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2012/12/15 20:11:03
Safety Animation Video Entry MrDrWho13 wrote:
Nice snazzy visual effects and sound effects there! Well done!

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it Cool

fullmetall wrote:
i like the style very punchy,... good

I'm glad you like it. Muvizu has a naturally jolly cartoonish atmosphere to it, and that was perfect to help me create the "cute", light-hearted atmosphere.

Jamie wrote:
haha! very good, useful message as well.
Shame they only saved one guy though...

Ahaha, thanks! Yes, that is the plot hole. I would have loved to have saved them both, but I couldn't do that with the time I had. So eventually, I decided to say that the guy who died is the villain who sets off the explosion. Plot hole = patched!
2012/12/14 17:17:18
Safety Animation Video Entry urbanlamb wrote:
oh very cute

I have to make a video soon to teach people about recycling and I think I will use muvizu for it

Thanks! I'm glad you like it
And best of luck to you! I'm sure it will be great! Muvizu has some big limitations, but it's free, has some great surprises, and is quite easy to use. I definitely think Muvizu would be a perfect fit for your project. And oh, did I mention it has built-in lip syncing?
2012/12/14 17:07:46
Safety Animation Video Entry Hi guys, I recently used Muvizu to make my first animated movie. It's our team's entry for the FIRST Robotics Safety Animation Award, and I think it turned out quite nicely

I made the 3D animated scenes in Muvizu, assembled all the scenes together in Premier Pro, and did some VFX work on the scenes in After Effects and Photoshop. I hope you like it!
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