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2013/9/4 16:38:33
Camera Cuts Dreeko wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Can I ask what it is about the Timeline that makes you get up and walk away from the PC in such furor?

Chronoslineaphobia - The fear of tmelines
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lol unfortunately its just muvizu's timelines that make me get up and run away..

anyhow its just a lot of timelines I keep seeing the same comment from new users and because i am such a "simple person" i understand their comments when they say "it just disappeared" I know what they mean

its because it really did disappear. Its still there but the timeline they were working with just spontaneously closed on them for no reason so "it disappeared" it should not disappear it should be a good timeline and stay put

anyhow these two things the prepare/direct and the incredible disappearing timelines is two things I have come to get used to. Its just when you see comments revolving around the same issue over and over again you figure its likely a problem area.

I dont really know how to fix the prepare/direct issue as its just so odd haha. If the words were changed to make someone see they are actually in prepare or direct it would be okay its just the button its one word and it just says "prepare" and "direct" your eyes are glued to that and its actually "bass ackwards"

As for the timeline it just keeps closing and I keep having to re-open it. I dont use the little timelines I just use the giant timeline but I want it to stay where I put it and not just close on me everytime I click some feature. Anyhow I haven't quoted all the posts sorry just seeing this as I login. Must go now for me its fine (well fine enough to work with i dont do perfection we live in an imperfect world I long ago realized that was a waste of my time to worry about hehe) I just pointed these out as the eleventy seventyith user posted the same muvizu idiosyncrasies and "it just disappeared" comment

just waiting for that texture bug that i saw that fazz just pointed out now again to be solved cause its also making people bald
2013/9/3 17:37:37
Camera Cuts Lev_Dynamite wrote:

These filter settings should be remembered across different Timelines as well, so you shouldn't need to re-click them all the time or anything. This should allow you to make any of the "Directing" Timelines resemble the "big" Timeline, and you can add things and remove things to suit as you go along. Surely this current system is more sensible than having one big Timeline open all the time, or having two Timelines open and taking up unnecessary screen real estate while Directing, as I think you are suggesting we should do...? Again, apologies if I'm misunderstanding! Just yank the choke-chain and correct me if I am picking you up wrong here!

muvizu has always has the giant timeline and all these secondary timelines at least in each incarnation i have used.

I simply said it would be far less confusing if we had one giant timeline (which we already have) and get rid of all these little timelines. I am not speaking of filtering which is fine and any other work. Your correct I hated that particular version of the one giant timeline because it was a mess and unusable and made it so i was sifting through hundreds of things and it would take me an hour to set up the timeline to what i needed and then it would all be back again when i saved and re-opened the set and work. So yes that was horrible i spent days on a single short scene less then a minute due to that timline but i was determined to create something anything. I then tore my hair out and moved on.
Anyhow i dont want you to change your present giant timeline i just see people and i can see them obviously mixed up because the words are the same they are working on the timeline which isn't really the giant timeline its some other timeline and then the stuff suddenly disappears. Its disappearing beacuse that timeline they were using is going poof and they dont know that its not the giant timeline because they look identical. I did this a few times as well and for some reason its worse now then before with the changes not sure why

My method of coping with this secondary extraneous timeline is to simply not use it or look at it because it seems to confuse the issue especially if your like me and are forced to walk away from the pc every 20 minutes to do something else. So I just ignore it and do my work whatever it is the animation movements or camera cuts and just immediately close it down and open up the "real timeline" which is one giant timeline and work in there. I guess i dont understand why it can't remain open why its shutting without me telling it to shut and being replaced with something that looks identical to it but is not the same thing. Its like the prepare/direct button i have to say to myself out loud at times 'okay im in direct because i see prepare'. Maybe its because i am like old or something but when i have to talk to myself to make myself not repeat the same error over and over again its because the software is misleading me into seeing something else. Hence the word "counter intuititive".

I just gave the guy the same advice that I give me ignore the little timelines and just work with the giant timeline and if you see prepare it means your in direct usually and if you see direct it means your in prepare.

