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2016/2/10 20:59:43
Moscow Assets Hi All

Man, I am having an awful time trying to import buildings into Muvizu. I am using Sketchup's 3D Warehouse and trying to get some of the famous buildings (St. Basil's, etc) and Muvizu complains about everyone I try. It says its too large or outside of the....(I forgot; I'm at work right now) Does anybody have some Moscow building models stashed away on their hard drive some where? Thy can be ultra low poly if need be. I am making a new music video for this song:

2016/1/22 2:50:36
Mandy Character and a Mic Done! :-)
2016/1/21 22:14:49
Mandy Character and a Mic Or ....or.....our Muvizu developers could just add the bit of code to Mandy so she can sing :-D
2016/1/19 19:19:43
Mandy Character and a Mic Thanks Pat. I'll give that a try when I get home.

Do you have that mic you used handy :-)

The one thing I will though miss is the mic toss
2016/1/19 19:17:40
Mandy Character and a Mic ukBerty wrote:
I feel your pain - I decided to go for a fixed mic - it suited the retro look of what I wanted though so worked out OK

Nice Still, Berty!
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2016/1/19 16:16:41
Mandy Character and a Mic I downloaded the latest version of Muvizu last night at about 17:30 CDST and confirmed Mandy had no instruments, which is needed for the singing actions
2016/1/19 14:27:37
Mandy Character and a Mic So even if I manage to get a mic in Mandy's hand and make it semi-believable, she still won't have the lovely singing moves that some of the other characters have.

Rather than a workaround, is there going to be an improvement in the not too distant future for Mandy and her singing? Please? Pretty please?

2016/1/18 15:04:15
Mandy Character and a Mic Hi Pat

I tried that before and was not please with the results. We had to use a "less attractive" lead singer. Pop singers need to be attractive!! :-)
2016/1/18 14:46:16
Mandy Character and a Mic Hi All

Last time i tried to make the Mandy character sing, her holding a mic was not an option and I wondered if it will ever be?


2016/1/6 15:36:23
Moving custom characters to new computer You have functional custom characters???? Do tell! :-D
2015/11/18 15:02:53
New Chinese Pack Hi All

The new Chinese pack looks really cool! I was just wondering if there were going to be any new clothes for the existing characters? My band's ensemble is getting pretty boring!

2015/11/7 6:32:32
Fighter Plane
2015/10/30 16:39:53
Psycho killer Awesome Work, Fazz!!! That was done entirely with Muvizu????
2015/8/29 19:56:37
Change the UV Map? Ahoi!

So I have another question? I noticed another UV MAP I'd like to tweak. This time it's in a .set file. Any ideas on how to export it for tweaking?

2015/8/28 1:41:47
Change the UV Map? Thank you Ziggy72!!

2015/8/27 15:01:50
Change the UV Map? Hi All

I downloaded the sports car added by jfespinal

in the assets area from the website. Its very nice but I wanted to change it up a bit. I dove in to all the Muvizu directories thinking I was going to find this little BMP or jpg of the color layout for this car. Needless to say I didn't. So my question is: Where is it? or how can I change it?
2015/8/27 14:57:05
Fade to Black Hi drewi

I had a demo of Movavi and it expired before I could get to know it. 7 days??? Seriously??
2015/8/26 18:36:26
Fade to Black Thanks Pat for the info. I will have to follow that!
2015/8/23 19:49:25
Waterfall or desert Island scene? Fazz

You are too awesome for mere mortals.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Cool
2015/8/23 17:46:19
Waterfall or desert Island scene? Morning All!

I tried to download the Waterfall or desert Island scene from the "Online" scenes and Muvizu complained about something (the error flashed on by) Is this scene no longer available?
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