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2015/9/9 1:29:34
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ haha its true i am an autodesk "hater" but .. I think my dislike is justified the way they charge their customers for stuff and then charge them again etc.

blender UI has changed a lot from the original incarnation in fact its very similar for modelling at least to maya. They are busy getting rid of "legacy code" right now but blender has changed a lot since its original incarnation which I had trouble with as well then one day they decided to fix it and then I had no trouble switching over.

Meanwhile I feel there are things like modo out there which does exactly what 3dsmax does for less money and no monthly whatsits among other things.

3dcoat it took me awhile to pick up the interface well for me that means maybe a weekend or two. I still haven't discovered what all the buttons are about but I am getting there. Blender at this time to me handles like any of the other counterparts in the industry now really its not more or less confusing.

(to me anyhow but at this point I have been using it for many years lost count really.. i started using it in the old interface .... when there was not much info.. the going was slow and that was 2007? or so dunno I muddled through and then finally the interface changed and I gobbled it up at breakneck speed and dispensed with every other tool I was using at the time ^^)

as an aside i just remembered this (i hated it but this is because i use vanilla blender) many recommend using Blender Sensei if you are looking for a different UI so if you download vanilla blender and hate it you can try this version.


apparently this is much easier to learn. I dont know I downloaded some brushes I liked the look of there and used the automatic addon and was completely lost.. and spent awhile putting my blender back the "regular way" and then fished out the brushes and added them manually so.. I hated it so that probably means its great for new users who are not used to blender at all
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2015/9/9 0:37:18
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? You can use tga's although most scenes are punctuated with camera cuts. So 20 seconds per cut is actualy fairly long. I have yet to ever create a scene that hits one minute long and I have allergies to muvizu cameras even then its unusual for me to not cut to another camera within 20 seconds... I just dont move them whenever possible..
2015/9/8 22:26:06
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ Dylly wrote:
I'm thinking of having a go at building my own custom PC...saving up for the right bits and pieces...but its one of those projects where I know nothing about it at all. I want a machine that will run Max, 3D coat or mudbox, whichever I settle on, and my Muvizu with extreme ease. I have started on my custom work station though...well got as far as purchasing the timber. My current desk has a bit of history to it...it used to belong to Douglas Bader the WW2 fighter pilot, but its not suitable for modern PC work...its too tall and I end up with shoulder ache after a few hours. I'm currently designing a new desk with built in light box set into the surface, my graphics tablet and keyboard set into the surface and space for all of the cables, additional storage drives etc to be hidden out of the way.

Back to the polycount...the spline built version of the model comes in at around half the polycount of the extruded version so far!

I'm such a bad influence just ask fazz. I can help anyone spend their hard earned money if they so wish LOL

My opinion on the company autodesk well if you want to spend more money then their software is worth. I would go for anything but autodesk. They will bleed you for every cent they can for the silliest of things. This is my personal opinion though I think they are thieves trying to leach every dime out of their customers and a reason why i pay money to the blender foundation ^^

I also stopped using adobe recently when they switched to the cloud based must subscribe service. Autodesk is also using this route. I dont want to pay for such services and would rather just not use any products and go with blender then pay like that. Anyhow I would suggest you look at other options there is no need to use their stuff and there are lots of options out there.

Take a look at their competitors unless you want to pay autodesk 1.5k per year to keep your software or whatever it is for 3dsmax right now. *end autodesk rant*
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2015/9/8 21:40:51
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ Never tried using it for this type of stuff so not sure how its all gonna turn out in the end.. that is an entire set right there. I am still working on the textures but well you get the idea.
2015/9/8 20:34:13
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ haha i am not so young over 50 actually anyhow (2 more years to retire for me actually as I am taking an early retirement). I dont know if my info helped or not. I strive for as low polygon as I can get and do use the fbx muvizu and normal maps etc blah blah blah .

3dcoat is extremely awesome I think its like the best thing since sliced bread.. that is how awesome I think it is

I still use my blender for rigging and bringing it all together but I usually start in 3dcoat these days. The texturing and stuff is great and you can tweak older models etc. Did I say it was awesome?