Anyhow since basically i am telling everyone to ignore these other timlines and just use the one giant timeline it says to me "why dont we just have one giant timeline" lol.

anyhow sorry its just your telling me that i not doing something right and dont like something when i do and that i am saying something that i am not saying when I have repeatedly said that this new stuff is way better and I can finally switch to the muvizu play. Unfortunately and dont take this the wrong way I started working on a set a few days ago and I opened it up and found that bug error so I can't work in muvizu play right now until this set bug is fixed so hopefully its fixed soon
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2013/9/3 0:44:43
error loading scene , file is an unknown format
  • this is a bug with the files you might want to send the set to bugs@muvizu.com although if you are in a hurry i would suggest either rebuilding the set or using the copy of muvizu it worked in until they answer

  • i have a muvizu beta version only and I think that if you saved the set in present muvizu play nothing will get it to work also they arent backward compatible

  • here is the beta version of muvizu
  • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69789825/MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.11.19.01R_x64.exe

  • also what is it with all these dots..

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    2013/9/3 0:44:13
    computer shuts off does your pc meet minimum requirements?

    here are the specs if so post them here in the thread and someone can help you in the morning its night time afterwork time in the UK where they are based just us westerners or night owls online now

    2013/9/3 0:39:08
    Car Scene super nice work I truly hate making vehicles not sure why always not enjoyed it. I think my train and truck will be the only ones I will add for awhile. Still would be nice to have some nice driving poses just a couple you know so we can have a round steering wheel hehe. Looks good though no one is gonna see that wheel problem anyhow.

    keep up the good works!
    2013/9/2 18:27:41
    Camera Cuts Lev_Dynamite wrote:
    urbanlamb wrote:
    *cough* I have pointed out both issues to muvizu a few times that people likely will become confused by all the timelines and likely should change something there and remove the seperate timelines and have just one giant timeline
    We did have one giant Timeline when Muvizu first became Muvizu:Play, and you hated it because you (yes, you in particular!) felt that the size of the Timeline slowed performance down a considerable amount. Because we love you (yes, you in particular!) and listen to our users and want to make you all happy, we changed it to have separate Timelines focusing on each particular task that you can perform, with filters there to add the blocks for other tasks if you want to add them. I personally find the separate Timelines can be a little bit fiddly on first run of any set, but once you toggle your filters to suit you then it works great! Timeline filters are very underused but very powerful tools, IMO!

    no you didnt hehe you had a seperate timeline for each thing like now and then one giant timeline one top of it that lumped everything in. i am speaking of the custom timelines that pop up as you do the dialogue or camera movements etc etc and then the main giant timeline. You still have a giant timeline and I would have that open and mix it up with the timeline that occured with the camera movement or shush/talk etc etc. The present giant timeline is great. Its the seperate timelines which appear on top of that present giant timeline that tend to mix people up

    here i will post a screeny I was not speaking of the mess you guys produced at launch anyhow you guys need to get a little less offended when I post people say they want constructive criticism but this guy is having trouble because of the seperate timelines that pop up aside from the one giant timeline that is produced. I know others have commented on it as well

    when i hit say camera cuts the giant timline which i love and had wanted to see at launch instead of that chaos we had disappears and a seperate timeline for the camera cuts pops up. So no you dont have one giant timeline you have a whole bunch of littile timelines PLUS the one giant timeline. There is also no way to pin that giant timeline I tried no matter what I do the timeline closes the minute i start working with something like say camera cuts.

    I have no issue with the present gaint timeline I like it and have said as much!

    now if you would just delete all those little timelines they serve no real purpose really and we had just that one giant timeline it would be great.
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    2013/9/2 18:12:38
    Important! Please help! you need to select the character and add him to favourites it should save make sure you are looking at the correct character type when tryint to retrieve him. So if its a beefy character you customized select beefy and then create him and then click on him and look at the favourites list and click on the character and it will customize the beefy for you.
    2013/9/2 18:10:06
    Car Scene haha cute yes unfortunately tis a bit hard due to the steering wheel. Looks good so far .. it would be nice if we could get a few driving animations though :0 just a couple ^^
    2013/9/2 5:04:45
    Car Scene I created a truck that you can use with no windows I dont know if there are any other cars around you can use. I think some sports cars I have seen and a tank and Fazz created a sort of motorbike thing. You need to import the objects and uncheck the box "can be stood on" then I used a cube and make is thin and only large enough for the character to stand on and then i remove the texture once I have him where I need him.

    I use the pose for the motorcycle sit usually but his arms will be very stiff or you can use a regular sit pose. Position him where you want in the car while he is on the cube. I temporarily group the character and the cube while I move him around and then ungroup him when he is almost in the right spot and then use the sit pose and then adjust the cube up and down.

