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2011/7/5 15:55:51
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) mcmillan-ra wrote:
Hi Mach,

My apologies, I didn't read your original post properly. Sorry.

Anyway, I've corrected the link on the download site. If you download it again, it should work. (It certainly works here.)
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The link was ok, just the downloaded software installed as 0.12b not 0.14b.
Seems to be the wrong version of software in that distrubution file.
I download and try again. tnx a lot

Edit: great it's now the 0.14b I need. Tnx a lot again for help
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2011/7/5 11:53:10
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) Marco_D wrote:
Hi Mach,

The link Jim posted above should have the version you need.
If not you can try this one on Cnet:;1

Please let us know if you managed to get the version you are looking for.


The cnet link lead to the following error on a Muvizu page:
Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred.
Our engineers have been notified of the issue. Please try again later.

Jim's link is to an softonic italien site which forces you to install a seperate installer program.
I and my workshop attendees (kids) don't trust that source. I prefer a download a link on
the muvizu site.
It would be great if someone else could check the

to the release number that should be 0.14b, but the file maybe is still 0.12b.
I hope someone could check this and maybe replace the file and/or put up a new 0.14b version
on the Muvizu download site.
2011/7/5 10:30:19
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) mcmillan-ra wrote:
You can also get it from our download page:

It's mentioned just under the images for 64 and 32 bit downloads. The direct link is here:

As I've said above, I've downloaded that exact version. But after installing it and running that
version it say's it's 0.12b and a lot aof features are missing that 0.14b should have.
2011/7/4 17:16:39
urgent need for old Muvizu version (0.14b) On thurdsay I have to run a Muvizu workshop. It's based on the 0.14b version. I can not use the 0.15
because I don't have cards shader 3 yet.
I tried the download of MuvizuSetupDXDotNet_2010.11.29.01R.exe
But after install I just got 0.12b. Since I need 0.14b features like music instruments, moving objects etc.
where can I get a distributable with that version plz.
Thank you a lot for help.
2010/12/6 18:09:17
How to rotate (roll) camera? Neil wrote:
It's been moved to the "Prepare camera movement" dialog. Hope that helps.

yep, found, tnx a lot
2010/12/5 17:07:25
How to rotate (roll) camera? Has the option to rotate (roll) the camera from the camera options menu?
If I remeber right it was there in an older version.
How do I rotate (roll) the camera now in Muvizu?
By rotation (roll) I mean Ditch Angle where a camera is angled so that the horizontal frame line is not parallel to the horizon. Tnx for help
2010/12/3 13:09:25
Problem with downloading 0.13 beta Tnx Marco,

didn't know the bleeding-edge stuff from 0.13b did make it in the current release already.
I've downloaded some new files, but got an error at the end. Maybe that's why
I still get the 0.12b version number. Did restart the download again running Muvizu in
Admin mode. Now I'm on 0.14b finally .
2010/12/3 10:33:20
Problem with downloading 0.13 beta I tried the 0.13b version, but get and NSIS error saying there is soemthing wrong cause of installer integrity
When starting the download it stopps at around 4-8MB. If I got it right the whole download
should be around 500M.
Any idea? I'm on win7 64 bit. Standard Muvizu works fine.
2010/9/26 10:56:25
Halloween Film Fest Promo great writing and voice action. It might could be improved by using some
different camera shots or even make use of new camera animations and not just use that single master shot for the whole movie. Hope now a lot of people send films to the festival or at least join watching them on Halloween.
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2010/9/23 17:56:14
Machinima Expo 2010 Trailer My Trailer for Machinima Expo 2010 made with Muvizu.
Hope to meet you there.
2010/9/23 17:38:48
3D great you got the cameras aligned in parallel that no further adjustment is needed.
But it is not easy to get convergence set this way. You only can toe-in the cameras, but then
the two filmed shots get distorted and is not that easy to adjust for that.
iClone has a parameter for convergence which is great, but there is no adjustment for camera seperation, which is important as well. And as I said before, these parameters has to be adjusted on the camera and not just for the final render. These settings need to be tweaked for every shot seperatly.
For everyone who really would either implement or make any movie in 3D should read:
3D Movie Making: Stereoscopic Digital Cinema from Script to Screen by
Bernard Mendiburu.
It's the best book I've found on the topic so far.
2010/9/21 16:00:07
3D Just a 3D render won't work. The 3D effect (depth effect) has to be adjusted for every shot.
So to get it right there has to be a special 3D camear with the right adjustments (seperation and
convergence settings). With this set for every camera shot this can be then rendered in different formats
like dual streams, side by side, or direct analglyph to be viewed with the red/blue glasses.
It would be great if Muvizu will implement that sometimes in the future.
2010/9/21 15:53:45
some character animations don't work Yes, that's it. tnx a lot
2010/9/21 11:14:54
3D very interesting 3D test. It would be great to know a bit more details on how you get it to work.
A tutorial would be very helpful. Hope you find some time soon.
Have you placed 2 cameras in Muvizu and how have you done that to get good 3D.
Getting 2 cameras aligned for 3D doesn't look easy because fine control is not that easy.
Or have you just rendered a single camera and made it 3D with that editor tool?
2010/9/21 10:57:59
some character animations don't work I was looking for some 'sit' animations. Found 'Hands on chin' and 'Hands clasped' under 'Themes-Boardroom'. They play in preview mode, but when I switch to direct the button is grayed and I cannot use
the to play and add to the timeline. Other animations work.
Are the more animations where a character 'sits' or 'lies down' that work.
I need to make a converstion sceen with people sitting in chairs. Any solution for that?
Tnx a lot for help.
2010/9/15 11:37:59
texture lost on own object thank you. So I hope they'll fix the problem soon.
2010/9/15 11:35:49
can't upload to YT Thank you for adding my video and your nice comment.
I've uploaded another one at YT directly because upload from Muvizu failed again.
Can you put that in the gallery as well?
2010/9/15 11:32:38
Blender 2.49 ASE Export Tips n Tricks tried that 2.5 exporter but didn't get it to export unfortunately.
2010/9/13 14:22:34
texture lost on own object I made my own object with Blender and imported it sucessfully into muvizu.
After saving and reloading the set, the texture on the object is lost.
Curiously it shows up in the properties edit of that object. But it is not displayed.
2010/9/13 14:16:19
problem with animated camera thank you. Tried that on the cameratrack because i didn't spot the seperate camera movement track.
Deleting works perfect there. Still problem with re-recording on that track.
Other re-recordings worked fine so far.
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