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2014/7/2 14:45:02
when i convert to ase all your models require at least material associated to it.
if you have textures put them all in the same folder as the model and make sure to associate your materials with the texture.

These are generic errors and its probably something your software is doing that your not understanding or realizing. FBX is not really that hard its simply that its using a particular version of autodesk fbx from a particular year and if you dont have the proper exporter it doesnt do the job properly. If your having luck with fbx which is more standardized I would stick with that.

Also when making objects make sure all the mesh is one continuous mesh and not still in parts as often when we model we do it in parts and then join it later especially if its something that will be animated. You can try sketchup and look for the exporter but you will have to download an outdated version of it
2014/6/30 15:42:53
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? i will make one very soon sorry i was going to make one this weekend but was out all weekend anyhow one is coming I just have to sit down and do it. I decided to make it a two parter and show people how to make something low polygon and have it not look low polygon since everyone is posting about the blockiness of their models which can be cured by using normal maps and not increasing polygon count. So I figured I would kill two birds with one stone.
2014/6/28 2:30:03
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? lol I will have to make a video I think. I will also do something in the wiki. Probably do the video this weekend using that fork or make a little lamp or something. It will just be all the mechanical settings as this is unique to muvizu really. There are other ways to deal with it in unreal engine as it has an onboard editor allowing you to add things after import.
2014/6/28 0:59:53
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? I hesitate to update this because I dont think your gonna like what I found out .. but for future referance and so people know for the time being the newest fbx exporter which was updated to support now binary and ascii formats is not able to create an ascii file that exports maps.

However the exporter does export the maps perfectly everytime in Binary format.
Unfortunately muvizu only supports the Ascii right now.
Perhaps the newest release of muvizu will support the binary I guess I will ask when its released

okay so i found a work around after about 3 hours of farting around

first you have to build in colission into the model it won't work without it
then export the file in binary format which is configured after autodesk 2013 which is not compatible with unreal 3.
Then if you download this converter
Make sure to save everything the same name in a new folder or the collision wont work and you wont be able to import the object

Choose binary or ascii autodesk fbx 2011 as the destination file format
as the muvizu is using autodesk 2011 the blender fbx exporter ascii was an older version of autodesk which was only partially usable in muvizu

then you get all your map layers

I will probably put this in the wiki as its pretty convoluted and you need to choose certain material configurations as well.
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2014/6/26 18:57:21
MODEL ERROR That is flipped faces so flip em outwards yeah if you want an inside you will need to make a second layer and looking at the configuration this is fbx so you will need to flip all the faces facing outwards.

cinema 4d will have a way to show which way faces are facing turn that on and go from there.
2014/6/26 15:34:43
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Oh thank goodness.

I have been using the most recent releases and had no joy so far. Its annoying it should be working but is not. It was giving me no joy in 2.7 or 2.69 and I am not a coder I never test their test builds really I just want what comes out the other end Big Grin

Everything on the gallery now i had to actually optimize outside of blender.

I will download it and take a peak!

If it does then I will make a new muvizu video on how to set it up because most people here only want the mechanical stuff they dont want all the other stuff. I can understand this and so have no problems showing this to people if it helps them make videos at the end of the day their purpose to use blender is just to get objects into muvizu not to become modellers. Myself I knew how to use blender before I picked up any of these real time engines, but with play + people only really want to make the movie.
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2014/6/25 22:50:17
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? I still get no normal or spec map on this fork when exporting directly from blender to muvizu. This fork in on the gallery and I ran through iclone 3dexchange to get the maps on in this case. There are is no information on the internet on how to get the normal maps to stick however i can export it as an obj file and get my normal maps to stick in iclone. Likewise I cannot get the maps to stick on an fbx export from blender to iclone or blender to the UDK environment.

So I am unsure how this is working? It would be nice to solve this problem I have spent a year looking for answers and have concluded that in fact there are none. Or I am a moron either way in light of the amount of questions I have answered maybe I can get some help? /begs

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2014/6/25 20:45:37
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? I know how to make a normal map I was asking you how you got the map from blender to play + as everything I tried didnt work I had to use maya to get the map into muvizu.

If you can tell me how so i can stop using maya? (i hate maya with a passion)

reread what i wrote ?
if you look in the gallery you will see i have added asset with normal maps
I said blender fbx does not seem to work to import normal maps into muvizu i have to use other software. I was hoping you had a secret that no one else had and that I had not discovered myself

if so please share? because i spent a very long time researching blender and its ability to put normal maps onto files outside of blender the conclusion I came to was you can't because their fbx exporter does not support that ability.