    Once I have him sitting where i want him I then delete the texture from the cube and use the no image to make it invisible. You can use a ground plane as well but I prefer the little cubes

    here are some vehicles there are a few more but you can search for more in there

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    2013/9/1 21:15:40
    Camera Cuts Just as an aside the timeline your using to record the cuts with is not the true timeline its a bit counter intuitive along with the prepare/direct buttons

    just ensure to pick the main timeline after you have finished recording and closed down the camera cuts timeline which is found Under tools errm i think (dont have muvizu open now.. its not under direct anyhow this much i know)


    if you see the prepare button it means you are in the direct mode
    if you see direct it means your in prepare mode unfortunately this is a toggle which can mix people up if your a very visual person

    *cough* I have pointed out both issues to muvizu a few times that people likely will become confused by all the timelines and likely should change something there and remove the seperate timelines and have just one giant timeline and I have pointed out this prepare/direct issue which gets most new users evertime. Anyhow hopefully that will help
    2013/9/1 18:09:15
    Camera Cuts coldjames wrote:
    MY version of muvizu is the newest version. I watched many of your videos and lots of features changed. In the videos it showed that you can easily switch cameras by just clicking the other window , now its confusing. Urbanlamp I think that works for older versions of muvizu? I can't switch cameras by just clicking it. I have to click prepare (select camera)As you can see in my second screenshot http://prntscr.com/1oqjny.

    the clicking on square should work you need to hit direct also after doing it all open up the timeline you will see all the cuts and the camera in the timeline

    so unless its broken which is possible the only difference is they are now letting you choose an initial camera at the start previously we had to manually switch to a camera using the timeline or click really really fast at the start to switch and ignore the beginning of the timeline. The rest should work the same though just hit "direct" and then hit the record button and as the timeline runs hit the big camera squares. Then after its all done close all that and re-open the timeline and you should see all the cuts.

    Anyhow i got to go out so hopefully someone will happen by to help with this more.
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    2013/9/1 18:01:18
    Camera Cuts to do camera cuts go into the direct menu and click on camera cuts . Start at the beginning of the timeline and hit record with the camera cuts open and press on the square that represents each camera where you want it to switch. Then after that you can go to your timeline and tweak this by dragging around the individual camera cuts a bit you can also click to change the camera on the timeline and switch it to a different camera by right clicking on the area and a menu comes up and you switch it..

    hrm wierd maybe my brain is not remembering right i dont remember that prepare. Anyhow if there is a prepare hit direct and then hit record.

    I hope that is descriptive enough I usually when I answer questions also have muvizu open so its easier to answer but not inside muvizu now so its just from memory

    edit after the screenshot went up
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    2013/9/1 3:23:45
    Younger Users http://muvizu.com/forum/topic3011-users-of-muvizu.aspx?p=f#post18174
    2013/9/1 3:23:15
    Online Safety Issue http://muvizu.com/forum/topic3011-users-of-muvizu.aspx?p=f#post18174
    2013/9/1 3:19:24
    Users of Muvizu anyone can use muvizu but for site use you might need to set up a gatekeeper account here is info on that. There are age limits on the website and a "mature" area for some of the videos which might have swearing etc


    Muvizu itself is pretty child friendly to start with its up to the user to decide how its used.
    2013/8/31 22:01:48
    Scammer - Amir Gabriel This one followed me to my webserver from here and was busy in my shop so I had to ban em over there...
    2013/8/30 21:32:31
    The French Alps I love those glacial lakes always so turqoise blue. Reminds me of the lakes in the rocky mountains in Canada they are that turquoise blue but dont go swimming you will freeze to death haha.

    Nice photos
    2013/8/30 21:26:56
    A new video ad for the TMU Community I have posted there a few times one day I will post more. Thanks for sharing harb. I think my superman series is worthy of sharing I just have to find the time to login and post em. I found I encountered a bug last video I put up so I haven't gone back to try posting again. Was something about the size/dimensions I changed them and the software running the site gave me errors.

    here is a link to their site http://www.tmunderground.com/

    they have a forum as well but I must admit I kinda signed up got cleared to post and only said hello and have not returned lol.
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    2013/8/29 17:40:01
    Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! strange request not sure how well it would work but.. have you decided what type of character you want to put said clothes on ? lol

    beefy? or one of the original muvizuzu dudes? I guess beefy would be easier to do..
    2013/8/28 21:52:24
    More pie in the sky suggestions :) fazz68 wrote:
    i would still like to have a character turn 90 degrees in one movement. pleeeeease............

    and a tree planting tool Big Grin
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    oh me too i want this I have um issues with cutting out all the turns because it looks like my dude is trying to dance with two left feet so I leave in the awkward turns but it would be like "way cooler" if we could have that

    oh and a tree planting tool
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