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2010/8/10 11:35:29
adding .wav files Hi Mike,

Glad you are enjoying it - you can also import background audio and sound effects in the Prepare>Audio section - you can use them at the same time as your dialogue.

Any other questions or suggestions please let us know,
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2010/8/9 21:30:56
Re: FireWall Blockage Hi FCDabest,

Have you managed to log in successfully? Have you got all of the objects and characters?

Some users haven't been able to log in or connect to the server in order to download the character and object lists, but if you go to I have posted a guide on how to generate the lists manually.

Please let me know how you get on.

Take care,
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2010/8/9 21:28:38
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Hi Conan,

If you do the following you can manually place the cache files in the correct location:

Open up My Computer
Click on Organise
Click on Folder and Search Options
Click on the View Tab
Click on the dot beside "Show Hidden Files and Folders"
Click apply

Now you need to go to C:\Program Data
Right - Click on an empty area of the folder
Click on New > Folder
Rename the folder Muvizu

Now go to
Download the .zip file
I would recommend scanning it with antivirus software before going any further
Open the .zip file
Extract or drag the files to the Muvizu folder you have created

This should allow you to run Muvizu and have all of the objects and characters .

We are currently looking into why some people are not able to connect to the Muvizu servers, but with this you should be able to use all of the programme, with the exception of uploading a video directly through the app. (You can upload through the web site)

Please let me know if this works.

Take care,
2010/8/9 21:17:45
adding .wav files Hi mmcneice and thanks for trying Muvizu.

You can only upload 1 Dialogue track at a time, in the office we use a programme called Audacity for editing and joining audio clips - if you do the following you should be able to get the desired effect:

Open your second clip in Audacity
Select all of the second clip, then copy it (Ctrl+C)
Open your first clip in Audacity and place the cursor at the end of the wave
Go to the Generate>Silence command and enter the desired gap
Paste the second Clip (Ctrl+V)
Export the audio track as a .wav file
You should now have an audio track that you can use

Audacity can be found at but please remember all 3rd party software is used at your own risk.

Take care,
2010/8/9 21:10:14
Failure to launch Muvizu Hi Eflightmuv,

Unfortunately that error indicates that your graphics card doesn't meet the minimum specifications for running Muvizu (GeForce 7800 or ATI 1300). I have posted a guide on how you MAY be able to get Muvizu working with below spec cards at but it is not guaranteed to work, and obviously you use any 3rd party software at your own risk.

Take care,
2010/8/9 17:13:58
Moving Characters Around Hi Mike, thanks for trying Muvizu.

We are looking to add subtitles, unfortunately YouTube doesn't understand Scottish people so we are having to do it manually.

You can't move the characters around with the keyboard at the moment - but we are looking at alternative movement methods.

If you have any other problems please let us know.

Take care,
2010/8/9 17:00:11
Features requests Hi again lionelb8,

I will answer the new suggestions first then go back to the first post and edit it - I cannot offer any timeline for what is being worked on.

Point 6.1 If only one of the character timelines was displayed, e.g. animations and this was displayed for all or multiple characters will this destroy performance? It would be helpful to have a form with radio options to select the one timeline we are interested in, then select the characters. Then be able to perform functions on that as per point 6 & 6.1.

As soon as more than one character's information was displayed there was a severe performance drop - but I will pass on the suggestion to the UI guys.

Some more:
12. There seems to be some issues with getting characters to sit on stuff, e.g. bar stool, any stool, chair. I got it to work once, but they mostly just float above it

If you sit your character towards the front of the chair you tend to get better results. Alternatively turn off "Can be stood on" with the chair - the character will then ignore it's collision and sit down.

13. The animation design principle seems to be that it should follow an actual directors instructions. However, the issue I have is that this process is all real-time. There is no way to plan this for 100% accuracy first time every time. The way the product needs to work is that directory I create the path for the actor (as you now do in realtime) but as a prepared path (numpad position: moods and actions.) The reason this is a requirement is that it's simple to chaotic to make the actor walk to an object and interact with it in real time. I want to be able have a character stage right, facing right turn around walk over to a chair stage left, turn around and sit down - good luck with getting that happening now in real time first time. This can be solved by providing a planning phase - just like a director would do. I want to plan the path (top view of actor) drag and drop the trail, add actions which happen at any point along the path and then invoke that action sequence from a numpad option, like a mood/action.

I will pass this suggestion on

14. Would be very helpful to have the following dialogue option. I want to see the wave form (like in audacity) so I know what coming to get ready to trigger actor talk/shush. This is important because this gives us a visual clue, not just a timeline clue.

