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2011/1/14 15:51:25
Better processor or better graphics card No worries Mick, I am happy to help out.

You can still use After Effects and Muvizu with the Dual Core machine, it's just that you wouldn't want them running at the same time.

A lot of people who use effects with their Muvizu clips do have both programmes running at the same time, so that if they need to make a minor tweak to their Muvizu clip they can just change the window and make the change rather than having to boot Muvizu up each time you want to make a little change to an animation or camera cut.

The rendering with After Effects benefits a lot from the extra processing power offered by the Quad Core i5s (which can also be Overclocked to a ridiculous degree if you are feeling adventurous).

Take it easy,
2011/1/14 15:24:51
Better processor or better graphics card Hi Mick,

It depends what you want to do - if you will be using other programmes (such as After Effects) at the same time as Muvizu then you would probably get better results with the Quad Core Processor.

If you will be using Muvizu by itself, without things like Maya, Sketchup and After Effects then the better graphics card would make a huge difference.

Also, not all i5 processors are Quad Core - despite a lot of people (myself included, until recently) thinking that they are. You would need to double-check that the i5 you fancy is definitely Quad Core.

As for the 1GB/756MB - more is obviously better, but at the moment it won't make a huge amount of difference. However, the devs are looking at adding Anti-Aliasing (smoothing) which benefits a lot from more graphics memory, so it will make a big difference in the future.

Take care,
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2011/1/14 11:56:46
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Also, here is a link to a .pdf of the Sketchup keyboard shortcuts - which might make things a bit easier.
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2011/1/14 11:53:08
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Pete,

Glad it's coming along - I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with it.

You would need to break the collision up into sections, the same as the stage - and then export the collision sections and put them into the appropriate .ASE file. You should be able to get away with a few simple cuboids.

The good thing about creating your own collision is that you can make it whatever size/configuration you want. What I would do is something like this:

So keep the collision geometry as close to the size of the stage as possible, which would mean that any characters and props would be able to stand on it correctly, but if you make the collision volumes slightly smaller where the stage sections meet you will be able to get them to fit together more easily.

Take care,
2011/1/14 10:29:59
Noob Questions: CODEC Error and Importing Music Hi clebo99,

It might also be due to using Quicktime (it's a bit of a resource hog) - you might want to try using VLC media player or Media Player Classic:

Take care,
2011/1/12 15:39:38
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Sounds like the automatically generated collision is getting stuck in the ground (the devs are looking at ways to improve this).

You could create your own collision box around each section - if it was slightly smaller than the piece of the stage that you are importing it would allow intersection between each part, which should allow a better "fit".

I did a tutorial about creating collision volumes which you might find useful:

Good luck!
2011/1/12 15:03:16
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Pete,

After having a look at the model myself I can see that it's very complex with lots of internal surfaces - I have passed it on to the devs to have a look at but something that you might want to try in the meantime is splitting it up.

You could select the bottom of the stage, backstage, lighting area and sides separately and export them as individual .ASE files - this would hopefully cut down on the extra faces created by the export process and decrease the likelihood of a GPF.

The way that you do this is by selecting the part you wish to export by itself and changing "Export Selected" to YES when you go to Export as ASE file.

Take care,
2011/1/10 15:45:49
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Pete,

21mb? That's pretty huge - what size was it to begin with? I use WinRar and maximum compression, which seems to work well with ASE files.

The big problem is that the Sketchup exporter adds a lot of faces and lines in order to make the model compatible with Unreal (faces in Unreal must be 3 or 4 sided while they can be any number of sides in Sketchup) and due to the fact that it's an automated process a lot of the stuff that's added is pretty unnecessary - which leads to larger file sizes and compatibility issues.

You weren't being impatient - the rest of the office was working last week but I took a few extra days off after new year - so there were people working at Muvizu HQ.

If you can't get it small enough to e-mail you can use WinRar to split the archive into parts or, alternatively, upload the model to a file sharing site such as

Take care,
2011/1/10 15:18:42
Beware the Pie Part 4 I really enjoyed the whole series - the War of the Worlds music was a great choice.

