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2010/11/11 12:03:36
Make objects move Hi muddybunny,

Try using WASD, Up, Down, Left, Right and PageUp/PageDown to move the object - it's a bit easier when you use the keyboard.

As for swapping the objects - perhaps you could make the colour change to match the background, making it more difficult to see?

Take care,
2010/11/11 10:29:21
latest version sirih wrote:
jonbez wrote:
I Love that you released two versions. I'll take notes if I find some nuts Big Grin
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Just to clarify... The non-bleeding-edge version is just the current one, right? Not complaining, just want to know! Trying to figure out if, as a very new Muvizu user, I should stick with what I have, or brave the new one. I mean, maybe it'd be better to get conversant with the new version - bugs/anomalies notwithstanding - rather than learn the older one and then adapt to a newer one. I guess I'm the only one that can answer that question - but how about the question I started off this post with?

Cheers - and congratulations to all at Muvizu on your new baby!

The non-bleeding edge version is the one that you guys have been using since August

All of the tutorials etc. are aimed at that version, but as some users have pointed out it's possible to install both versions at the same time, provided you use different directories.
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2010/11/10 16:35:00
latest version

Vince has made an announcement about the newest version:

ps. I am not comparing Vince to Professor Farnsworth, although they do share a love of Doomsday machines........
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2010/11/10 10:23:33
Modo & Muvizu Hi BinaryGenesis,

There is actually an .ASE exporter script for Modo which works with Modo 401 (I tried it out with the free trial last week). I didn't use it extensively (as I have never used Modo), but it looked to me like it worked ok apart from one problem: It assumes that all of your textures are in .tga format,have the same name as the material that they are applied to and that they are located on the root of your C: drive.

The Modo script can be found at the link below, it’s the one called “ASE exporter for Unreal v1.08”.

The tutorial for getting objects into the Unreal Editor can be found at the same site, which is pretty much what you would need to do to get the object into Muvizu:

Hopefully this might make things a bit easier for you.

Take care,
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2010/11/8 16:20:03
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Roger Moore can move both eyebrows?! That's doubled his acting range!
2010/11/8 12:37:06
Staundoone Episode ! freakmoomin wrote:
brilliant episode....

and make it another muvizu employee who loved the laugh track!

i bearly noticed it and i really think laugh tracks work.....thats why sitcoms use them and its not just 70's shows either....prob the biggest one of all time (friends) uses them extensivly alongside the live audience stuff.

loved it

I always prefer a live audience to a laugh track, but a sitcom with nothing can often feel like it's missing something - for instance series 7 of Red Dwarf had a laugh track (the annoying 5-clip BBC one) but when you watched the DVD version which didn't have anything it felt incomplete.

Laugh tracks can add to a programme, when they are varied and used correctly, and I thought the one that Dreeko used was pretty good. I just thought I would suggest mixing it up a bit.
2010/11/8 12:16:52
Staundoone Episode ! Firstly, I really enjoyed your show - it's always good seeing a stupid supervisor getting the mickey taken out of them.

As for the laughter track - perhaps you could go for the middle ground and use a different laugh track for your next video? That would allow you to keep the same 'vibe' while making it less likely that people will get fed up with it.

I know that late '90s early '00s BBC comedies used to really get on peoples nerves as they all used the same laugh track, made up of about 5 different sound clips.

Take it easy,
2010/11/8 12:08:39
Neutral mood? Hi Matt,

A neutral mood is something that has been suggested in the past, and the art team have been looking into it. It's not going to make it in for this weeks release, as they have had their hands pretty full with adding the musical content, but hopefully it will be in sooner rather than later.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2010/11/5 11:46:19
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Hi Dreeko,

In an ideal world I would recommend re-recording in Muvizu using the ffdshow lossless JPEG codec, but if you can't do that then you might be able to make your videos more compatible by running it through Virtualdub and selecting XVid compression:

Whenever I am editing XVid videos I run them through VirtualDub first, as it seems to reduce the likelihood of artifacts appearing when you add transitions and other effects.

