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2013/7/23 20:06:01
importing film to backdrop problems objects you import from your pc you can choose them and set them as 'favourite' then after that they are in your muvizu database and then you can recreate the object by choosing create object and then look for the favourites window and there is a list however your pc is probably already working very hard so the more info loaded into that favourite the harder it works. You might just want to use the method your using now and save them outside of muvizu .
2013/7/23 17:41:24
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures oh I thought it was yet another "bug" sorry. I didnt realize you were watching the entire video. Well I hope you had lots of doughnuts or popcorn or something

And thanks glad you enjoyed it. I hope my editing errors weren't too apparent and you blinked or something in those spots
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2013/7/23 17:36:20
Hi i think your website is very broken :) Lev_Dynamite wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I dont know where to send bugs for the website
It's still bugs@muvizu.com, where you've sent your bugs in the past! If you could somehow send the files you are trying to upload to this address (either as an attachment or as a download link) then that would greatly help us in attempting to recreate and get to the root of your problem.

okay thanks

Not really sure what would cause it as they both are simple sets very small builds similar to what i have uploaded in the past
2013/7/22 20:54:54
Hi i think your website is very broken :) I think i know why their gallery uploads are not very shall we say diverse right now. Anyhow the video was uploaded on saturday and the assets i tried about 20 times now it stops at 97% regardless of the file and starts to upload all over again and then eventually I get a message "the website page is no longer available" I think they need to get some new hamsters
2013/7/22 18:16:51
Camera help needed - Please! your needing to keep the preview window up for the cameras to know where its pointing this is pretty standard for such programs anyhow maybe the tutorials will help?

2013/7/22 18:13:11
Hi i think your website is very broken :) Assets wont upload I checked the limit is 150 for sets my sets were 90 mb and 100 mb (small ones)
I Uploaded another of my series so as to keep the entire set together for superman and that didnt appear also
Anyhow if this could be fixed it would be great as for the moment I can't put anything on the muvizu site hehe not my videos nor my sets

I dont know where to send bugs for the website so I will just post it here I guess
2013/7/22 18:01:13
Episode 5 - Super Hero Adventures Not sure why it didnt end up in the gallery even though i uploaded it and such anyhow here is the video

2013/7/22 6:34:09
Camera help needed - Please! oh this sounds like you have more then one camera out and in the camera cuts area the camera you rendered the scene with was not the camera you actually had selected in the timeline dont touch anything open up your timeline and look at the line for cameras and see what camera is selected in the timeline if the scene is blank your using a camera not pointing at anything. click on the camera purple line in the timeline and choose a different camera.
2013/7/21 20:07:14
Too small/ problem with collision mesh MrDrWho13 wrote:
If anyone else is able to convert models with ease, this is the model I would like to get into Muvizu.

I gave up on converting sketchup files because well to be honest they suck ^^ for that model it is probably just faster to make a new one from scratch in the time you would take to figure how to import it you probably could learn to use sketchup well enough to make your own. Its just a bunch of straight lines with some textures slapped on not a lot of complicated bits there.
2013/7/21 19:08:48
Too small/ problem with collision mesh MrDrWho13 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:

it might have to do with the way collision was done and not size. If the collision mesh is malformed it wont import but I dont know how people fix that in sketchup I know i just delete it and do it again as sometimes I mess up when adding collision and accidently overlap things a bit in my effort to not leave any holes the character can fall through

I haven't bothered with making a collision map because that would make it more complicated. (Also my code look a lot different to the one in the tutorial)
The message at the start said more than 500 faces.
In all, my plug-in and a few other things look different to the tutorials (probably because they're out of date now).

collision meshes are different then regular mesh so your saying it said the collision mesh was too large? 65k is model faces. Anyhow it tried to make a collision mesh it seems and screwed up In any event assuming the regular model is below 65k faces it sounds like you would need to delete the old collision mesh and make a new one as that is the problem in this case.

*tries to get you to start using blender*

in blender it would be an easy fix

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2013/7/21 18:10:09
Too small/ problem with collision mesh it wont import an object with more then 65,000 .. and a bit more thousand faces to the engine in fact has a limit on the amount of faces per object.. and to be honest you dont want to import it if its that large especially if its a doorknob with 65k+++ faces

sorry i didnt read this completely and was responding to the title. The most likely reason its refusing to import is simply due to the sheer size of the object in faces. You will blow up your graphics card if your not careful

(okay maybe not literally blow it up.. but your card tries to render all those faces and it will complain loudly)

or ..
it might have to do with the way collision was done and not size. If the collision mesh is malformed it wont import but I dont know how people fix that in sketchup I know i just delete it and do it again as sometimes I mess up when adding collision and accidently overlap things a bit in my effort to not leave any holes the character can fall through

but its likely the facecount
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2013/7/20 22:14:06
WIKI hehe Yes jamie put up a link on videos to watch on starting with blender on the forum awhile back. It was a decent list at the moment you need to learn to model in blender to bring stuff into muvizu I dont mind answering that and how to get stuff into muvizu I just dont think its helpful to cloud the issue with animation etc because then i get people yelling at me on forums calling me "lazy" because i wont build them a fully rigged and animated animal for muvizu use. Big Grin
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2013/7/20 20:24:10
WIKI MrDrWho13 wrote:
tripfreak wrote:
Maybe you should open a new "Blender corner" where all questions regarding Blender could be answered !

