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2013/8/28 21:21:28
More pie in the sky suggestions :) ziggy72 wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
I copy a plant, then fly around the set 'bombing' it with the paste command. Then I copy a different plant, and do the same thing. This is not the ideal way of doing things, but it does work. I still wouldn't say no to a planting or 'sprouting' tool that could automate the process a bit more, though.

No chance!
I don't believe that someone as precise and pernickity as yourself could be so random!

I'm just not buying it lol!

True, I do then spend a looong time re-positioning the randomly placed foliage to better suit my needs, but I do the whole 'bombing' technique all the time. Honest

Also in most of these cases (tree planting tool is very common actually ) you can then move the trees around later but I dont know about you I hate click fests and as i get older I hate them even more as my hands eventually scream enough at me and then I can't type for 3 days. So my suggestion stands I would love a tree planting tool ---well I guess its more of a vegetation planting tool i suppose but everyone else calls it tree planting tool so that is what i will call it...
2013/8/28 21:03:33
More pie in the sky suggestions :) lol there is a certain order to randomness its actually hard to be random anyhow the tool made it so you could plant grass and flowers and weeds which is really only a plane of 2 sided mesh that is folded and bushes as well. And the trees were about as polygon heavy or possibly less then the ones I recently uploaded to the gallery. Anyhow I enjoy my grass and tree planting tool it makes it really easy to make them plus they are less demanding then the cut and pasting method because of how its encorporated into the software. That way you can use their low poly trees and then make a special set of not so low poly trees (i will say not so low poly because it makes me happier ^^). Anyhow I love that tool its actually something you see in a lot of *cough* game engines and I do think its something that muvizu should think about.

Of course that is one more button to add but hey you know its a good feature and something I would love seeing

anyhow it would be a better solution then the grass, trees they have now they would not have to let us near the soft body physics either they could build it into the tool. I dunno seems very muvizu like to me to have something like that
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2013/8/28 17:46:50
How to get rid of the texture bug on simple object Hi I dont know if this will be useful for people its useful for me in blender but I dont know how this translates inside google sketchup. I discovered this when making my blimp as the texture bug was in a very bad place.

Anyhow after importing the object into muvizu find the exact face that is flipped inside your modelling software and select it. Then extrude that face inwards somewhere in the model where it will be hidden. Dont delete any vertexes or faces leave that messed up face intact. In the hole created by extruding the face inwards create a new face and redo your uvmapping.

again I dont know how this will translate in sketchup. I realized after seeing it a few times it was occuring when I made something where I didn't extrude any faces on that area so I tested it and yup i was right. For some reason if an object is made from a simple primitive form say you decide you want to create a sun or a moon and have it nicely textured in the sky and so create a mesh ball and map there will always be at least one or two faces that muvizu swaps. So to get rid of it once you find it inside muvizu just extrude those faces inwards into the geometry of the model and make new faces in that area. Then the model is complicated enough I guess muvizu thinks harder
2013/8/28 1:25:16
Batman parodies compilation my favourite is the one with albert or is it alfred .. having a party and batman realizing he has wasted his life
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2013/8/28 1:21:44
More pie in the sky suggestions :) hehe yeah the software that should not be named the tree planting tool seemed like a good idea its way easier and faster then using copy/paste of trees which really dont take up that much ram anyhow as i sat there using the tree tool inside iclone i thought to myself 'hrm it would be cool if they had that in muvizu' . To me its all about saving time. They had said they were adding fbx importing and a few other things. I watched a footballer special video the other day with obviously imported heads so I thought to myself "i will suggest the tree planting tool".

The terrain editor is new in iclone before that i was making terrain and importing it in as an object so that is an aside. I do think the tree planting tool would be a good idea though save me tons of time copying and pasting the same tree over and over again.

anyhow back to my buildings just thought i would suggest it. I am not trying to make muvizu into iclone I just find it a very fast and quick tool and so since muvizu is supposed to be fast and quick I figured I would suggest it The pipelne is technically not iclone its their 3d exchange and probably the most important piece of software I have ever purchased because I use it for practically everything these days. Its a wonderful workhorse.

The tree planting tool is "way old though" in iclone its part of the orignal features it launched with very low res stuff .

Dreeko wrote:

Muvizu is a horse of a different colour.
What colour it will end up is anyone's guess ( including the Devs lol!)

I just hope it isn't brown If you know what i mean!

As i read this and edit my typos I thought I would add I dont think that the devs of reallusion's iclone are truly sure what they want either so they labelled their software last year they changed the name from real time animation to *cough* "sandbox" haha. :/
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2013/8/27 18:47:28
More pie in the sky suggestions :) Erm I get these 'ideas' after working on something in "them other softwares" but if I am doing something and I say to myself "wouldn't it be cool if we had something like this in muvizu" so they truly are just ideas that I have come to really like and rely upon.

so here goes..

I would like to suggest a tree/grass/flower planting tool :/ I know muvizu has its own 3D trees but so many of us use a more realistic look because the contrast of the characters with the "real world look" is actually pretty neat. Its just enough cartoon and real world mix to make it a more whimsical thing and take the video creation away from trying to mimic real life which is where most people have issues when watching stuff done in real time 3D engines.

