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2014/1/17 23:34:59
Coming Soon... yup that is what I will be doing clearing the room
2014/1/17 23:12:53
Coming Soon... lol I bet we will both release our insanity at the same time too. I dont quite know how mine will turn out suffice it to say I am about to start writing a wee song that I will in fact sing which is enough to make anyone run for the hills but.. for this .. it must be done.
2014/1/17 20:29:01
Coming Soon... well I think I am ready to start doing the animation bits and whatnot .. here is the cast mostly of my next video

2014/1/17 18:17:10
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Put in a support ticket this is a mystery problem for them which sometimes gets fixed and sometimes not they sent me a link to a download that worked. (for me)

2014/1/16 21:56:24
fbx chatters 'n' skitters Your welcome most of the collision info is in there already. I only started playing with collision "for reals" at christmas so this was my finding that for whatever reason for fbx its this way. It was not previously like this when I was using only the ASE I could move my pivot point/origin and place collision in odd places and it would not affect the object in the same way.

I am unsure if this will change or not and we will be able to place the origin/pivot point elsewhere on the object.
2014/1/16 17:58:46
fbx chatters 'n' skitters put the origin at the center of mass of the object then you will have minimal jitter. With FBX I am finding you need to put the collision and origin in the same place and it works best at the center of the object or center of mass.

Also ensure the collission areas are large enough and depending on the object design you may need to add several collision areas.
2014/1/15 17:38:35
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? When people ask for input on what type of pc usually most of us are very quiet. There is a reason for this we dont want people to get angry if they purchase something on our recommendations and they dont like it. Myself I tell everyone to stay away from laptops when working with applications like muvizu because its actually pretty hard on them unless its something built for this purpose a custom laptop. Basically anything on the market that is actually new will run muvizu you will have to worry about the graphics card mostly and for this issue you will have to ask the people in the store.

How well it runs muvizu depends on what is inside the machine and since there are two million different possible combinations and permutations its very hard for most of us. Personally since I am cheap and want a lot of power still I avoid laptops like the plague unless its for wordprocessing or something because I would never buy a laptop off the shelf and expect it to run muvizu for any length of time and to my satisfaction because I know that I am pushing it to hard and its likely only going to last me a few months.

Anyhow for what its worth print out the information on the wiki and go into a store with it and talk to the techie there he will show you which laptop it will work on. If you were looking for a pc I would say any pc built for gaming is your best bet but there will be differences in performance based on what is inside the pc.

unreal engine prefers certain things - in the graphics area its nvidia graphics cards aside from that not much else to say really
2014/1/14 23:10:51
Hiding bottom mouse tooltips. You can use the generate a targa image the quality will be better as well. Under the make video is an option to use make a targa sequence you can then run of a 0.5 second clip and get a set of images that way and pick the one you like best and delete the rest.
2014/1/14 1:26:23
1st attempt haha that was pretty cute actually errm top clogging or highland dancing or riverdance not sure which i dont know enough about it to know the difference

We got lots of Riverdance around here in canada land.

although i guess its not riverdance your doing in scotland .....
2014/1/14 0:28:00
another new start checking in.... glad you got it to work yeah we dont all use the same software but most of the problems are universal and looks like you got yourself a copy from the sale so your all set and good to go. Happy creating
2014/1/13 14:35:17
UK Gov investigate YouTube Vid Ratings Yeah they are going to start using neilson ratings on videos. I dont think that is going to affect us "little people" this is an attempt to start to mush together tv and the internet and make televisioninterwebs which is something that was innevitable with the invention of smart tv's etc etc.

Youtube stopped being about cute kitten videos awhile back yes there are lots still but since there are a great many tv networks and various production studios now releasing polished web series they are now taking the next step in their minds

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2014/1/12 21:40:15
another new start checking in.... sounds like they are not uvmapped i dont use sketchup but from what i understand uvmapping is an addon or something. Anyhow this is likely the step your missing.
2014/1/11 16:47:38
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
hey welcome back woztoons long time no see @artpen just lately ive been using a bit of everything. the ferengi stuff was done with sculptris and blender. urbanlamb gave me some blender coaching over the christmas period and its finally sunk into my brain after god knows how many times ive tried to learn it Big Grin

rolf it takes my simple mind to remove the mystery of blender. Anyhow glad you got a grasp of it truly its a great tool its not perfect but its getting more and more financial backing and they are encorporating it into the valve community which runs on unreal engine (i suspect this is as a result of the source film maker stuff). I find it nice to be able to just make the object in blender and export it all set up and ready for muvizu. The only thing you cant do is add things like normal maps but that may come as a result of the two devs they hired specifically to work on stuff for the valve community.

