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2013/3/15 21:47:00
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? I think if it was possible we will have seen some video's containing them. I can see a lot of faces in your model and i think there is a limit.
2012/7/27 14:14:18
Personal local models Are there things around you that you would like to use in a Muvizu set? Spend some time photographing them from all angles, no blown out whites on exposure or too much shadow, and no vast expanses of the same colour, like a wall or grass.
Your pictures are detrimental to the end result. The two programs i use are 123DCatch (Freeatthemoment) and Hypr3D which is a (Freeatthemoment) web page based program. If your on a slow internet connection it can slow things up as both progs use cloud computing to build the mesh leaving your Pc free. Before upload use a batch file size reducer if you are in a rush. Meshlab is usefull for tidying the mesh if it hasn't built it completely and filling holes.
The beacon on the left is a copy of Culmstock Beacon on the endof the Blackdown Hills, built as a warning system for the Spanish Armada. I took three sets of shots making sure the whole object is in each shot. I walked around close to the ground with the camera angled upwards, then at head height, all around, and finaly with my Monopod on full extension and reach to get the top, which you can't see from the ground. Shooting in Raw format is handy if you need to alter shots exposure, this was shot in Jpeg and unknown to me the very top is nigh on pure white stone and is all washed out leaving the model unfinished around the rim. I have reduced the faces i think by 50% to get it to import. Dyllys tent is so far the only item 100% textured, but with the sunshine ive been busy doing some kap projects and have yet to get back too it.
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2012/7/24 13:49:04
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character marietto2008 wrote:
The eyes of the original picture were not aligned. It was very hard to use a photo with misaligned eyes.

yes i suppose your already planning another shoot :-)
2012/7/24 13:39:58
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character One of the most important things is a frontal shot, and dont forget to check the width of the eyes as this effects the width of your face in total. Swap the layers over to check. ;-)
2012/7/23 19:18:21
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character marietto2008 wrote:
Can you explain better ? I don't understand what to do,which kind of layer I should delete ?

You are at this point with two layers visible and (layers pallete open) (eye icon) untick the template icon and select the layer you have your work on, both are still in the list, but only one as the eye and that one is the blue active one. Go file "Save a Copy" name it as .png, you should not be able to see the lines from the template at all on your shot, layer is still switched on if you can.
A new Export file window pops up , make sure "Merge Visible layers" is ticked and click export. Job done.
The workflow above created this fine fellow
2012/7/20 10:58:10
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character You can use the scale image function in Gimp to line up your shot but like Ziggy said it has to be face on. I find the process gives me glandular fever on a big scale :-)
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