Take care,
2010/11/5 11:24:49
how to import ASE Nice one BinaryGenesis!

The limit for YouTube has actually been increased to 15 minutes - still too short for your video but I thought you might want to know for any future projects.

Take care,
2010/11/4 13:32:54
Keep in time In order to do a wedding we would need to make the Moonwalk animation worse so that it looks more like a drunken uncle.......
2010/11/4 12:16:31
Choral Movement I have created a thread for discussing content filters - I have grabbed Vince and Paul's quotes from this thread and put them in it, since they seemed like a good starting point.

The thread can be found at:
2010/11/4 12:15:11
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters pyrrho wrote:

A content warning is something that we've been discussing for some time now, mainly because of the educational interest in Muvizu. We have yet to find a suitable system to implement but, given that parents, guardians, teachers and the like will have differing views on what is acceptable viewing and what is not, there is already a way to achieve this.

All of our content exists on YouTube, it is merely called in to our site after publication. Every user has a YouTube account to which they submit their videos. So, if your school or group set up a YouTube account and linked it to your Muvizu account - which, in the case of young children should be a gatekeeper account - you could post your videos there and use that as a safe viewing channel.

To view Muvizu-generated content not posted by your group, which presumably you would have to vet to ensure that each clip met your criteria for suitability, you would merely need to specify your chosen clips as favourites and they could also be watched via your YouTube channel. It would be impossible for us to maintain a system of ratings/censorship that satisfied a huge range of what was deemed acceptable or unacceptable depending on the person responsible for children in their charge.

(There is also the age-old problem that flagging something up as unsuitable can act as an incentive for those deemed too young to seek it out.)

This is an interesting topic and I'd like to see it discussed in a thread all of its own.
2010/11/4 12:13:51
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters I thought it would make sense to have a thread where we can specifically discuss parental controls, and ways it could be implemented.

muggopaul wrote:
Hi Muvizu team

I love Muvizu - so do my children! I discovered it after seeing it featured on BBC's Click.
I'm a parent and also a Drama and ICT teacher and would love to know how best to encourage my students to safely view videos.

What's the chance of having Muvizu's films on the website given a thumbs up symbol if Muvizu or one of the people who've seen or submitted a movie think it suitable for children / classroom viewing? Would be good to know if things have swearing etc.

2010/11/4 11:35:49
Choral Movement muggopaul wrote:

Could you create a tool to enable users to duplicate character animations to multiple characters - e.g. for group choreography? Would love to either select multiple characters to animate at once or have an 'all move' button similar to the all shush...
Would we also be able to copy sections of character animation from one character's timeline to another character - e.g. to create a canon effect like a mexican wave.

Hello Paul,

Grouped movement is something that the Dev's are looking at - it's not going to be in the next release, but it is something that we want to add.

Take care,
2010/11/2 12:26:29
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? There's never just one lolcat Kerry!

2010/11/2 12:01:28
Making own skins Hi nordlys, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

Having fully customisable characters is something that a lot of us want to see, but it's not currently being worked on.

As for importing custom characters - this is something that might be looked at in the future, depending on the success of object importing.

You will be able to change the positioning and size of character attachments (such as noses, hair, ears) in the next release so there will be a bit more variety available.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2010/11/2 9:42:16
Why can't I insert a cue point Hi Mozart,

Are you having trouble in all of the Timeline/Direct modes?

Does it make any difference if you are recording or not?

Take care,
2010/11/2 9:39:12
how to import ASE Hello BinaryGenesis, thanks for trying Muvizu.

If you could please e-mail the model to with a brief explanation we can have a look at the model and see what is causing the crash.

Once we know what is causing the crash we can hopefully tell you how to work around it.

Take care,
2010/11/1 11:18:47
How do I use Muvizu Hi Sigma 200,

What's the name of the file that you have downloaded? If it's the installer (called Muvizu.exe, and it's about 500Mb) it shouldn't need a programme to open it - installers run automatically when you double-click on them.

Take care,
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