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2014/12/5 14:31:40
Play + on Multiple Computers
Hi IanS,
Thanx for answer
2014/12/4 20:54:18
Play + on Multiple Computers Hi,I'm using my Play+ license on my 32 bit PC but would like to try it on my 64bit laptop.
Can I install Muvizu and use the same license on my laptop as well?
2013/1/18 0:14:01
Movie on MY website? Thanx urbanlamb,
That puts my mind at ease to know for sure these details.
I use UDK(unreal engine 3 ) and was pleasantly surprised that Muvizu was created with UE3.
Well,take care and THANX!!.
2013/1/17 23:57:36
Movie on MY website? Thanx for the good news and quick response.
One more thing,
If I decide to sell my music cd/download or game software on my site,can I still have an unrelated Muvizu movie posted? -'unrelated to Music CD-Software'.
I'm an Indie programmer/musician and don't expect to make alot(if any) money.
Any ideas on the cost of the commercial permits from Muvizu for someone in my position?I know there's a royalty factor.
Thanx Again!,
2013/1/17 23:25:21
Movie on MY website? Hi,
Can I upload a movie made with Muvizu to my web server and display it on my non-commercial web site?
I'm confused by the TOS.
2012/11/16 22:43:59
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Awesome,Congrats.
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