3dcoat needs a very hefty video card and lots of ram it wont run on a low end system. It takes advantage of CUDA for speed which is an nvidia thing so you need a strong desktop pc with a high end ndvidia graphics card. The modelling/scuplting process is using voxels and the PBR substance painting is a very "new" thing that really requires modern pc's. Dont run it on your laptop or on an aging system it will .. well if you get it to run for any length of time overwork it and your going to kill your card prematurely.

You really need a graphics card with a minimum of 2 gig of ram to use it properly. I am sure others manage to limp along with less but the lag would likely make me want to throw my pc out the window Big Grin

a work in progress I am trying to use it for environmental stuff right now so started this on the weekend its super easy to make your own pbr materials with this as well which is something I appreciate.

LOL dont know why its still showing up as an edu version I have the full version now.. I started with edu in case I could not get it to run well enough to use it. Anyhow yes its awesome (on the right type of pc)
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2015/9/7 15:36:09
Modelling Best Practise ZUHQ Detail is usually created with normal maps and vector maps not polygons for the final model. You would create a very high poly model and put all your detail into that and then create a lower poly verson if the original and bake out the detail of the high poly model using the uvmap of the low poly model to create a normal map.

so basically do not get polygon intensive ever. If you can avoid boolean subtraction and use other more economical methods you should as these operations are not really meant for the final version of a game engine model they are there for creating the original high detail model.

In muvizu's engine your limited to the normal map I think although to be honest I have never created something that really required I use a vector map to bring out detail.

That being said for some objects this high poly/low poly stuff may be overkill and a lot of objects can be created with old fashioned box modelling.. I would avoid the booleans on those as well though. Always be mindfull of poly count in other words.

for the models just use quads and things like edge crease and sharp edge marking etc to bring out detail. You should not use polygons to bring out detail whenever possible.

didnt watch all of it just the beginning but it seems to give the info on normal mapping and game asset creation.

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2015/9/5 17:52:35
20/08/15 reelase feedback yes they should not be releasing this stuff untested they do need to re-implement their beta test program because they will just loose users this way. Not everyone is patient and willing to wait so better to try to sort some of the major bugs before releasing it to the entire population.
2015/9/5 17:50:17
Glitches this looks like a graphics card issue which may or may not be solvable but you will need to post info about your system.

graphics card and windows version.

....However something like this we can't actually help anyone fix other then say go update your drivers this is something the coders need to work out. The first step is to give info on your system so graphics card/memory/windows version etc
2015/8/31 19:52:20
is there a set of scaled reference models...? check that it offers fbx or not although there is ways to deal with that. Silo is pretty overpriced I feel at its regular price but if you can pick it up cheap it might be of some use especially if it has an fbx format which I dont know if it does or not.

you can check into hexagon as well but I dont know if it has a texturing option or not.. i think it has an fbx plugin.
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2015/8/31 16:27:25
is there a set of scaled reference models...? you can do all this in blender although the fbx exporter is lacking in certain areas if you get something called 3dexchange pipeline from reallussion it will let you finish the model with normal maps etc if you lay it out properly in blender. You can also try maya LT it should give the toolset you need as 3dsmax is extremely expensive for the hobbyist. There are a few other options out there modo and something called silo so lots of options but I like to promote blender cause its like "free and opsensourced" and quite neat. (even though some of its plugins are lacking).

The scale for muvizu is the unreal scale and its the default layout so you just set up your grid like that or if your wierd like me you just remember how to scale stuff in your head on the default grid blender starts as.

here it is for blender and the scale has not changed between unreal 3 & 4 so this info still applies. Then just create a cube on that grid and export to muvizu and decide how many you would stack to match the height of a character etc. And again if your strange like me you just keep it in your head.

I also use something called 3dcoat although I must confess I dont use the fbx export utility directly since I use it for character creation.. I would imagine one could export directly to muvizu.. if you figure out how

Lots of options out there really.
2015/8/27 1:54:16
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? yeah mine don't spaz dance because I turn off the keep upright button the second I import it. That was me turning off float in the air and picking up the object and dropping it in mid air to the ground so people could see how I did the collision.

For each object you import to muvizu yes you need to add a collision box.