Lol, that's actually a great idea!

hehe just be careful because the intention of the wiki is for blender to muvizu not to teach all things blender. I do have some blender tutorials up for general learning but to be honest basic how to blender tutorials are plentiful on youtube.
2013/7/20 20:21:25
WIKI tripfreak wrote:
tutorials in muvizu to help people out revolving around use of blender for "newbies"

Oh yes, please ! Cool

In the moment I could urgently need help in order to "extract" some cute little guys out of this blender file: LINK
There are 10 of those in the Blender file, but I only get the first one:

I would really appreciate if you could help me since I have no idea about cycles !
You can also directly load this file: here

Maybe you should open a new "Blender corner" where all questions regarding Blender could be answered !

lol cycles is a rendering thing so just ignore that.

the rig just delete it because its of no use to muvizu this is just for animating.

sooo try to save the materials and any uv maps that might be there and the mesh and delete the rest

this is not a newbie thing though lol. I did one tutorial on how to move files from a 3d site to muvizu already one for beginners but basically do what I said above and add some textures to the materials for muvizu to recognize. I have no clue what the face count on those guys are or whether its even worth bothering to fuss over them. Sometimes its just easier and faster to make your own. I suspect based on what i see I could make one from scratch faster in this case. I did build a set for experimentation in an hour using blender and the decimate tool to lower face count that is in my next video that was the type of tutorial I thought I would do for muvizu when i finish my stickman stuff which is not really for muvizu just for general learning
2013/7/20 17:47:37
WIKI oh nice.. i write a lot i am sure i can come up with some stuff to add. This may come as a shock to people but in real life I am not a talker I grunt a lot so i get all my talking out in text on the internet. I had some things i wanted to make some little tutorials in muvizu to help people out revolving around use of blender for "newbies" so I can add the info's there. First I must finish my 'lets make a stickman walk' series though..
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2013/7/20 17:44:02
Get "muvizu file is malicious" message raybearmass wrote:
Yea, I finally just went ahead and re installed it and it seems fine with the exception that I still do NOT get a property window when I want to edit the character appearance. and why can't I seem to find an address here to ask the Muvizu creators THEMSELVES about these kind of issues.

you can email bugs@muvizu.com if you like. Although fair warning depending on where you are in the world sometimes the email doesnt get there for a bit.. in my case my email often seems to swim the ocean it takes that long.
2013/7/19 1:05:54
How to make characters play instruments? here is a video on making a music video and inside that is how to make them play the instruments. Basically you use the action menu to find the animations to play the instrument but they explain it here


2013/7/18 23:24:14
losing textures on Favorited objects haha very cute indeed Nice set front. I find making the sets very fun i can get carried away .. which is why I end up building an entire world quite often ^^.
2013/7/18 22:03:55
Sketchup to Muvizu They put it up there to use in your work but the terms are usually you can use it in your work but not give away the actual model. So you can add it for a video or concept work yes, but you can't give the models to others. Just read the tos of the site. Also specific users also put their own limits on their stuff in google warehouse. So you need to read info on the objects you download. This is also something in the tos of the gallery here to. In general most people have no issue with their stuff being used "as intended" they do get their knickers in a twist if someone starts to put them up on other commercial sites though

this is muvizu's user content TOS

User contentThe Site gives you the option to send us content to be posted on the Site by us (“User Content”).
By sending us User Content, you will be deemed

Grant to us an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free licence to use and publish that User Content for any purpose associated with publicising the Site;


Warrant to us that you are the owner of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the User Content, that the User Content is your original work and that the User Content does not infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.

So basically if you didnt make it yourself or can't prove that its in the public domain as in totally free of any copyrights you can't post it up there.

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2013/7/18 21:56:40
Sketchup to Muvizu PatrickDFTBA wrote:
Yes it worked, had to figure it out but very easy once yu got it. Thank you dreeko.. This model is op for review and I got it from the sketchup warehouse..I wonder...if it will pass... On this model you change even more colors than on the other one.

Only put models that you created yourself into the gallery by the way. Not someone elses unless its marked public domain or something or they gave you permission to distribute it freely. The fact that it says pioneer on it means its probably not a good thing to put in there
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