14.1 Ideally how this feature should be implemented is that I see the audio as a wave and can play that back as segments which I preassign to the character. e.g. I select a segment of the mp3 (can play it also so I get that exact segment correctly identified), then assign that to Anne. I go though the entire audio identifying each (multiples) segment which belong Anne. Do the same for next actor. Now I don't need to que the actor in realtime to talk/shush because you know when that actor needs to perform the action. Allow me to assign a label to each segment (which could be the actual text the actor is going to speak from the script/song)

14.1.1 Because these segments are now assigned to each actor, which identifies where in the mp3 each starts and ends, now provide a scheduler that let's me re-arrange the order. The information would be represented in a horizontal bar graph indicating the length and text inside the graph. Initially the sequence will be as it is on the mp3 (in time) e.g. X=time-slice (2 secs for example)

Anne 00m05s00ms XXXXX Hi my name is Anne and I'm a muvizu character // text could be inside the graph to save space (would need a cut off length)
<Silence> 00m15s00ms ...
Jane 00m16s00ms XXX Hello, nice to meet you.
Bob & Anne 00m22s00ms X Ditto
Anne 00m24s00ms X Snap!


Now I should be able to re-order those sound clips because you simply read it from the offset in the mp3 file as required. I get to do real directing because I don't need to capture the sequence of the audio in the exact order I'll need it. This provides the opportunity to change the story-line as required. Each segment is labled and on the timeline, I want to view that data on a timeline (as re-ordered, if reordered) or as a sequence like in a script, above.
I appreciate this seems to move away from the design principles of the software, but it's more flexible and accurate which makes it more useful and will get us consistently good results in a shorter time.

Changes to the way audio tracks are represented are being looked at just now, I will pass on your suggestions.

15. I don't seem to be able to animate objects. Objects themselves seem to observe some basic rules, like a ball falling will land on another ball and roll off, which is what I'd like to be able to capture as movement in the animation. So objects need a starting position which can be locked until specific point in time on the timeline. e.g. if I want a bird to drop from the sky I currently need to do this by showing only end result, <bird on ground>, not the action of bird hits the deck.

Animatable Objects and Animatable Properties are being worked on at the moment.

16. Objects required: Animated would be nice. Fire: wood, fire (flames), embers ; water: spring, river, pond, pool ; animals: dog, sheep, donkey/horse, pig, birds (domestic & wild), wild animals like lion, elephant, antelope, graffe, buffalo, leopard ; shark/fin ; penguin , starfish , coral , fishes , whale (head, whole thing, tale) ; rugs, blanket ; rucksack ; compass ; ropes ; knotted ropes ; bedrole/sleeping bag ; tent

The art team are adding new objects with each release, and the ability to animate new objects is being worked on. The ability to import your own objects is also being worked on the code team, with .ace files being the first to be added.

17. Postures required: Sleep ( with zzZZZ) option, lay down ; sit on ground: legs crossed & one leg up (like against rock/tree) ; pick up / put down something ; hold a thing (initial position) and then put it down, hold nothing (initial position) and then pick a thing up down - since you can't interact with object simply provide a few "things"; like a log, gun, paper, bottle, stone, mug ; Drinking: from bottle, mug

The art team have been looking at the lying down initial state and the ability to hold items, but these will probably be in the distant future.

18. When copying a character the timeline is not copied over. There should be an option to do this and be able to specify which bits I want, e.g. animations, eyes, dialog. This would make is really easy to create scenes where multiple characters perform similar tasks and then simply customise the exceptions. e.g soldiers, chorus line dancers, singers.

Timelines could be copied as the character starting position walking action offsets are calculated from that initial position, so characters will not end up talking over each other.

This has been discussed in the past, and I agree that it would be handy for dancers etc. It isn't being worked on at the moment but it may be added at a later date.

19. Dialogue recordings. It would be helpful to be able to record the audio after animation and not before. But this would probably mean that we need the ability to listen to the track and see the animation at the point where we want to continue recording dialogue audio.

The ability to record dialogue while the animation is running is pretty interesting - I will pass it on

20. Audio wave representation. It's pretty much a requirement that we see a wave form on the dialogue and timeline for helping to co-ordinate, initiate actions and adjust actions. It's just too time consuming right now, we have no way of knowing when audio will start. Need to listen, try to note the time on the timeline, then move action.

This is being looked at and may be added at a later date.

21. Recording audio dialogue AFTER animation with future view. It would be helpful to have a camera view which shows what's coming, a view of the animation that is in the future by x number of seconds. So the screen is what's happening now, but the master camera shows what's going to happen x seconds from now. That along with a wave form should provide visual clues to help sync audio with video.

I have passed this suggestion on, but displaying two different occurrences of the same animation at different stages on the timeline would be very resource intensive.