Have you got any more audio recorded or are your others they still at the script stage?

Take it easy,
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2011/1/10 15:05:06
head and eye animation Hi again rwtread01,

At the moment you cannot select multiple segments on the timeline - the devs are looking at ways to improve the timeline and will take any feedback and suggestions on board. We cannot give a time frame for these improvements though, as there are multiple back-end upgrades that are being worked on at the moment which are the dev team's priority.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2011/1/10 11:23:08
Muvizu crashes when importing from Sketchup Hi Quoling, I have been doing a fair bit of the Sketchup import testing and I have only got back into the office today.

We are yet to discover a "Hard Limit" of faces that causes a GPF, but if there are any more than 65,535 faces you wouldn't get a collision mesh generated properly. Although if the model is very complex it might be causing an out of memory error.

I have found that if a model is more than ~15mb it probably won't import correctly, either causing a crash or having missing faces. This isn't a rule though - I am sure that there are larger models which import correctly, it's just that the ones I have tried haven't.

The models can be compressed pretty thoroughly using WinZip/WinRar/7Zip - a 66mb model can be compressed to 5mb - so could you please compress the model and e-mail it along with a crash dump and a brief description of what's happening? (Just in case it's not me that gets the e-mail).

The dumps can be found at C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs if you have a 64-bit system) and the e-mail address is

Hopefully the devs can have a look at the model and figure out exactly what is causing the crash.

Take care,
2011/1/10 11:07:16
best quality export for sony vegas editing Hi rwtread01,

If you are using XVid I would recommend re-encoding any Muvizu clips using VirtualDub before doing any editing - doing this removes the majority of artefacts, but it isn't the best quality that Muvizu has to offer;

You get very good results with the ffdshow lossless jpeg that comes with the full version of the K-Lite codec pack:

If you select the ffdshow codec in "Make Video" then "Configure Codec" and then select "Lossless JPEG" you will get a sequence of .jpg files which should dramatically reduce the likelihood of artefacts.

Take care,
2010/12/29 22:37:32
This Side of Midnight I have deleted his posts - they are nothing to do with Muvizu or the TMU theatre.
2010/12/26 22:24:29
fix poor quality audio I second Audacity - I use it's noise removal function with almost every video I make as it is simple to use and pretty effective. (Although if you turn it up too much you end up sounding like a robot )
2010/12/26 22:09:40
how do i get my youtube vids on here Hello fullcomedy1,

Unfortunately videos that have been uploaded through do not show up on our system, so if you wish to have your videos featured on here you would need to delete them on YouTube and upload them through

Emily also mentioned that we manually moderate all videos that appear on, so if you do upload your videos again it may take a while for them to show up as there are only a few of us keeping an eye on things from home while the office is closed for the holidays.

Take care,
2010/12/24 9:34:48
Posting Hi Mo,

Unfortunately all video content on is hosted by YouTube, and as such you would need to have a YouTube account to post a video here.

Take care, and have a good Christmas break,
2010/12/23 10:48:41
some of my saved projects will not open Thanks rwtread01, is it 32-bit or 64-bit (the fact you didn't say makes me assume 32-bit).

2010/12/22 16:27:57
some of my saved projects will not open Thanks rwtread01, I just got your e-mail and have just entered the bug info onto our database - hopefully the devs can shed some light on what's happening.

Could I ask you two more questions please? - What operating system do you have? What version of Muvizu do you have? (you can check the Muvizu version by going to "About" on the menu bar.

2010/12/22 15:23:06
some of my saved projects will not open The .set file is the file that's saved by Muvizu when you click "Save" - you also pick where it's saved, so it's different for every person.
2010/12/22 15:07:33
some of my saved projects will not open Hmm, that's odd - could you please send the .set files and crash dump files to us?

You can get the dump files from C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\Logs if you have a 64-bit system) they are the files that end in .dmp.

If you e-mail the .set and .dmp files to, along with a brief description of the problem (just in case it's not me that gets the e-mail) the devs should be able to have a look at them and see what the problem is.

Take care,
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