Anyhow like your ferengi's
2014/1/10 17:18:13
Urban Lamb? the unreal has a default unit, but muvizu may have changed it

I think that they have changed the unit so you will have to make your own scale. The only one who will know is the guy who picked it inside digimania in the first place.

Also apologies from canada land. Its based on a 3dsmax unit but its a set unit that they set arbitrarily to suit themselves however this unit is changable. From what I have seen inside muvizu its been recently changed. If I type say in 1.2 it takes up several notches there is more 1.2 if you click so the scaling has been changed to something I know not what it is but you can blame them scots for that piece Big Grin

I should also add and edit in again as I write this that 3dsmax and Maya are not completely interchangeable.

Alsy Dylly about the only successful way to scale things in something like muvizu is to take out an avatar and pick a size (I pick 20% or sometimes 25%) and shuttle him around the set to size up stuff. To get an illusion of "far awayness" scale things down at the edges of the dome and make streets so that the buildings gradually angle inwards as they reach the edge of the dome. I have built a few sets like this but muvizu is more of a canvass that when you build on it you kinda do like the artist does and stands back and look and adjust using the eyeball. If your going for geometrically exact you will drive yourself mad in muvizu. You kind of need to apply the principle of set building and drawing and not worry about architecture and stuff you worry about foreground, midground and background for the benefit of the camera. (although it would be cool if we could have a way of lining things up better using a system of integers) In the end probably you need to apply the principles of set building more and ignore real life a bit

It will probably horrify you to find out I dont use anything other then my eyeball when building a muvizu set and worry about what my camera will see in front of the character and behind the character and build the center of the set first unless I am including multiple sets in one I will then add detail in those areas but the set is designed for several scenes and I delete parts of my set when I actually use it. I like to build one master set so make things a bit more seamless but I dont use the set that way
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2014/1/9 18:56:56
Muvizu Artist Needed for Commercial Use Hi I responded to your message but I will post here so no one assumes that I have sent an offer. I unfortunately dont have time and no longer do this type of work proffessionally due to time constraints. So hopefully someone can help this lady with her request.

(I feel horrible i have had to turn down a lot lately )
2014/1/9 17:44:52
Change clothes colors deedee23 wrote:
Thanks! You helped me with adding a graphic to the t-shirt. Which was quite easy. The thing is, when I add a graphic, it is outlined with a box. I've added an image so you can see what I mean. It's even more noticeable with darker colors. How do you blend it in so the outline of the box doesn't show? Maybe this is something that can be done in Photoshop? I'm using CorelDraw.

You have this ability in corel draw. If you cant figure how you can crop it in your windows paint. I have used corel packages for a long time before I switched to photoshop as a result if having a friend who worked for Corel in Ottawa I got all their stuff before it was officially released.

Anyhow there is a crop and trim type feature inside this software as well. Use *.png and stay away from jpeg as jpeg has the worse issues. you can make your backgrounds dransparent if you like as well and just import the image and then you can match your backgrounds exatly. However in each example your showing your importing it with a border that corel includes unless you tell it not to

just crop the image and re-import it should work
2014/1/8 3:10:26
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
now ziggy can add a guy with a sandwich board "the end of the world is neigh" a suggestion i made awhile back cause i am a bit odd :P

You were saying?... Big Grin

Yeah for some reason i feel that scene at the prison must have a doomsayer hobo type predicting the end of the world

It just would not be complete with one camping out there picketing .. Big Grin
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2014/1/7 1:44:55
Coming Soon... haha oh my is that a bat on his head is he going to launch. Big Grin

I have always thought wolverine's hair was rather outrageous now this just confirms it. I am sure he can slay a few of those doll man thingies
2014/1/7 0:09:27
Useful article - 30 basis camera shots I do a lot of over the shoulder shots. The zoom inside muvizu is still pretty jittery so kinda have to avoid that one unfortunately as I am a fan of zooming

They left out extreme close up but i find often in these real time engines it kinda shows the weakness of mid/low polygon models so tend to avoid them at all costs

Its a good article though give an idea of how to get some variety in your scenes
2014/1/6 21:09:49
Christmas Competition winners announced! Just a fair warning to any blob parents .. Dont feed em doughnuts ever and never ever feed a muvizu blobby after midnight. Also they hate soap
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