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2014/4/24 20:49:00
Hello Everyone! whatever solution is introduced your going to have this issue even with other softwares because you will need to extend things and change animations.

In order to mitigate this you should have copies of your sets laid out and save them as you do the dialogue so that if you need to go back and rerender for any multitude of reasons you still have the set with the dialogue attached. Unfortunately I can't think of any situation where if i change the dialogue I would not have to rerender and adjust things. Even in live action situation you would need to redo the scene.

So for these issues as you do your scenes and dialogue save out the set with a number beside it and then move onto the next bit and save out another copy of the set with the next number .
2014/4/24 17:33:31
New experimental video i see them everytime lol i am using chrome are you sure its not your geolocation?
next time before you delete leave it on your account and see if its visible by some of us because i suspect they are being purposefully blocked. If you keep bypassing your going to get a copyright strike and loose your youtube account which can be ... inconvenient.
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2014/4/23 18:44:02
Beware of "AntiGravity" InsaneHamster wrote:
If anything else, this has been a very entertaining thread.
Just goes to show you how tight a group Muvizu community is.
To bad he decided that he doesn't like to be part of a community.

Lucky for me I rely on my good looks to get me by and not my animation skills.
I was putting this thru a text to speech program but had to stop cuz I was ready
To shoot myself listening to it.
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just imagine the 'dislike' power we could harness if we wanted to 'stoop' anyhow ...


so I hate text to speech but since this topic came up I will post this because I actually wanted to give this software a whirl
it seems to work for some things


its for music production though I played with it..
it works but it has an issue with tempo if i were richer I would purchase it and do things with it
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2014/4/23 18:16:21
Just One Piece Competition So far I got nothing.. I guess recycling does not inspire me or something.. anyhow few more days to think of something. Also finally we can go outside so after many months stuck under many feet of snow I am outside getting some sun for a change and getting rid of the cabin fever (plus I am having a new pc built so nothing much happening until i get my shiny new pc!)
2014/4/22 17:44:24
Beware of "AntiGravity" for the record i do not believe this other sirshitlots or whatever is the same person for one thing they are from different countries. Antigravity is most definately him its obvious the comments are the same and the targets are the same. Not to mention the personal gmails and threats a few have gotten. I tend to ignore trolls I get plenty on youtube there are lots. I put him on ignore after I read that someone was getting email threats. I draw the line at personal threats myself before that I had just let his comments be. I could not care less what people say in many cases. I do movie making for fun and considering i am doing it out of my own pocket I feel I do a pretty decent job warts and all. I am not makiing AAA block busters I am trying to express myself artistically. I dont say negative things towards other people's thing because i feel that they have a right to express themselves as well even if they do make nazi pron (and yes I am a jew.. ) unfotunately not everyone thinks the way I do.

When the death threats started then the block went on. The guy is simply jealous pure and simple. Anyhow its over for all I care if i see someone pop up with the same M.O. I will be blocking em otherwise others can troll me all they like just dont start threatening people with bodily harm then you have crossed the line..

I do ascribe to toonarama's philosophy though if you want to tear me apart you better be creating masterpieces 100% of the time. I do not believe in tearing anyone down though its counter productive and usually does more harm then good. I also live in the world of "if you can't say anything nice dont say anything at all". So if there is something i can't say something positive about I dont do anything i just .. say nothing. Its not that hard really to just say good stuff about stuff you think is good and just not comment on the rest. Some people do feel their stuff is pure genius who am i to come in and tell em it is not. /shrug
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2014/4/22 1:40:33
Beware of "AntiGravity" lol I blocked that google page when i blocked his comment on my videos so not seeing it anymore I guess he created the google page when people were blocking him on youtube but since i am slow and did not pick up on his comments right away I got to block everything.

Oooh nelly is all I can say right now
2014/4/21 21:55:33
Beware of "AntiGravity" antigravity/sovrasoul etc etc that dude with his rubber room antics
2014/4/21 21:04:28
test yeah actually i keep wanting to hit a like button I have been using forums with like buttons

so *LIKE*

I am funnelling stuff as well on me website same idea just off of youtube I have a few people I need to add still but since I insist on making graphics and stuff and was considering making a little write up about the various people for my "wordy bits" i am slow

anyhow Like that jelly monster photo lol dont get too close!
2014/4/21 19:51:18
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:
He left this comment on my YouTube channel
"You are such as genius with Muvizu. You really know how to insult people really well on the internet too. Thumbs Up Dude"

I think he's a great guy!


