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2015/8/11 19:46:03
FBX Importing Error edit out anything that is not mesh yes. Your trying to import a skeleton or some animations along with the mesh.

p.s. wireframe is simply a view mode.
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2015/8/11 0:14:48
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Muvizu is based on unreal engine 3 so basically the outputs they use in that is what we use here. FBX is a universal format these days anyhow.
2015/8/10 21:49:33
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Aye I put some written instructions in the wiki awhile back when fazz was looking for information because I figured others would eventually need it. For base modelling I am sure sketchup is fine I simply am not a fan LOL and I already know blender for modelling so there was no real reason for me to pick it up and use it because basically they both do the same things.

The problem is that the information your passing from sketchup to muvizu for fbx is incomplete. That is why you need to move it over to blender to finish it off.

Otherwise your going to get a bit of a mess.
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2015/8/9 21:48:46
Coming Soon... That is all looking very batcavey
2015/8/9 15:38:54
Question about FXB import no its not a bug your trying to import more then just a mesh
you need to delete the skeleton and any animations that may be along with it inside something like blender and prepare the character before importing it. Muvizu will only let you import mesh. Its just a generic message that they are using to say 'your not just importing mesh go fix your model'
2015/8/8 16:44:11
Fade to Black Not really a muvizu question but all you need to do is put a black slide beside and then use a fade transition to fade to it or crossfade or fadeout or whatever it is that whatever software your using wants to call it.

your software should have options to simply add a coloured still to it or whatever the company wants to call it.
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2015/8/7 21:22:33
4/8/15 Release Bugs MrDrWho13 wrote:
Ah yes, sorry, I'll move it here:
Bug 1:
Got this error when opening an old set:

Bug 2: I also managed to freeze it by selecting everything in the layers window. (although it could just be me being impatient)

finally got to updating the muvizu i got one but it said "droopy" I have no layers or anything it was simply an old set so I am assuming this is a compatability issue.
2015/8/7 20:23:13
Character Proportions fazz68 wrote:
cperg wrote:
Since all of you have had a greater exposure to video production than perhaps I have I would like to make another forum redundant statement. I am almost sure each of you have seen the free software called MakeHuman. If not here's a link to the project. http://www.makehuman.org/

With this project I was able to produce decent characters and import them into blender just as an experiment. Not much I can do with blender beyond that though. I am going to try and drop one of the characters in muvizu as an inanimate object in the next week. Anyone have ideas concerning this effort?

as long as its fbx it shouldnt be a problem. i know you can export as fbx with that software. it does all the uv mapping for you from what i remember. try and see what happens.
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yup i have actually in a couple of scenes used makehuman characters that I turned into crash test dummies I think at the time I converted them to ASE though you need to remove everything and just keep the mesh. Its "not hard really" that is my shall we say byline at this point I seem to say it a lot LOL . I used one in Dr Daldrins atomic beam machine. Now we have fbx so should not be an issue and its a better format.
2015/8/7 20:14:33
Coming Soon... bad horror movies with people hiding in all the wrong places and not running when they should are apparently Fazz's forte LOL so that would be a place to put the fluffy bunnies. While some of us prefer bad soap operas with overdone plots lines and bad acting and lots of organ suspense music :P
2015/8/7 15:01:17
4/8/15 Release Bugs so can anyone tell me the number of times my key will work till I need a new one? since the autoupdate is broken on my software ? (which is also a bug)
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2015/8/6 22:56:39
Character Proportions I saw no demeaning responses most of us are just silly. Personally in my case i have asked them to open things up so we can import entire characters. I have also asked them to revamp their entire camera system among other things.

There are a lot of shall we say englishmen and scotsmen around (not sure which is worse really) and they tend to have an interesting brand of humour. Having grown up with a typically english father it has rubbed off on me even though I am very very canadian. ON the other hand my very european jewish mother he could get rip roaring mad with his english humour .. it was an interesting family life LOL. Anyhow I didnt see anyone put anyone down just a bunch of englishmen, scots and australians be silly.

Basically everyone in this thread agrees with you in their own way just have to be you know silly about it. Myself included.
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2015/8/6 21:28:15
Character Proportions unicorns also!

and an orc
2015/8/6 21:08:37
New Guy hello and welcome and happy muvizuing
2015/8/6 21:04:34
4/8/15 Release Bugs Mine wont update automatically anymore i keep having to reinstall and reregister anyone know the limit on the reg key code? LOL

Although tonight i have chores to do so i wont get to play at all

but I want to play on the weekend Big Grin
2015/8/6 19:01:50
Character Proportions MrDrWho13 wrote:
I believe this would be easier to implement for the new characters because the older ones are made of one whole mesh, whereas the newer ones have 3 separate meshes (Top, middle, bottom).
That's just a guess, so I think this is one of those cases for muvizu where creating a new realistic character would be easier than re-engineering the older ones.

they have made 2 uvmaps on 2 material layers but its one mesh for a character(err there might be a third uvmap/material for the head). There might be a second mesh involved with clothing layers but I would be very surprised to find out a base model character is not a continuous mesh. I would think though that the clothing is just a morph of the base mesh done in something like zbrush. (except maybe where there is a skirt or something they add a bit more mesh on top kinda hard to morph legs to a skirt LOL)

If anything the older characters have more then one mesh for a base character. Ears, head, eyes,nose. The newer models obey more modern constraints and are more classic in that all the body parts are on one base mesh.
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2015/8/4 22:10:20
Today's Download hurry up get your new computer before you are locked out of the internet :P

yeah any enhancements are probably gonna be dx11+
2015/8/2 16:03:14
Collision still a smash? With blender being opensource maybe you can come up with something. There are actually a lot of animation companies out there that turn to blender because it is open sourced so they can get it to do exactly what they want.

The issue of making sure all the faces/normals etc are in the right direction and its all unwrapped I dont think this can be automated but the collision I am pretty sure can be as long as your looking for the tiny box at the center of mass type

In the meanwhile because several people were having issues with collision I created this video just about simple almost no collision.


TMI time

Unfortunately since muvizu is built on unreal engine this issue wont be going away I dont think and FBX is here to stay. The next big thing is 'voxels' so hold onto your hat because 3d will be changing dramatically in the next few years.


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2015/8/2 2:08:21
Update my copy of Play+ You loose your favourites but what a lot of people do is to create a set containing any characters you want to keep then once you re-install you open up the set and just put them back as favourites
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2015/8/1 16:35:13
Update my copy of Play+ Its not automatically updating?

if you are online and its not updating remove it all and then download a new locked copy from the site and put your registration number back into it and it should pull the information you need of the site.

I have noticed if i dont have the last version installed muvizu doesn't often upgrade it
2015/8/1 16:31:09
Random feature requests okay I will put my two cents in here

firstly some of these requests which I agree with sound more like bug fix requests Drink
-the lighting thing considering the size of files I work with etc (not that large really) the amount of memory consumption seems well very off.
- Also it appears there is some sort of leak or something as the software is slowing over time

cameras - this is a feature request hehe
-can we have a system that does not rely on me being a 20 year old coordinated gamer with a joystick who enjoys first person shooters. I am not *that* old but I am old enough to notice I can no longer work with them so just compromise/settle for static placement and do very little movement as a result and any movement I do is very jerky and unsmooth even when I am moving it smoothly etc. So can the cameras also be "quicky and easy" like the rest of muvizu is LOL
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