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2010/9/23 9:47:22
Well,Maybe anyone can help-me Hi Sanscouer, thanks for trying Muvizu.

On some machines updating your Direct X Runtime to the latest version can solve launch problems - the update can be found at:

Updating your graphics card drivers can also reduce the likelihood of crashes. You can find updated drivers for ATI and Nvidia cards here:

You can get the latest NVIDIA drivers from:

And the latest ATI drivers from:

Take care,
2010/9/22 17:24:22
Save to Muvizu server to work from multiple locale Hi davidlin, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

The only thing that you can save to Muvizu's servers that can be accessed on other PCs are Audio clips and images.

If you wish to use the work you have done on another PC you would need to copy the .set file to a website, hard drive or usb drive that both PCs can access.

If you have any other questions or suggestions please let us know.

Take care,
2010/9/22 15:05:27
Using Muvizu generated content Hi ghenrig,

I can't answer that myself but if you fire an e-mail to you should be able to find out.

Take care,
2010/9/22 15:03:49
Animatable objects-props Mick,

We probably haven't even thought of half the things that can be done with moving objects - which is why I am really, really looking forward to trying it out.

I have to admit, I didn't like using Sketchup at first but it's grown on me - especially given the fact that there are so many models on the Google Warehouse.

Take care,
2010/9/22 14:23:09
Animatable objects-props Hi again Mick, I have a bunch of ideas in my head based around objects moving together - one of which could be pretty awesome (if I can pull it off)

You should be able to move the objects in the same way as the camera, which includes being rotatable .

There is a specific way that I was thinking of doing it, but I don't want to get into too much detail before I try it.

Take care,
2010/9/22 13:54:09
Animatable objects-props Hi Toonarama,

The devs are looking into the possibility of having things like car wheels moving etc. but the basic object movement is their primary focus. I have to admit that doors opening and closing would be pretty cool though.

What you could do is import a door frame and door - this would allow you to animate the door opening/closing while the frame remains in the same place. (This is something that I am going to try as soon as moving objects are available for testing.)

Take care,
2010/9/22 13:39:58
Preview Hi Dreeko/Huggy,

You can preview your Movie in the "Make Video" section - you can play the whole movie in the pop-up media player by going to the start of the timeline and pressing play.

Take care,
2010/9/22 13:33:24
Music? No instrument?? Hi Than,

Unfortunately there are no patches planned between now and the next release, which is due at the start of November.

Take care,
2010/9/22 10:12:36
muvizu doesnt work?????? Hi shanbo, sorry you are having trouble.

On some machines updating your Direct X Runtime to the latest version can solve launch problems - the update can be found at:

Updating your graphics card drivers can also reduce the likelihood of crashes. You can find updated drivers for Nvidia cards here:

Please let us know how you get on.

Take care,
2010/9/21 8:45:55
3D Like this? Or do you mean the new style of 3D?

Edit: Huh, that's weird - when you watch it on YouTube the images are shown like a normal 3D broadcast, but in the embedded player they are shown separately.....
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2010/9/21 8:44:40
PC requirements Hi ccliffy, thanks for trying Muvizu.

Onboard Intel graphics generally struggle with Muvizu - the X4500 can probably run it.

If it does work it will probably have a very poor frame rate, part of this is because it uses the systems RAM as it has no memory of it's own.

If you do try it let us know how you get on.

Take care,
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2010/9/20 17:31:50
Importing from Google Sketchup Collision part 2:

Still to do:

Optimising Models
ID Textures
Collision Tips & Tricks (Creating a fully submersible submarine )
2010/9/20 16:43:49
is windows moviemaker any good? Hi again,

That should work, as long as it's saved as an AVI or VirtualDub has the Direct Show plugin:

Best of luck.
2010/9/20 14:46:50
is windows moviemaker any good? Hi again,

AviSynth is a scripting tool that allows you to add subtitles, transitions and other changes to VirtualDub.

I haven't used the latest version of VirtualDub, which lets you join videos manually, but in the version that I use you need to use a 3rd party script like AviSynth to do joins etc.

You can also use AviSynth to do text, fades and other effects, but it has a pretty steep learning curve.

The way it works is that you create a script in notepad which has the files that you want to use mentioned in it and then several commands below that detailing what you want done. You open the script with VirtualDub and (hopefully) it generates a video for you.

You might also want to try the free trial for After Effects - I don't think that there is a watermark.

Take care,
2010/9/20 10:53:53
is windows moviemaker any good? Hi artpen,

I prefer not to use Windows Movie Maker, but the Windows 7 version of it seems to be ok - it has both High-Def and YouTube outputs.

I don't think that you are able to select the codecs for it though.

I like to use VirtualDub and AviSynth, they can be a bit of a pain to get used to but they have a bazillion different uses.

Take care,
2010/9/17 11:22:19
Vertigo Please say Superman
2010/9/17 11:10:17
Vertigo I think the reason for the hard hat is one of the more common reasons for a steeplejack getting into trouble is banging your head and becoming disoriented - at least that's what the guys who were repairing the chimney stacks on the station I was working on told me. It was this station BTW:
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2010/9/17 10:47:35
Vertigo I thought working in a Power station at 200 feet with gratings allowing you to see all the way to the basement was bad enough - sod that!
2010/9/17 10:41:52
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh Kaynine wrote:

Warning bells just went off ... does this mean that in the near future, Muvizu will ONLY run on 64 bit machines? Surely it wouldn't be practical nor practicable for the developers to continue to develop and release parallel versions; one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit?

Don't worry - there are no intentions to go 64-Bit only - that would be developmental suicide .

Kaynine wrote:

Does that mean you could have a 64 bit machine running 64 bit 'Windows 7' with it installed on one hard drive, and also run the same machine with 32 bit 'Windows XP' with it installed on the other hard drive? I always thought it was verboten to have two Windows systems installed on the same machine.

We're definitely into territory now where my pensioner's brain is longing for the return of the quill and parchment.

It's fine - if you had the right hardware and a sufficient amount of hard drives you could have 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, Linux and Max OSX installed on the one PC.

I always prefer to have two operating systems installed anyway - that way if one of the Windows installs dies you can grab your important files by loading up the other version.
2010/9/17 10:04:09
Importing from Google Sketchup Hi Pete, thanks for the feedback - I am glad they are useful.

You can use ID Textures properly - you right-click on a face and there is an option to position a texture (Jamie has more experience with this than I do) I simply recommend selecting ID textures so that you don't get a huge attributes window that has half of the options sitting off of the screen.

You also need to edit the model with a text editor in order to get it to select the correct texture - which is why it's not been covered yet.

Their proper use is intended to be covered in the 5th tutorial, along with making the model more compatible with Muvizu.

If you have any other questions or suggestions let us know.

Take care,
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