You have to import each object seperately unless you wanna join them all into one gigantic mesh and add some collision but.. I would not recommend that pile of mesh approach

the spaz dance is a sort of wobble it starts off slow and picks up momentum and kinda wobbles maddly lol. It sort of picks up speed as it collides with the ground.
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2015/8/25 23:48:45
Export FBX + mesh from UE4 into Muvizu? you can start here

there is more in the wiki basically all the info is there just read through it. If you have any questions after post em here we can try to answer. Basically just import mesh and figure how collision works.

I have forgotten what version unreal 4 fbx is, but muvizu is using unreal 3 which uses fbx errm 2011 or 2012 version so if you find it says its the wrong version you can download the autodesk converter and change it to that version of fbx.
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2015/8/22 20:51:30
Asset File Structure I haven't seen anything yet. AT the moment there is no way to give away just assets as this was removed I think it was being abused LOL. I am assuming this will all go back into place when they revamp things as they are changing how its all done.

(i hope) otherwise i guess its just design sets with assets in them. I am sure once we get there they will give out some info.

I am hoping there is like a sample package or something they will give us you know dimensions of thumbnails etc. Some basic guidelines. I also hope we have a way to give out freebies as well under creative commons terms.
2015/8/22 20:47:59
Loser ( 3d animated short ). was very cute and classic I usually just reply on youtube but figured i would here instead
2015/8/22 16:32:01
Collision I use fraps or the recorder that comes with my video editor depending upon the situation. I am finding that fraps is not picking up some windows stuff anymore so i have to resort to the recorder that comes with my editor to pick them up. They might have updated it by now so it works again because its probably the easier one to use as you dont have to record your voice seperately.

If I go silent and use musak its because i am unable to use fraps LOL and recording sound seperately can be a bit of a pain as its always hard to match it up with you know no way to see a moving mouth

errm i was just remembering this panel it comes with the newer cards (never tried it was gonna try it because my fraps doesn't work in muvizu and other applications properly anymore) you might want to fart with this as it might be a good replacement as it records "ingame audio" making it easier to do tutorials.

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2015/8/21 15:16:05
Can't keep this old animator down! awe BW take care getting older is as Betty White says "getting older is not for sissies" get well soon and we will see you again soon with some new Nick danger videos of course!
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2015/8/17 2:28:35
Collision I pretty much only use fbx now but i dont know what others are doing. I think a fair number of newer users are also using fbx.
2015/8/14 16:31:07
I'll be better in the Morning lol a lot of us are posted out not a huge community at the moment. It was a great first video and I liked the idea of using that acapella loop stuff.
2015/8/14 16:14:19
Toonish Cartoon Guidelines Most people just create a style sheet and go from there. A lot of designers call that stuff 'stylized' but generally they create a design sheet of their own and pick basic shape influences and a palette of colours and go from there.

Toon colours usually make a huge difference mostly solid colours and heavy ambient occlussion etc. Generally though there is no set rule for toons like 'all toon stuff has a square blocky feel'. This is all in the eye of the beholder though. Decide on a basic shape theme for the stuff and decide what major colours they are going to use (no more then 3 is generally the rule 2 major and one minor) and draw the pieces out and then move on from there into making them 3d objects.

There are courses out there in this stuff but basically it comes down to heavy stylization & over exagerration of a single element and colour choices

as for info on this subject I never find info for anything beyond characters. Unlike using a piece of software its not a mechanical process so mostly its a pay for information type deal (they have such courses on the blender cloud, but the are art courses. I know people are allergic to blender, but the education they offer and workshops they hold are top notch stuff and offered at a comparitavely low cost)

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2015/8/14 0:43:10
4/8/15 Release Bugs Jamie1 wrote:

If you use render layers to optimise your scene, I wouldn't be surprised if your scene suddenly crashes when you turn a random combination of really full layers (or all layers on at once). Just saying...

hehe this thought just came to mind and its not like you guys dont have a lot of work to do already but have you ever considered holding livestreamed workshops for muvizu users on stuff like say scene creation or storyboarding and stuff. You can use twitch or some such provider or google hangouts (although not a fan of the google ones) and since you put muvizu on steam twitch sounds like an appropriate venu.

anyhow back to the bugs i was just reading stuff while heating up the veggies for diner.
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