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2013/8/19 14:32:48
how to Make a character lie down It depends on if you are going for autopsy or "Probed by an Alien" I suppose.....

I tend to use fall into grave, although depending on the size of the character and where you want them to end up you sometimes need to use an invisible ground plane at the edge of the bed/platform to get them lying in the right place.
2013/8/9 8:16:38
Video Card Hi Lawsontech,

Unfortunately that means that you are unable to run Muvizu due to limitations with your graphics card - this may be because your card does not meet the minimum specifications or issues with your graphics card drivers on VWare. What type of graphics card does your Mac have?

Take care,
2013/8/6 16:34:58
Sketch up model making tip That is so simple - thanks for letting us know!

May I suggest adding the information to the Wiki? Big Grin
2013/8/2 9:47:46
Can't find muvizu.dll Cannot find Muvizu.dll is an extremely generic error - although it is generally caused by some Windows software being out-of-date/incompatible.

If you go to this page on the Wiki and try installing the software listed hopefully it will get Muvizu up and running on your machine:
2013/8/1 10:19:48
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility It is possible to create a small .bat file which kills all of the Muvizu.exe processes that can hog system resources by not closing properly - which can also stop the patch working correctly - I will add that info to the troubleshooting section of the Wiki if you want.
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2013/7/31 10:26:13
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Hi Anthony, I am glad you got Muvizu working well, and thanks for letting us know which GPU you are using.

These charts can be quite useful for seeing how a new card would perform - I have chosen Arkham City as that is based upon the Unreal 3 Engine (I chose the chart with the DX11 and Anti-Aliasing options turned on too, as they do make a difference in video output),2959.html

Anything that is over 30fps should be usable, but obviously the higher the performance the more that you can fit on screen without your PC grinding to a halt. The 7750's are all 60fps+ in that test so should be able to handle Muvizu quite well - so I would say you made a pretty good choice.
2013/7/31 10:08:15
How to create own character? Hi Kim,

Unfortunately you cannot import characters at present, only objects, this is something that the devs have been wanting to get implemented for a while but they are still working on it and there is no current eta.

If you want to import objects there are several tutorials, such as this one, which might help out.

Take care,

2013/7/31 10:04:20
move a group? Hi Sofie,

Unfortunately it isn't currently possible to animate group movement in Muvizu (it caused crashes when we tried it out internally) - so you need to animate movement separately.

I believe the devs do want to implement that functionality, but at present they do not have a target date as it is causing a lot of issues.

Take care,
2013/7/30 12:59:52
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics That is a pretty good deal - although if I really wanted to push the boat out these ones are very, very shiny:
2013/7/30 11:52:59
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Just in case anyone is curious, I am a big fan of these (hehehe):

Relatively cheap, and if you stick one at the front and back of your PC it can make a huge difference to your PC's internals - but this is just my personal opinion rather than that of Muvizu HQ.

Oh, these ones aren't the quietest you can get, but considering they are only a few pounds you can't really go wrong with them.
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2013/7/30 10:12:08
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Whew, you had me worried there for a sec! Yea, artefacts showing up is unfortunately a side effect of pushing a card to its limit. (I may have overclocked one or two in the past). I also experienced artefacts on my old GeForce 8600M on a regular basis as it had a design flaw meaning that it could not cool properly - if you were playing a game on it and wearing shorts you got nice pink legs!

MrDrWho, if you are worried about your card only having a heat sink you could use after-market cooling, such as new case fans, to improve airflow over your cards - and the bigger fans make hardly any noise at all as they don't need to revolve as much.
2013/7/29 14:19:01
After Installation Error Sorry that we couldn't get it to work - if we ever figure out a cause we will post it here.

Likewise, if you manage to get Muvizu working please let us know how - so that we can help out other users who are in the same situation.
2013/7/29 7:48:40
After Installation Error Hi again PipIsMegas,

This may be a long shot, but we have recent had users who fixed their issues by installing .NET 3.5 - which you can get here:

Fingers crossed!
2013/7/29 7:46:50
cosa devo fare?? Ciao Auri, scusa hai problemi, la prego di dirmi che cosa si è sulla finestra quando l'errore si apre?

Scusate se la traduzione è male - sto usando google.

Hi Auri, sorry you are having trouble, could you please tell me what window you are on when the error pops up?

Sorry if the translation is bad - I am using google.
2013/7/29 7:40:56
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac So installing .NET 3.5 worked? Thanks for letting us know - I will add that to the Wiki. Big Grin
2013/7/29 7:34:34
Very slow on moderate PC wih basic graphics Sorry for any frustration caused, but as Muvizu is based upon the Unreal 3 engine it is very resource intensive - so even doing things like "drawing a simple cube" requires a relatively powerful PC.

I have raised an improvement for our website to include our recommended specs, or at least a link to the following page:

On thing you can do is use the website "can I run it" - it uses a plugin to determine if you can run certain games, and the closest that I have seen to Muvizu is Mass Effect 3:

Urban, I have never heard of Muvizu frying cards - did this happen to you? If so could you please provide me with details as that is a pretty major issue.

Take care,
2013/7/26 17:08:05
After Installation Error That is really odd, it might be worth trying a full uninstall of .NET and giving the most recent version from Microsoft's website a try:
2013/7/26 16:33:49
After Installation Error Hi again,

Our devs just went to have a look at it and it turns out that it wasn't Muvizu that you checked - it was a programme called CVTRES.exe, which is related to .NET.

Could you please try again, and make sure that you check the Muvizu executable in your Binaries 64 folder?

Take care,
2013/7/26 11:05:59
After Installation Error Hi again,

We received your e-mail last night and it has been forwarded to our development team - hopefully they will be able to shed some light on the situation.

Take care,
2013/7/25 16:11:59
After Installation Error The uninstall should delete the Muvizu folder, but there are occasionally leftover files which need to be deleted manually. The fact that there was no Muvizu folder at all just means that the uninstall worked correctly.

It seems that the issue must lie with a configuration file in your Windows setup, it is possible to use the programme "Dependency Walker" to determine which .dll file is causing the issue - you can get it from the following location:

Make sure that you download the "For x64" version and do the following:

Extract the contents of the .zip file to your desktop
Run depends.exe
Go to File>Open
Go to your custom installation directory, then Binaries64, and double-click on Muvizu
Go to Profile>Start Profiling
Click Ok
Wait until the Muvizu error message appears - dependency walker should now know which .dll file has caused the issue
Go to File>Save As and save the log
E-mail the log, along with a brief note of the error to

Once you have done that our developers will be able to have a look at the log, see what is causing the error, and hopefully determine how to fix it.

Take care,
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