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2014/8/15 18:09:09
Directing Dialogue You may have to prepare dialogue and assign each character a voice.
2014/8/14 4:39:50
what are those twitter feeds Only thing I know about Twitter feeds is...filling up the bird feeders with bird seed. hehe
2014/8/12 5:19:35
Coming Soon... BrianGray wrote:
Great Lion... When will "The Gone Forever Tree" be released?

Thanks Brian. I think its still a couple of months away if work will ease up in the scheduling some.
2014/8/9 1:36:00
Coming Soon... Thanks everyone for the comments. I will check them out for sure Urban thanks for the lead.
2014/8/8 17:23:07
Coming Soon... Thanks Ziggy.

The mane is the creation of Fazz. I tell ya between him and Urban I would never get a film done. I am modeling deficient. lol

Can't say thanks to them enough. I do wonder if their inbox has me listed as a spammer lol.

I am pretty excited about this film. The voice actors have been great to work with. I do think this will be my best film yet. Anyone have any ideas on who to contact to do the music? I know there are free sites like Incomptant and all but I feel this needs original music. I have been trying my hands at it but lets just say a deaf man would find it terrible lol.
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2014/8/7 15:16:18
Coming Soon...

A little something we are working on. It's called The Gone Forever Tree.

Just finally got through all the voice acting auditions and picked the actors who will voice the parts. Pretty excited about it as this is a process I haven't done before. So should be a great learning experience.
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2014/7/30 4:54:41
the man who lived twice Congrats Fazz! Bout time lol
2014/7/24 4:13:29
Coming Soon... Well we know it won't be tomorrow lol.

I do have a couple of production questions UkBerty if you don't mind. I know you been working on this film before Muvizu came out of Beta. So my question is has the introduction of Muvizu+ created more work for the film? As in going back and redoing scenes and such. Just curious as to some info on your production pipeline and challenges you have faced. Think it would be a great informative read. Especially for anyone thinking of taking on a huge task as you all have done.

So the next question will be for Muvizu HQ when we going to get an update? so we can watch this most anticipated film.
2014/7/23 1:38:40
Coming Soon... Ziggy love the lighting in that scene. I have to tell ya seeing you and Fazz's work is very inspirational. Keeps me striving to better myself.

Looking forward to seeing the finished work.

I will have to post a little something something of my newest en devour soon.

@ UKberty any time frame on the eye of Amun-Ra?dunno
2014/7/22 2:53:32
the man who lived twice Loved it Fazz! I second Ziggy on voting Mogul.

Love your sets. The Almost human billboard was awesome!

Great job.
2014/7/12 22:36:47
RenderDigimania Not totally sure but looks like they are done with the Render engine since they are offering a free 30 day trial.

Hopefully this will mean that an update for Muvizu may be in the works soon!

2014/6/28 2:23:09
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Thanks Urban for the info. It's much appreciated
2014/6/27 14:50:40
page 1 out of ... Diffidently get a microphone, and Audacity. Just remember to keep the microphone about 6-12 inches away and use a pop guard to eliminate the popping sounds on the B's and P's.

I made one by wrapping some cloth around a hanger. Also try to record in a quiet place. but Audacity can take out back ground noise.

There are some great tutorials on you tube on using Audacity and tips on voice recording.

This one helped me a lot hope it helps you as well.

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2014/6/24 1:21:51
Coming Soon... Everyone needs a vocalization trumpet. Only 19.95 and if you order within the next 30 minutes we will throw in a head in a jar absolutely free!

Love the screenies Fazz! Great work going on in this section I must say.
2014/6/24 1:18:54
Double Prime Pictures is back Welcome back to Muvizu DoublePrimePictures. Looking forward to the videos.
2014/6/21 4:48:31
A little Star Wars Parody Thanks everyone. @ Ziggy to be honest I never really played with the shadows. I will look into this thanks for pointing that our

@Urban Wookish I think lol.

@ Video567 the Cantena I built I will upload it so you can use it if you like.

I appreciate the feedback everyone Thanks a million.
2014/6/20 17:29:26
A little Star Wars Parody Star Wars parody about Chewbacca reciting a love poem about his lost love Chewika.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

2014/6/20 16:38:23
Blender FBX / Collision : some rules ? Hey Wabby,

Urban has a great tutorial on this here

hope this helps
2014/6/20 2:34:17
Coming Soon... either a lamp or a shower head lol. Love what you have going on there Fazz.
2014/6/12 3:26:44
New mod! Welcome muvizu_chap great to have you on board.
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