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2012/9/24 14:14:29
Human Cruelty - New Video I haven't updated this video on this website because Muvizu animation takes just few seconds.. I made it because I want to send a message, and Muvizu let me do that. This video is about our world and our cruelty. Tell me what do you think about it!

2012/9/23 23:25:59
Forrest Gump Animated That's my new video, a sort of "tribute" to Forrest Gump. I made this video because I love this film, I hope I haven't ruined it

2012/9/21 10:41:07
Fatman Adventures - Batman Italian Opening I used Superhero's "UV Texture" and so I made the mask and the black vest, batman's logo is a decal of the chest
2012/9/20 13:55:47
Fatman Adventures - Batman Italian Opening This is my first video! The song is the italian theme of Batman Animated.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

2012/9/17 10:23:21
Problem with uploading Thanks, I didn't want to hurry anyone, I just wanted to know if videos can be ".wmw" or not. I'm new here. Thanks for your answers
2012/9/16 23:33:59
Problem with uploading I asked it just to know if videos are updated immediatly or not.
Thanks for your answers I will hang on until tomorrow.
2012/9/16 20:18:42
Problem with uploading Hi!
I uploaded my video 3-4 hours ago, but it doesn't appear: is it normal, or does it have to appear immediatly? It is ".wmw", not ".avi", is it a problem?
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