I wish I had his level of cognitive dissonance when I did something wrong I would have much less grey hair and not be apologizing to walls out of reflex as I bumped into them as a rounded a corner at work too quickly. Big Grin

Really I feel embarassed for people at times and this is one of those times.
2014/4/21 18:28:49
Beware of "AntiGravity" yeah we got a live one with that dude its unfortunate that these types exist. I commented on his comments on fazz's channel yesterday and I guess he deleted em I asked him if he had anything better to do then to create sock puppet accounts to troll youtubers.

anyhow peterlong/sourvarsoul and antigravity are the same person I am sure he will pop up again over time as someone else. His kind needs someone to hate or life just isnt complete. Its unfortunate but on youtube life is not complete without at least one dedicated "hater" we all get em I have two

-one who hates landmark because they hate soe so everytime I post about that game its like there for 5 seconds and it gets disliked
-now I guess we have inherited a muvizu hater who must must must take his anger out at muvizu on the users.

Even though it was not us that moderated his videos we tried to explain it to him and he would just not accept that muvizu site is muvizu's site you know since they pay the bills and all its only fitting when we are in muvizu's house we live by muvivzu's rules.

But then I am a painfully polite and square and proper and typically canadian who apologizes to a wall I bump into out of reflex so.. I can't fathom getting mad at someone for much of anything ..

anyhow pay it no mind just let him tire himself out he will go away when he gets borred its a long weekend andI think he is fairly young (at least i would be horrified to find out he was my age .. ) and has little parental guidance from his behaviour oh my he is 59.

fyi this is the youtube account he used here

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2014/4/20 22:22:55
The Copyright people are out of control! here adding this now i can't find the really juicy articles I read at the time this started to happen but this has happened with music as well

There are a lot of valid content ID matches and copyright claims but there are a lot of invalid ones as well. Youtube takes it upon itself at times to act (even though the copyright holder has issues written permission) to systematically remove things in giant swathes across their platform. Although I am against people using copyrighted anything without asking permission first its common knowledge that the bulk of companies out there in fact encourage use of their material for marketting purposes.

Anyhow I could only find the gaming fiasco that hit in the new year but there was about one month later a similar one relating to fan made videos revolving around popular songs.

2014/4/20 17:24:49
New experimental video nice effect although I must admit the chorus was my favourite part of the video dont shoot me. I enjoy silly a lot
2014/4/20 17:21:50
Star Child from the Constellation haha this is cute nice work and good luck with your presentation
2014/4/19 20:46:58
Coming Soon... cheezefest 2014 Big Grin
2014/4/19 17:55:32
Coming Soon... yes a new slew of videos has begun

*dusts off me superman sets*
2014/4/18 19:56:45
I am unable to download muvizu in any wi-fi place I would not use wifi to download honestly I dont know if the bandwidth is consistent enough not to mention wifi is expensive and tis a large package

find a hard connection to the internet broadband is preferable

you can try to download the light version of it without the assets on wifi but honestly wifi is not a good way to download software
2014/4/18 19:04:28
Anyone have this walking animation glitch? I dont think its fixed I dont often experience it but others seem to do so a lot perhaps they have an internal build (sometimes they do have one not released yet) it might be fixed contact them and ask if they have a build with this fixed

fair warning sometimes there are other bugs in the internal build

2014/4/18 17:36:12
Keep Getting shot down. Dreeko wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
. I hope they ban your IP.

Looks like they already have as I can't click on his user name any more.

Oh well, no more Nazi porn then it seems.. Sigh
edited by Dreeko on 18/04/2014

us jews especially the female ones have an extra special affinity to Nazi Porn
2014/4/18 17:15:55
The Copyright people are out of control! ukBerty wrote:
Are we blaming YouTube unnecessarily here ?

Surely it's the copyright holders that are making YouTube block things - YouTube themselves would probably not want to bother.

There are plenty of other reasons to move from YouTube though.....

there are cases where companies are allowing it but youtube is doing it "on behalf" of holders there was an article on it awhile back and a few companies came at youtube with guns a blazing because they in fact like the free marketting their products get as a result of the fan made stuff. In the case of actualy songs this might not be the case you have to look at who is claiming it. However in this new age of the interwebs in fact most companies including the large music conglomerates want this stuff to stay up on youtube so they can get some pennies off its use.

There was a slew of takedowns youtube just did about 3 months back that enraged the actual copyright holders as they didnt want their stuff taken down lol. This prompted a bunch of articles on the subject if you do some google searches. There are a lot of legitimate ones though. If you use copyright music though your not safe no matter what you think even if you acknowledge it etc you might turn around one day to find your youtube account gone. A good portion of the time though its youtube doing a kneejerk reaction and coding new bot stuff. Youtube gets sued up the ying yang lol they are like always in court though so I can understand their um approach. The moral of the story is though just dont use copyright music (even then your not safe lol but you minimize the risk)
2014/4/18 17:03:07
The Copyright people are out of control! hehe just remember its youtube doing this mostly not the copyright holders half the time they are unaware so remember to get mad at the right person Big Grin
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