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2014/5/9 17:31:40
Hatsune Miku - All Around The World Thank you very much.

I recommend the Gumi version. Sounds more human for me.

But to each his/her own
2014/5/7 17:32:24
Hatsune Miku - All Around The World

My Video with "Hatsune Miku" Vocaloid on Vocals. Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer.
All music, voice and video is virtual. Nothing is real. Only the Idea. Hope you'll like it.

Thanks to Movizu and creatives.

There is also the older Version with Megpoid Gumi on vocals:

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2013/3/20 18:17:54
Muvizu Idol POPSPHERE - Around The World Hi to all !

My second Muvizu Video. My new song.
Unfortunately with a "singing voice synthesizer", no real voice.
Best heard veeeeerrrrryyy loud !
And's just for fun...
Hope you like it.

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