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2014/1/6 17:07:25
Christmas Competition winners announced! congrats

(I tried to enter but my uploaded video never made it into the gallery ^^)
2014/1/6 17:00:48
Probelm In Making Video aaah i am using that bugs email I bet you never got my set filled with bugs
2014/1/5 23:46:04
9 seconds of old joke... fazz68 wrote:
you dont need the brackets, just the url as if you are posting a normal link.

yeah just paste the link nothing fancy it will pull up the video from youtube
2014/1/5 5:27:15
Coming Soon... haha yeah I did it very quickly and didnt focus it well

I tried to make the cannon wearable by the doggie but it was too small so I have to animate it moving with him ..

These ears are funny but the others were just stucking out like a sore thumb .. that tall thingy is a triple butter slinger shot. I will leave it at that as I work away at this wierdness. Hopefully it all works out. Muvizu is not liking what I am doing with it but so far has not given up. I am working on some indoor sets now and some hats I need to complete the props needed to tell the story
2014/1/5 0:50:51
Coming Soon...
2014/1/4 17:49:43
Probelm In Making Video nbharathkumara wrote:
so atleast any of the programmers and engineers, who build this software can fix that bug right, so why are they not doing it even after they came to know about this problem

They fix everything its just a matter of priority and at the moment its still holidays for em.

muvizu doesn't come with any fancy codecs because it would mean they would have to pay a license fee per copy used which would have to be passed on to us. Pretty much there is only one other default option available anyhow the rest we need to find and install on our own. I dont even know if its been reported as a bug perhaps email them at bugs@muvizu.com. I myself only just discovered it.
2014/1/4 6:07:53
Change the font? the 3d text is not usually mesh objects in those programs this is the difference. If this is what your speaking of the huge 3d letters?

you can use a backdrop and import a texture with words on them in any font you choose but most softwares I can think of dont actually have stocked 3d assets in 20 or 30 or more different font styles. If you want you can create your own 3d text inside blender which allows you to import any TTF you want you use the text system which is built on pathing create the text in the size you choose and then choose the option to convert the text into a mesh object . This you can import into muvizu. I dont know if sketchup has anything similar, but the difference in those softwares is that they aren't actually tangible assets.

I dont know practically speaking how muvizu could implement such a feature without incorporating software like blender or maya or something into it and creating a back end given its a game engine with tangible full 3D mesh assets that you import into it or that are stocked by them using the same methods we use to create or own.

sorry I dont even think the base udk engine has such a system they do have a vegetation system but its based on sprites, particles and primitive shapes and sets of textures.
2014/1/4 3:50:15
Probelm In Making Video yes they only offer uncompressed codec and targa and there does appear to be some bug (in 64 bit version anyhow) that wont let your installed codecs work. As I usually use an internal codec for quick renders to see what things look like but muvizu is not picking up any codecs on my pc. So at the moment your limited to uncompressed and targa sequence.
2014/1/4 3:48:05
Please allow me to introduce myself hello and welcome and hope you enjoy muvizu
2014/1/4 3:47:45
Change the font? hello they have only one font inside muvizu if this is what you mean the 3d letters ? They are mesh letters it would be a bit hard on them to add letters for every possible font.
2014/1/3 23:39:17
Coming Soon... oh god that is aweful and I mean that in the most sincerest of ways ^^

Big Grin
2014/1/3 18:22:13
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

creepy doll head dude mk2. i think hes ready for some evil dead action now Big Grin

rofl cross eyes baby okay yeah that just about does it I assume he will be holding a chain saw or something
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2014/1/3 4:30:53
Coming Soon... yes not a ton of hair just a little tuft. We can put our own eyes on the characters but because they have no pupil etc and are not animated we cant make em blink or anything much i guess (haven't tried its just eyes are a bit complicated)

I am working on my next blockbuster (thankfully my sets are not crashing so far.. course now that i said it..)

my stuff is not so scary though more "cute" (trying to decide if i should make new ears .. maybe too many polka dots)

2014/1/3 4:01:19
Coming Soon... oi why does chucky come to mind with this one lol

I think its better with a little tuft of hair. the top one with the eyes is more creepy but if you use the eyes with no lids from muvizu you might achieve the same effect but have a bit of movement.

that doll is horrifically wierd lol

2014/1/2 18:13:28
CREATE A CITY IN MUVIZU you might want to start with the basic tutorials
and then try the wiki on modelling


2014/1/1 4:36:55
Coming Soon... now ziggy can add a guy with a sandwich board "the end of the world is neigh" a suggestion i made awhile back cause i am a bit odd :P
2013/12/30 22:06:08
Mini-Series seems the op removed his post..
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2013/12/26 23:28:57
Live! from E.V.I.L. (2014 Promo 1) nice trailer looks great.
2013/12/26 23:27:58
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2013 rofl enjoyed your new ending
2013/12/25 19:18:06
Play+ - Hand Attachements just sticking this link in it was from a link on the first page about the hand positions

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