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2012/11/6 14:29:34
horse needed! sfecich wrote:
The thing is I am not animator I am an educator so these options you are giving me I'm sure sound wonderful but I have no idea what you are talking about. i just want to make something cool for my students.

they aren't really the best options and solutions its more of a "work around" haha in any event i think many would like 4 legged beasts
2012/11/6 1:51:23
horse needed! haha me too if I really want to have a horsey in me movies for now I will use some other means

although for close ups your horsey is perty convincing Thumbs Up
2012/11/6 0:47:11
horse needed! lol yes I was toying with the idea of making all the legs and head seperate from the body and animating the running/walking movement, but thought better of it. However if anyone really really wants an animal its possible to do this its just a lot of legs and well dont try it with a spider
2012/11/5 20:05:03
horse needed! I would like 4 legged animals but I dont know if that is a realistic request given some of the bugs that are present with um the 2 legged kind haha. I have toyed with the idea of making an object animal and using the object movement system to propell them (body 4 legs and head seperate) but I think it would make most anyone go bonkers trying to get 5 objects to move in unison lol but if anyone has A LOT of time on their hands maybe they will succeed
2012/11/4 3:57:52
Sketchup to Muvizu yes many of the models are just large you need to be up in the air near the center of the building area where the dome is largest.

As for learning this stuff it all takes time if you learn little by little eventually it will work out. However you need to shall we say start at the beginning and watch videos and read tutorials and start with just a plain cube or something because if you dont understand the principles of what your doing you wont ever learn. I dont know if blender is truly easier or harder then sketchup many claim that blender is far too difficult. I would suspect its not its just a matter of what you learn to use first. One day I want to take a peak at sketchup for building things like buildings. I am sure there is a way to make models that are just as nice vertex wise as blender. In the end though whatever you choose to do it has to be learned from the bottom up err figurately of course and I find now that I am getting older the idea to learning is to learn in stages and not try to pump it in all at once. It simply does not stick because I need to understand every single little principle of whatever I am doing before I can move on. When i was 20 I could just pile it all in and use it and learn the principles later on .. does't work like that anymore. IN any event as you get time learn it little by little one day you will turn around and realize that you can do what you wanted.
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2012/11/2 22:05:05
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I hear that there is a resident population of special Glasgow inebriated zombies that live in the alleyways near the pubs. Whaaaaa?
2012/11/2 16:56:15
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! lol grats guys now woztoons can stop having a nervous break down

hopefully you guys tell us what you got I am always curious. Now the contest is over my personal favourite was the singing pumpkin haha .
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2012/11/2 1:28:37
Help With Sony Vegas Everyones system is a bit different the iYUV codec actually has not great quality for me but I have a webcam that makes uncompressed video that I use instead as it insalled a new codec on my system that plays nicer with my graphics card. I dont know of any settings there is a bit of trial and error involved I haven't tried the iYUV codec lately and I only recently replaced my graphics card so its possible the quality is higher. It could be a graphic driver issue giving lower quality something needing tweeking maybe someone else will know haha . Maybe direct X settings?

Before I replaced my webcam I only had the iYUV to work with and it was the best option. The codec that works really well for me is made by logitech and comes with their HD webcams so maybe you can find something online you can install. I think codecs is sort of hit and miss for rendering off things like muvizu.
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2012/11/2 1:21:01
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' InsaneHamster wrote:
Using Muvizu with kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. My grandson loves seeing himself being made into a cartoon. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more!

hehe yes kids love this kind of stuff I have seen a few parents do small short movies with their children and the friends of their children voicing all the parts looking forward to more
2012/11/1 18:52:03
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! WozToons wrote:
Would everybody please refrain from posting here until the result is announced.
The notifications get me all a flutter until I check and find that there has still been no decision.
I cannot handle the repeated highs and lows.
If there is a recount in progress please let us know and put us out of our misery.

*teasing post*

they are busy arm wrestling over the 3 winners. Wave

/whispers I bet your sorry you asked people to not post now ^^
2012/10/31 0:50:18
kirk of the dead yes I enjoy it as well. I find muvizu so whimsical I think it goes well with my somewhat wierd personality. I have so much software but I can't seem to stop making muvizu animations of one sort or another. I am sitting here trying to hold myself back from producing a cliché gangnam muvizu video, but I think I am loosing the battle .. its so overdone but.. I want to make one too ..

oh well glad your having fun. You can tell someone enjoys something when everything they make shows improvement of technique and style.
2012/10/30 23:56:38
kirk of the dead you should put this in the halloween contest thread the movies can be more then 1 minute. It was a general guideline
2012/10/30 18:03:01
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I found your spooky video on youtube now woztoons. YT is well they are doing database work.. not that they are never doing it but they are moving their databases over to a new system so its worse then usual. Anyhow nice to see all kinda of halloweeny movies from the classic "scare" to tales we even have a singing pumpkin lol
2012/10/30 15:42:10
Supernatural inc Episode 1 SilverCrow wrote:

Thx! I got very talented voice actors And for that no compressed thing ill try that on episode 2 got to free alot of space though... Big Grin

yes it takes a tone of space but you wont have issues with editing and can make hd stuff seems such a shame because you have all the other stuff there to make awesome fantastic movies

If you are good at keeping yourself organized the uncompressed is the way to go it actually edits together fairly easily. I make long long movies sometimes half an hour or an hour I tend to make a file folder for each scene and plop all the sound files and video clips into a folder scene by scene to divide it up when working with uncompressed that way I know which end is up when I start assembling all the clips.
2012/10/30 2:32:41
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN nice ghost story I was going to ask if you were going to put it in the halloweeny thread but I noticed you did so retyping my response
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2012/10/30 2:31:58
Supernatural inc Episode 1 that was good I like your sound work. The codecs well the solution that most people have is to render using an uncompressed format and not applying any codecs inside muvizu xvid has a reputation of messing up like that. However the files are huge and you will have to render out in about 1 minute clips if you want to get rid of your codec issue and use HD. The story is so nice and your voices are so nice I would suggest well what I just wrote above. I hate giving people advice without them asking but yeah this is a common problem your expriencing
2012/10/30 0:42:00
HELP! I need somebody... okay I might not know what the problem is but you might want to start by posting your system information for your pc the disk space one sounds odd. So for someone who might be able to help if you post your system information then maybe they can tell you what is wrong a bit.
2012/10/29 20:08:19
led zepplin Another "hard core" machinimist welcome. Nice work on the Led Zepellin band.
2012/10/29 17:09:47
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! WozToons wrote:
EEFilmz......This video is blocked in the UK because it contains content from EMI.

Would like to have seen it

blocked in canada as well
2012/10/29 17:08:50
PSYCHO- Bath-Short 1 Final EEFilmz wrote:

sorry this one is blocked in canada land
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