thanks. Whaaaaa?
2012/11/9 10:08:48
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Loving the enthusiasm guys! This is only a glimpse though! There is more content stuff coming, I'm just not allowed to show it off yet, under punishment of death! Or worse, sacking!
2012/11/8 10:19:30
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! urbanlamb wrote:

*thinks up bribes for content sneak peaks*

Acceptable bribes include cookies, chocolate muffins and Krispy Kreme doughnuts


Here is a glimpse of what we have in store for you

2012/11/6 15:31:58
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Should have really pointed out that the above screenshots are from my AVI transparency tutorial, which as I type is going through its final stages ready to be thrown to the lions *cough* Muvizu forum users/Youtube

There are some fantastic bug fixes and some excellent content coming your way soon as well!

To entice more information....some bribery may be needed Big Grin
2012/11/6 11:15:29
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! In response to some questions I was asked regarding my recent profile update, here are some screenshots of what I have coming up in the near future!

P.s. I ain't giving everything away yet Cool


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

And finally....

Screenshot 3

2012/6/5 11:21:44

Love the doctor.
2012/5/29 16:29:09
Introductions! Dreeko wrote:
Afternoon and welcome.

A few questions-

Are you a coder, artist or tester?
Do you eat fish suppers?
What is your favourite day of the week?
How far into the woods can a dog run?
If you could be a colour, would it be purple? and if not why not?

and finally...

Where's my dragon?



I am a QA tester.
I do enjoy the odd battered fish and chips.
Monday - So I can start my work at Muvizu!
Depends on what I have thrown for it to retrieve and how big the wood is.
It wouldn't be purple, as I don't like the rain...Badum Tschh. (Sorry)

and finally....

Still being assembled from parts of geckos, lizards and scaffolding so hopefully soon!

2012/5/29 15:34:16
Introductions! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

@gimmick - I was constructed here in the office from bits of old QA tester they had around at the time. My power source limits me to this office and to the coffee shop (that convieniently sells hot rolls also) which is just next door.
2012/5/29 14:07:16
Introductions! Hey! Just thought I'd introduce my presence to the Forum since I might be making some *hopefully useful comments and trying to help out and plug holes where I can.

So hello! I'm Mike!
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