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2012/12/19 8:50:26
Christmas is coming.... lol way cute.. and I knew that reinddeer was evil when i saw him peeing in the snow in that screenshot in the other thread

merry christmas woztoons Big Grin
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2012/12/19 4:38:18
The Avengers Pt2 haha that was awesome maybe we should put together a muvizu tv network with all these series would be fun
2012/12/18 8:25:18
Sappy Christmas Videos and the like okay so I am updating this thread with my sappy christmas spinoffs lol. Just bits and pieces of the original video with in a couple of cases an added extra.

lights and more lights carollers do their thing one more time!

Redneck Version of carol of the bells

That evil elf has just one last thing to say!

okay enough of that ..
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2012/12/17 2:03:55
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
another insanely overbuilt set

There's no such thing
I just downloaded your church, and it's awesome - so well done, such details, especially the stained glass windows, really amazing work.

And Fazz68, your sets are looking well smart - I like the telephone box on the street especially.

lol I dunno some of my sets might make people's pc's go on strike so i am kind of uploading bits and pieces as well. The roof on the church is a bit meh but I also didnt want it to be geometrically perfect. Anyhow I hope it ads to the "ambience" of your sets glad you enjoy it

I have a few more structures in my head to create that would be useful for people when I have time. I also kind of read the suggestions and comments and saw a "we need more buildings for set decoration" somewhere so i figured I will make a few
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2012/12/16 1:18:26
Coming Soon... oo perty. can't wait Big Grin
2012/12/15 22:29:42
Muvizu Performance I had horrible load times for awhile (its still pretty long but improved) I downloaded a microsoft patch and it cleared up I wish I knew which patch fixed some of this but I didnt take note. (i had several wierd issues crop up so I downloaded some patches all with crashing drivers and wierd registry issues) I still have long load times but I kind of assumed it was how muvizu was built (not seen it have quick load times ever sooo..) anyhow my load times are not 5 minutes anymore and I figure with what i put in my sets its probably reasonable (about 1 minute or so..) I dont really know how muvizu loads objects.
2012/12/15 21:56:06
Coming Soon... another insanely overbuilt set lol but its kind of fun.. the scuplture i got from a 3d site that is pretty open use.. I will have to give a tutorial how to convert 3d stuff from fbx to muvizu format and set up the materials etc because really its not that hard and there are tons of useful pretty much open sourced things out there for people to use .. anyhow i downloaded a chain link fence as well but haven't tried it yet..
if I can ever finish building this set i can get moving onto the actual you know video lol ...
2012/12/14 17:12:27
Safety Animation Video Entry oh very cute

I have to make a video soon to teach people about recycling and I think I will use muvizu for it
2012/12/14 0:39:41
New for 2013 that guy standing up there looks like an enraged chinaman or something lol hard to explain.. or possibly a japanese that is in serious need of sleep.. either way your two characters are freaking me out.. (hopefully that was intended ^^)

2012/12/14 0:38:25
Jingle bells at Muvizu the drums seem timed well at least to me they do nice job
2012/12/13 20:38:24
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 nice trailer will be curious to see the little movie that comes
2012/12/12 19:21:15
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) CrazyDave wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
Hi sooo..
the focus/depth of field seems to be a bit odd lol it kind of like focusing top half/bottom half instead of back/front hard to explain anyhow here is two screenies...one from the make video window and one me watching the clip you will see what i mean

I got this sorted, will be in the next release. It was a code issue with depth of field and transparency.

Screenshot of before/after in my dropbox...



oh neat thanks. It was a bit wierd but I dont think I have seen many trees or other types of landscaping built using that method and such in the background built like that so I can see how it can go undiscovered until some supreme nerd like me comes by and discovers it hehe.
2012/12/12 18:00:53
My 150th Muvizu Video ! The Glums at Christmas congo rats on the 150th muvizuzu's that is a lot of muvizuzuzu's for sure!

Woo Hoo!
2012/12/12 17:27:52
day night change you can animate the light intensity though. If you use directional lighting and turn the ambient light low and then change the colour and intensity of the two or 3 directional lights etc that will simulate a day/night change.

edit: somehow the word camera made it in there as I was thinking of taking a picture of the cat in the house so of course it ends up in my forum posts..
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2012/12/10 20:52:19
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? chuckles wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
chuckles wrote:
I've no idea what stv is! What Network ?

If it's in the UK, STV is just Scottish TeleVision. Why they would do this is beyond me, and everyone else I'm sure.

Yes, now I understand, thank you! I DID clip excerpts of a Scottish TV programmw - The Funny Farm, because a lot of my Comedian Friends were on it in the 80s, but the shows they were in were 30 minutes. I just extracted short clips of them so they could be watched on their own, I DID give full credit to stv and the programme. They added ads and I thought that was all OK. It's strange that they took views AWAY from me! Why would they do that? I'm making no profit from it.

they are claiming credit is all and since they have a presence on youtube they have taken those stats to increase their stats if that makes any sense. Its all about numbers this is common on youtube actually I have seen others with this problem its not really a big deal unless you want to make money from your channel its simply them calculating using some wierd automated algorithm how much traffic is "rightfully theirs" so they can put it back onto their channel.

I would not worry about it. You werent hacked. They are a network on youtube this means they worry about their views. This television show is one of their partnered channels.

Please Note: Users shown in this table are either IN the network (i.e. signed a contract) or been CLAIMED BY the network (i.e. uploaded copyrighted music and are claimed by a music company). Even if you are in Network X, if you upload a video with copyright violations on it and Network Y claims it you could be shown in the wrong network. Best bet, don't violate copyrights and dispute any invalid third party matched content. :

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2012/12/10 18:08:57
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? fullmetall wrote:

good to see you, in Mogul, nice choice from Muvizu HQ
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I have to send in my bribe money soon though Big Grin

I just got my sacrificial goat in the mail from the secret handshake club.
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2012/12/10 18:06:47
2012 Passion Competition Results Harb40 wrote:

Once again this year, judging a winner was very difficult since we saw such great films it was hard to decide. Once again, congratulations to the top 5 film makers and thank you to all who had a hand in this year's event.

congrats to the winners. Unfortunately contests are really not my thing but I worry about low participation so I submit something (anything haha) anyhow hopefully next year the level of participation will be higher.
2012/12/10 16:23:31
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? something of his was claimed by a network so the views got redirected. Network/Claimed By: stv
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2012/12/10 0:39:56
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
HD Skies! By that, I mean allowing a higher resolution for the sky dome picture. At the moment, the sky squashes, smears, and distorts the image like so :

Doesn't kill it, but it hardly enhances the scene, dontcha think?

haha yeah this drives me crazy when i make stuff the resolution of my objects tend to often clash with the dome resolution it would be great if we could have a way to choose to import a higher resolution file for the dome if we want to. I have kind of resorted to using clear/plain colours with no terrain at all built in to minimize this issue. This would be easy for them to implement I would think unlike you know camera with a followable path or hand held props hehe.
2012/12/9 18:02:32
Boats in Muvizu Craig1998 wrote:
hi just a bit confused you said moviestorm at the end of this all perhaps your mixing things up but I will answer anyhow


That was just getting that off my chest.

Again, sorry for the error in the post but. I have a tendency to mix things up.

haha okay (i tend to agree but then i am biased ^^) *cough* moving on
...anyhow yeah for the logo you do need to ask permission as you have to sign an agreement in many cases. Hopefully a sketchup user comes along soon to help you with that I know this texture thing is common I have seen the question asked before but I cant recall the answer you might find it doing a forum search .
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