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2013/8/16 21:26:55
Video Joiner not working!!! I didnt think I would ever suggest removing a feature before now but I was thinking about this awhile ago haha and video joiner is not reallyl needed. YOu can upload all the raw clips to youtube and use the youtube editor to create a video and it works much better then video joiner. Although I guess if you want to submit to the gallery you need to download the finished product and re-upload. Anyhow along that lines I was thinking that since its never really worked well that maybe it should be removed as to me its almost a 'useless feature' and is likely left over from times past when muvizu was new and trying to go in another direction. Or maybe I should just be quiet because its presence is likely not a huge issue and its probably not making coding in muvizu any harder :/
2013/8/15 19:14:15
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? there is a way to do it but the method described has never worked for me the intended muvizu way is to lump all the dialogue into a single audio file and use shush and talk to that. There is a second method of using the other audio slots per character and fooling muvizu into recognizing that dialogue and just using the talk function but its fidly and doesn't work if you are not careful and for me it has never ever worked reliably.

however you can only use one audio fle per character no matter what method you use so you have to try to time your dialogue correctly which is probably something muvizu should consider changing in the future but for now you need to put all the dialogue into one file using something like audacity and set it up that way.
2013/8/14 20:36:55
Installer Integrity Check Error Message sounds like a corrupt download you might want to try redownloading it if you connection is slow it might be getting damaged on the way
2013/8/13 22:23:35
Just have to share these guys stuff. I think i watched the new one they just made the royals one to find all the sources of certain beats and sounds. I have trouble believing they record some of that in real time but that one was all real time it just blows my mind because that was just such an intricate video even the guy in the back coming in on a doly and blowing a didgeridoo hehe. I wonder how long they have to practice that before they get it to the point they can do it in a continuous take.
2013/8/12 22:36:26
Just have to share these guys stuff. I have followed these guys for ages they were a group started out in ottawa now they are in toronto but they have always been well remarkable. They give new meaning to the word rythm. They are also the only people I find that I actually enjoy them covering someone elses work musicwise because they always do something fantastically different lol. Their original music is awesome as well and some of the videos they have created are so complicated its just well amazing and to top it off they actually shoot them in one take due to expenses :/

Here is like a top 5 selection .. Its amazing what you can make a pile of spoons do and how many people you can squeeze onto one guitar and what happens when a bunch of people get together to play their faces

2013/8/12 0:52:19
Sketch up model making tip Happy cone editing. I am sure that is possible with more complex stuff if your patient enough

*takes my insanely stiff hands off the keyboard and goes back to watch tv.. hopes they get better tomorrow.. i hate typing with two fists *
2013/8/12 0:49:02
I've been trying something new! sculpting is fun excuse fingers super stiff.. that looks like sculptris its free but fun its free because the models are not really usable in anything but you can create a base model and retopologise it in maya or blender or whatever to be optimized for graphics. You can also sculpt in blender its fun sorta like working with virtual putty or clay

looks like this http://pixologic.com/sculptris/ by the same people who make zbrush .. it can be done in maya etc but sculptris is a great price its like free
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2013/8/11 8:03:01
Sketch up model making tip hehe "its been fazzed" I have to be careful that can have some interesting um twists to it.. i feel a silly comedy sketch coming on.. well when I am not singed around the edges from making so many superman videos in a row.. I will probably do something silly
2013/8/11 8:01:22
Can I direct a character to be visible / invisible aha I made an assumption on this one I guess I was farther ahead then muvizu is hehe anyhow look forward to this option as I had planned to um use it but i guess "its not done yet"
2013/8/8 17:10:22
unable to load muvizu.dll I didnt read this before and i'm not staff but you need to post your pc specs and be prepared your pc and setup sound very very out of date so it may not work or run and dialup modem is very slow perhaps the file is corrupted. In any event you will need to post your specs but it sounds like you need to find yourself a better pc and likely a better internet connection if the file is corrupt.
2013/8/7 19:07:46
Can I direct a character to be visible / invisible you would use prepare character menu and then look for the visibility and then choose animated and then hit direct and direct after that and the info will be recorded
2013/8/6 15:54:18
KOBRA AND THE LOTUS (animated film clip) Good video I am getting to be an old fart I had to turn the music off though hehe. The video turned out well even if the music was not my style.
2013/8/6 15:50:05
Sketch up model making tip Nice little tutorial this looks similar to edge creasing in blender you use to make sharp edges and it gets rid of any shading.
2013/8/4 18:19:28
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties I use intensity but that is me. In my mind its not a sudden thing its something you want to sort of ramp up and down.
2013/8/4 18:08:21
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties Yes I just checked its animatable hard to remember it all.. so go into character properties prepare aura set to animate then set intensity to 0 to start if you want it off and then animate intensity by hitting direct then turn it up at the appropriate moment and then back down again etc etc .
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2013/8/4 18:03:24
Newbie Needs Help Directing Character Properties you need to prepare the intensity of the effect set it at 0 to start and then animate it to 100 etc when you want it to start. I dont actually remember if this aura is even animatible (probably is) but you would get it to work by using the intensity setting in object properties.
2013/8/4 0:32:55
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility well i started to mess with the update and thanks for fixing the group/ungroup thing on the menu. Also I was working with collision and had trouble being able to use cylindars for quite awhile for collision and this seems to be fixed so i am no longer limited to cubes thanks!
2013/8/3 23:16:22
Is there any way to use 3D assets from Xtranormal? yup i get confused by real time engines and companies that have lots of potential but they dont evolve properly. In the back of my head is stuff like "well microsoft, adobe and corel can do it why can't these companies?". Its all coding all of it. I know it all takes time but these other softwares albeit they are more empires now but they all started small.
2013/8/2 22:09:15
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility hehe nothing like a nice shrubbery to decorate the set! yeah i tried a couple of different methods to make trees at the start as I wasn't quite sure which was good for muvizu the maple tree was the method i settled on and was the first shrubbery that I found decent enough I think outside the christmas trees. I have made tons of trees now mostly they are stuffed in sets though. Some of them are created from photos of my house plants but hey you know this is muvizu land

anyhow i do have some more to upload I just have to get round to muvizuizing them I was working on something else that well I have to change the way I wanted to put it into muvizu so I probably will take a shrubbery break tonight
2013/8/2 19:34:14
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility i'm afraid to try because i had no crashes before so since i am unlucky that probably means that its unfixed for me

Anyhow hoping to start making sets next weekend or so and really want to move to the muvizu play because the time synch issues are greatly improved not to mention I can pan a camera without that stuttering/gerkiness I hope well its more the field of view that was really jerky for me so I will try that next video and see if its fixed :0

I am a bit burnt on video making and seem to just want to play with modelling and fish out models from the ryzom game engine so I will do that for now. More trees for fazz are coming
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