Take Care,
2010/8/9 16:07:57
Download Mirrors If you have trouble downloading Muvizu there are a few external mirrors that you can download the installer from:

November 2012 release v0.23b

GE.TT 32bit & 64bit - Full versions



September 2012 release v0.22b

Gamershell - 32 bit - Full version
Gamershell - 64 bit - Full version

July 2012 release v0.21b

Gamershell - 32 bit - Full version
Gamershell - 64 bit - Full version

May 2012 release

Gamershell - 32 bit version
Gamershell - 64 bit version

January 2012 release

Muvizu Database Patch - 16th january 2012

Gamershell - 32 bit version
Gamershell - 64 bit version

September 2011 release 2

Filefront - 32 bit version
Filefront - 64 bit version

Gamershell - 32 bit version
Gamershell - 64 bit version

September 2011 release v0.17b

Filefront - 32 bit version
Filefront - 64 bit version

Gamershell - 32 bit version
Gamershell - 64 bit version

July 2011 release v0.16b

Filefront - 32 bit version
Filefront - 64 bit version

Gamershell - 32 bit version
Gamershell - 64 bit version

Current version - info: v0.22b - 2012.09.11.01R

Take care,
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2010/8/9 15:59:08
Unable to download Muvizu at all Hi Dark Soul,

Muvizu has just been uploaded to Filefront so that there is an alternative download location.

You can find it at:

Downloading from a mirror might sort out your Integrity Check error.

Take care,
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2010/8/9 15:55:39
Auto-detect computer functionality? Hi Kaynine,

We are currently looking into a few ways that we can do this as it would make things simpler for those people who aren't particularly knowledgeable about PCs.

In the meantime, I think this site could be a good resource for those users who aren't particularly tech-savvy: if they click on "Click Here" and a Java programme will scan your machine, allowing you to see if it meets the processor and graphics card requirements.

Take care,
2010/8/9 15:24:13
Can't make movie I don't think you can remove the default Codecs from Windows 7 - but they shouldn't cause any problems.

Let me know how you get on,
2010/8/9 14:49:50
Can't make movie Hi again Richard,

It's a bit difficult to know there are two options when Muvizu crashes before you can get to the second one .

Any time I have had problems with Codecs I have had to uninstall all of my codec packs and reinstall the K-Lite FULL Codec Pack - I know that this is a bit of a pain but it's the only way to make sure that you aren't getting some sort of conflict between different versions of codecs.

You can get the pack from and it's the one labelled "Download ", but any 3rd party software is used at your own risk.

If this doesn't work please let me know.

Take care,
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2010/8/9 14:34:07
Can't make movie Hi again Richard,

There are two different times that you click on a button labelled "Make Video" - once on the Menu Bar (Video>Make Video) and once on the screen where you can choose your codec and resolution - which one is it?

Although it does sound like you are having trouble with your XVid codec - if you get the error after clicking on the "Make Video" button on the screen with the codecs and resolutions on it could you please try a different codec?

Take care,
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2010/8/9 14:17:15
Competition rules re soundtrack Hi again Mick,

I honestly do not know - I will find out for you.

Take care,
2010/8/9 13:59:30
Camera Hi Than,

Moving cameras aren't in Muvizu at the moment, but they are being tested and should make their way into the programme soon.

Take care,
2010/8/9 13:54:42
tweeks and suggestions Hi again John,

I have spoken to the artists and devs about the suggestions I wasn't sure about:

Scaling of head & other body parts isn't planned at the moment but it may be added in the future
Alpha maps to allow semi-transparent objects aren't planned at the moment but it may be added in the future
Green screen camera effect - I passed this suggestion on
Speed setting for ground - I passed this suggestion on
Illuminated textures - I passed this suggestion on

If you have any others please let us know.

Take care,
2010/8/9 13:33:19
Animation trail showing up after deleting timeline Hi again lionelb8,

I will try to recreate that on my machine then pass on the bug information to the Devs.

Take care, and thanks for reporting it,
2010/8/9 13:31:30
Simply sitting Hi again Muddybunny,

Some of the chairs have a collision area that doesn't quite match the characters - what I usually do is disable "Can be Stood On" and resize the chair until it looks right.

What chair are you using anyway?

Take care,
2010/8/9 13:21:00
will this program run on vista Hi Alan,

Muvizu should run on a Vista machine, as long as the hardware meets the minimum specifications:

  • 2.4GHz processor
  • Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card
  • 2.3GB free drive space
If you have any problems or suggestions just let us know.

Take care,
2010/8/9 12:37:08
Moving in Muvizi, manipulating objects and cameras Hi again,

The movement controls are also being looked at - including inverting the Y-axis - so there will be additions coming in at some point.

If you have any other questions or suggestions let us know .
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