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2012/11/7 15:37:20
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hi Jamie,
Could you pls. look at these specs and tell us if they sound within minima for Muvizu. In particular the Graphics Card?

Because if they are we can assume the problem is with VMWare and concentrate on fixing that.
iMac 21,5'' CPU 4-heart Intel Core i5 2,5 GHz with 6 MB shared cash memory L3, 4GB RAM DDR3
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Graphics card AMD ATI Radeon HD 6750M with 512 MB GDDR5 memory. I saw a minimum ATI 1300 card mentioned somewhere, but I don't know if the 6750 is faster.
Many thanks.
2012/11/6 11:07:32
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hi Jamie, and thanks. We're also not Mac experts unfortunately!
But since this is a virtual Windows machine, could you tell me, if that same message showed up on a true Windows machine what settings you would change (you mention system memory, did you mean that, or video memory?)
And what would you recommend under Windows for the constant flicker problem?
Thanks a lot!
2012/11/6 8:16:21
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hello Jamie,
Sorry for the delay in getting back, while we carried out some tests.
Muvizu crashes in several situations: each time we open a project file and each time we maximize the window or do video -> make video. (It also crashes sometimes at launch.) The message is always the same: ?FRA?Launch.Errors.Error_RanOutOfVideoMemory? (OK)
Another issue (probably related) is that windows inside Muvizu (timeline or camera window e.g.) constantly blink.
We tried allocating VMWare more power (3.5GB memory), to no avail. We also brought screen resolution down to 800x600 which allows to maximize the window, but even then the video export crashes and the blinking continues.
Thank you for your help.
2012/10/30 13:45:11
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hello,
We have a school using 10 Mac's with VMWare. After the application is launched, if we maximize the screen, there is an error message and Muvizu shuts down.
Has anyone heard of this problem?
If not, do you suggest using an older/lighter version of Muvizu (perhaps less demanding in resources)?
Thanks for your help,
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