Anyhow some low poly plants that add like practically no demand to the scene would be great

of course although this is less something I worry about a terraform or heightmap system so we can use the muvizu set without importing as many mounds and blobs and stuff but the tree planting tool is something I really miss from "them other softwares"
2013/8/27 18:34:13
I've been trying something new! I dont know about anyone else but I can never find time to do all the things I want to. 3D has always blown my mind and it all started so innocently when I accidently purchased an mmorpg thinking it was another single player pixel game like pac man hehe.
2013/8/25 18:17:13
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures hehe thanks that one was a bit rougher then others I have done episode 3 is not as good either. I tend to experiment sometimes or in this case camera movement and synch was more noticable then I would have liked, but I dont want to turn it into a job so I let that one pass. Camera movement is much smoother in muvizu play and voice synch is much better as well so hopefully the next one will be done in muvizu play at least that was my intention I have to see how bad the set bug is before I decide, but I wont be able to get started on blocking out the scenes and 'fixing' the story *cough* and stuff for another couple of weeks. I hope by then the bug with the sets will be fixed with a patch and I wont have to worry about it too much
2013/8/24 2:28:09
Coming Soon... lol this sounds like its going to be an R rated muvizuzu

I dont do well with gore I am better at pretty and sappy but then I am a girl
2013/8/24 2:05:51
Coming Soon... okay i just saw grr and at first thought that you were frustrated with something or it was a bug but then i clicked and I just have to say they are disgusting! (in a good way of course) hehe

GROSS! Big Grin
2013/8/23 20:20:15
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only ah okay so i might hit an issue if i try to use muvizu play. I am or was going to start my next not so blockbuster but wanted to use play because the synch for voice is much improved and so is camera movement and both these issues bug me in 23b so I guess I will wait cause I really dont want to produce another 23b video if I can help it.

I guess I can build sets in 23b and have them ready for play i guess... not sure what to do but if converting them will cause a problem down the line I guess I should just keep them the way they are right now..
2013/8/23 18:31:03
How to record normal voices, silly voices? its hard to give info on everything but for sound you do need a good mic and sometimes you need a better sound card as well. A cheap 5 dollar mic will not do the job if you actually are caring about sound.

This is the mic I use plus I do voice over recordings with a bunch of insulation and my head in a closet to remove any echo from the room and to get away from the hum of my pc and any other electronic devices


There is a pro blue yeti as well but from what I have heard it has compatibility issues with windows and stops responding over time. This mic is pretty good although it doesnt like the base in my voice but for my personal use its fine. If I raise my voice I do cause the microphone to have distortion so I have to be careful. Not all mics work with all voices in this case blue yeti definatly doesnt like female voices with base in them it in fact hates it so I have to be very careful about how loud I talk into it but its better then a 5 dollar cheap mic which simply can't handle anything at all

I am satisfied with my blue yeti for the price it works great!
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2013/8/22 19:58:30
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only okay I will take a peak at mine then as it seemed related at the time to something or other having to do with a sketchup conversion/export or something. Anyhow i will download a few sets and take a peak so far I haven't seen anyone complain about a set i made not loading but yeah sets are getting a lot more use now I noticed that they are available inside muvizu using an app (objects are not working properly well at least I can't find them when i hit the download button inside the software, but i am not looking too closely just was a quick button pressing tour when they released the newest muvizu play).
2013/8/22 17:25:31
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only I guess I should try a few of my sets although i am thinking most of the errors revolve around some sketchup issue or other I guess I should at least pull out a couple of sets and see what they do..
2013/8/20 20:21:31
Just have to share these guys stuff. I couldn't find this one when I was looking its always impressed me when people use looping machines and solo a multi instrument song this one is older but i have always liked it

2013/8/19 19:53:50
THE BELL, THE LARGE BELL that being said i didnt get round to making one last night i looked at the video and i am assuming its the large bell that seems to travel around with the guy its a simple object to make I just have to do it. You can likely find one on 3dwarehouse and import it without issue let me know as I am kind of strung out with work right now and am not getting time to do a lot of modelling for "recreational" stuff only modelling that I have to do cause someone orders me to

update: I made a big bell and the asset is uploaded to the asset gallery it will take about 24 hours for it to appear in the list. I did the texture very quickly you might not like the gold i picked but no matter its uvmapped of course so you can choose another seamless texture here are a couple of places that have textures




should be easy enough to find a metal texture that you like

hope it helps
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2013/8/18 16:16:46
THE BELL, THE LARGE BELL You will need to use sketchup or blender or something you can probably find one on the 3dwarehouse.



I cant do it right now but tonight maybe i can take a few minutes and make one I will take a look at his video and see.
2013/8/18 16:14:08
how to Make a character lie down my favourite lie is the bum in the air one, but I suppose its hard to do an autopsy on a bum
2013/8/18 1:21:42
After Installation Error Did you try thoroughly cleaning out your registry and looking for any stray files etc? Muvizu doesnt always clean up after itself. This may do nothing but if your willing to try again try to clean out your pc well before trying again. I have gotten most of these errors at one time or another but always found that if i removed all traces of the software including looking for any folders or files it left behind and installing it as simply as possible it usually works. The other thing i found was sometimes the video joiner doesn't shut down properly even though I never use it sometimes it just decides to run all by itself so maybe make sure that is not just sponteneously running and interfering with something muvizuish.

If that doesn't work send a note to bugs@muvizu.com with your pc info dxdiag.exe file and a screenshot of the error. It might not help right now but perhaps they will find a pattern in the submissions over time as some bugs are pretty hard to figure out.
2013/8/17 17:57:03
Video Joiner not working!!! yes there are tons of tools on the market that are cheap or free that do a better job then the video joiner. The same with audio there are many options for it. There are not however a ton of products or programs on the market that do this type of thing and there are even less that let casual users do it for free (i say casual because hobbyists can be as 'hardcore' as any commercial only operation) so in order to avoid people spending time fixing something that really is not within the actual scope of muvizu why not just take it away. I feel this way about most softwares that do this where people start suggesting post-production and editing features I feel it just clutters up the program takes away valuable memory my pc could use for the actual purpose of the animation software and wastes dev time.
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