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2014/3/1 15:14:28
Head Attachments? I believe if you right click on your character go to Edit-down to the face option and then down to Face mask-import- and it will attach as a mask to be used hope that helps
2014/2/28 18:54:56
Asset Creation Hey Barry thanks for the feed back, it's most appreciated let me tell ya.

I can see where someone going thru every asset can be tedious and expensive as far as that goes. when put into that category I can see where and why you want to change it. Obvisouly this would make getting assets from users more speedier if you didn't have to "baby set" for lack of a better words. No offense please.

I do like Urban's idea. As I don't really deal with other animation software yet. As it's pricey and grand kids cost a lot lol. Hopefully we can come to a nice arrangement for all. but agian thanks for taking time to communicate.
2014/2/28 16:06:53
Asset Creation P.S. I do like the convienance of working on a project and being able to import it into Muvizu through the software. I am curious as how that will work if assets are removed.
2014/2/28 16:03:16
Asset Creation No worries Urban You know me i am never in a rush. When you get to it you get to it. I myself am thinking about going back to bed lol Sleepy
2014/2/28 15:44:39
Asset Creation So in short Dylly what you are saying is Muvizu is a niche group! I have to agree and like most niche products people won't cater to them due to the small demand of the product compared to main stream products.
2014/2/28 15:40:59
Asset Creation I have to agree with Toonarama, I have been saying since I started using Muvizu was the fact that users are very dependent on Muvizu to create animations, characters, etc, etc, etc. When this is the case and it is; then it becomes very frustrating due to the cookie cutter effect.

People start getting tired of the same ole thing and start wanting new fresh stuff almost monthly. (I think this is really human nature to be impatient) and they forget what it take to develop software. But then you (software developer ) have to find a balance between releasing new content and major updates. The only saving grace are people like Urban, Fazz, Ziggy, and others who share assets and who take time out of their busy schedules to create custom assets for other users at no cost. ( I spam Urban a lot lol)

Now I am not sure if or why the reason why you would want to create a non user friendly atmosphere as that's what seems to be the case here. The one thing that I always loved about Muvizu was how the people here and Devs included are so friendly. Everything a user needed was in one area.

I think maybe a little post from HQ stating what is the reasoning behind moving the assets so we as users aren't just assuming and getting all bent out of shape over something that in the end is in fact something that needs to be done out of necessity.

I test a lot of games and it's funny really how players get use to something and then developers will take it away or change it and you think the end of the world happened. People grumble threaten to leave blah blah blah. But after about 2 weeks (honeymoon period) people act like it was always that way. Same will be here in the end it is ultimately your decision but I just hope that you will take the time to talk with us about the change and don't take the "It's our way or no way!" attitude. Muvizu is very dependent on Users, lets face it we are free advertisement and nothing gets a product out there than word of mouth and YouTube spammed with animations from Muvizu users.

I am sure it cost a lot to keep hosting all these assets and no one I think can argue that if it's a budget cut thing, then assets would be the place to cut. After all Muvizu doesn't host all the video's that user create, They go through youtube. I imagine the same will happen to our assets. So in a way we are use to it already. Only thing is it won't be so accommodating for people that make assets for other users.

I am rambling I haven't had no coffee yet this morning so I am out Drink
2014/2/26 20:55:05
Little test sample Yes it would be great to have some barrel flash effects and also some more weapon poses since we can now hold items.
2014/2/26 18:14:36
Asset Creation So I am pondering even more about this issue and now my brain hurts. I do believe if it's possible the best approach would be to keep the assets here and provide two catorgories a free asset list and a premium asset list. Free assets being user created assets that they like to share and distribute for free and of course a premium assets for users that create assets that are as most cases more demanding to make etc and can sell them.

I like going to one site and get what i need, and not travel all over the internet for this and that; call me lazy. I like the free models but I would also like to the option to be able to buy a model and support those that take the time to create great assets.

Let's face it if it wasn't for user creations, Muvizu would be asset deficient since lets face it, new assets just like characters, animations, etc is far and in between or not at all coming from HQ. Which users really rely on. Yes people could take up learning Blender or whatever but some don't have the time to learn a modeling software, make a video in Muvizu and play with 9 grandkids lol.

just my two cents.
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2014/2/26 17:54:05
Asset Creation I like Woz's Idea. I never did like TurboSquid but having the assets available is easier for people to share I think then going external. I have no problem paying someone to make a model.

Funny thing is i just sent a request for something I needed to be made lol and then read this post. talk about timing issues lol

But hopefully as Urban has said she is starting her own site to get assets so maybe HQ will have a tab with links to all the users sites that create assets for Muvizu.

Just my thoughts. Those who do make models are greatly appreciated and should be awarded for there hard efforts especially putting up with modeling deficient people like me lol
2014/2/24 23:33:57
Cinematography in The Incredibles Really loved this thanks for sharing
2014/2/24 23:01:01
Little test sample So here is a little test sample of a gun fire.

And this is the same but with a little hand drawn technique idea I had

love to hear your feed back
2014/2/23 0:46:01
WHAT? Thanks for all the advice. One can't get better if one doesn't look to improve. I will definitely copy these down to use next time! Drink

Thanks again.
2014/2/22 17:16:01
WHAT? My latest short. About an elderly couple that stops for gas on the way to Disney Land.
Hope you enjoy it. I really need to get a new mic and work on better voice recording techniques. I am open for advice. thanks

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2014/2/16 14:29:52
2d tree generator Thanks for the share Toonarama. will be trying this out.
2013/10/11 0:02:22
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released I have to say OUTSTANDING job! Soooo looking forward to seeing this! Woo Hoo!
2013/7/11 13:24:46
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - EPISODE 13 OUT NOW!!! Can any video be bad with a hello kitty poster in it? I think not. lol. Great stuff as usual!
2013/6/29 14:36:15
[Coming soon] Yearning It takes a couple of days for it to appear in the gallery. I believe they still have to okay it at HQ or something like that. Also it is now the weekend so I wouldn't look for it until Monday.
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2013/6/26 2:19:26
[Coming soon] Yearning Look forward to seeing it. I do believe a silent film is harder to do then a film with voices. I enjoyed making The Mirror but it was a lot of work. Can't wait to see it....going to get popcorn ready
2013/5/23 13:42:08
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? Well I really suck at the whole modeling thing. Even opening a modeling program is a learning event lol. But if there is anything I can help with give me a holler. I pretty good at just sitting around and putting things off lol. but seriously I wil lend a hand or mouse click if you need.
2013/5/16 13:06:20
Like Muvizu? Tell Your Friends. Funny picture lol! that alone was worth the share. but shared it is!
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