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2012/12/1 23:49:02
Cannot see .set files on my desktop after saving When I want to save my file that I created in Muvizu, I go to file, save as, and name the file. When I look for this file on my desktop, it is no where to be found. I don't understand why this is. The only time I can find the file that I save is when I go to the Muvizu program and go to open and find it. This is a problem because I am not working on my own computer, I am on a public computer and I need to be able to take the file and transfer it to an FTP program in order to come back to it later. Anyone know why this is? Again, I save the file to my desktop and it just doesn't show up. The only way I can find it is by opening it from the Muvizu program (but this doesn't allow me to upload the file to the FTP program).
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