Edit: i just checked the repository again and as far as i can tell the fbx blender exporter still does not support normal maps properly. So if anyone knows differently and can explain it then it would be appreciated because so far after working since the release of play + I have not found a way to move normal maps straight from blender to muvizu play+ or any other map either only textures. As far as I can tell this has not changed.

please read these old threads below. If i am wrong please can you give the correct information as the only evidence I can find is that in fact the blender fbx exporter still does not support normal map or specular map export because it was designed to work with the udk bare bones editor which has its own support for normal map importing. So the only way I found was to use some other piece of software to add the maps.



i have been through about 10 tutorials now and they all say the same thing "it doesnt work for normal maps" and they dont import them they import them seperately afterwards I was hoping something had changed but i just tried it again and no the normal maps are not importing. So if there is something you know that can help can you please share it? I have been giving people instructions on how to use blender with muvizu for a long time. I have not found a way to help them with this.

those were the most promising of the videos unfortunately neither of them actually import the textures because they say it doesn't work? is there another exporter somewhere maybe? lol because really i have tried and found no answer so if you have the answer please share it
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2014/6/25 14:18:31
model question We had a model upload and it was recently removed like just recently. I think part of the reason was a lot of people were starting to put up copyrighted stuff but I am not sure.
2014/6/25 14:13:37
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? ah okay I havn't checked in awhile because I use other stuff as well, but i like to support the blender cause and always have its software works better in many cases then the stuff that cost thousands. I did try it in 1.69 when it first came out and at that time the exporter was not letting me export normal maps and nothing i searched out said otherwise but I found lots of complaints on the blender forums asking for this feature. I know they started working with valve awhile ago and the hopes were that they would add this feature to the fbx exporter.

I just want to check on this was this written when normal maps were possible in muvizu?

because i was using the current releases and fbx exporter at the time and muvizu was not interpreting that a normal map was even there. I had to resort to a commercial package. If it was can you tell us how you got normal maps into muvizu from blender perhaps? because nothing I tried work it just stripped it from the model.
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2014/6/24 18:49:36
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? glad you got it to work *cough* i dont use blender for fbx in muvizu lol I did try it though but i wanted to get normal maps and other things on which blender won't do ... but like i said i did try it. If i am not adding a normal map and just using plain textures I think I used blender for my fbx attachements in my strange purple butter battle video.

I prefer to use blender because i like the ui better (yup that's right I prefer blender set up way much better) so I am hoping that these normal map issues etc are solved in the next big summer release otherwise I guess I will bend to the will of the commercial market..
2014/6/23 20:18:18
Coming Soon... i think the one on the right is a puffer fish i am unsure what the one on the far left, but I guess fazz has figured out transparency and is now putting it to use Big Grin
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2014/6/23 14:37:04
FBX not smooth lol just had this conversation in another thread but here are pictures if your trying to figure it out Big Grin

2014/6/22 21:53:52
hello, new here oh my you have been busy. Your doing some serious "muvizu grinding" and it looks awesome!
2014/6/22 21:53:10
Transparacy Issue? the modifier? that one?

when you add it until you hit apply the effect is native to blender only if you want it to be present outside of blender you need to hit apply, but then you cant undo what you did after that so be sure to make a second copy and move it to another layer and apply the modifier there and keep the original unmodified copy intact.

study those pictures well i keep having to clean out that photo bucket account as its almost at capacity so they wont be there forever
2014/6/22 19:52:15
Transparacy Issue? here is the smooth modifiers but i would not use them until i looked at my vertex count

again use in object mode to apply it you need to add the modifier and edit it in edit mode

2014/6/22 16:34:47
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling he was just looking for a mesh basic model copy to build his assets on. Its quite common for companies to release the basic model (especially the head) for creators to build their clothing around along with a white paper. This is all that was asked for

edit: *waits for render engine patiently* I hope it has a blender plugin is all i have to say I think you will get lots of takers as some of us are blender "fanbois" (okay well I am, but there are other like me out there who pay money to blender foundation to keep them developing their stuffs)
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2014/6/22 16:31:55
Transparacy Issue? ase is roundy yes this is the way ase works fbx is more accurate

you will need to use smooth and add normal maps if you want those edges to go away basically fbx is being more accurate about it all. So that is normal. Fazz got transparency to work as well he figured it out last night you will need to add smooth modifiers and other things in blender but watch your vertex count. However if you use the set to smooth shading it does help a bit

here is smooth shading you can try that it gets rid of some of it use it in object mode

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2014/6/22 0:02:46
Transparacy Issue? for ase? you need to create an alpha layer mask for the transparent areas this can only be done with a proper tga texture you create an alpha mask for the areas you want to be transparent ..

or in fbx you use materials you would assign a material one for the helmet part and a second for the visor part and use transparency sliders

Personally because its a visor you dont want it completely transparent so i would go with the fbx method the ase method is really only good for trees and the like where you need a truly invisible area
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2014/6/21 18:22:08
muvizu figure template ideas for use in modeling I have asked and so have others for models. Just the basic ones for building props on them etc but we have never gotten an answer so basically that means "no"
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