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2011/5/27 17:55:49
Geordie Elvis is in Toon - buying venetian blinds Pooper scooped away! HAHAHAHAHA! Great stuff toonarama. I like your style!
2011/5/27 5:39:13
Fart in the Park 2 I haven't done any "toilet humor" in a while so I thought I'd bring out the "gas man" again. Enjoy... or not. LOL

2011/5/26 16:49:08
Industrial-scale collaboration I agree with Dreeko. Who ever is involved with a project such as this should concentrate on making the best possible movie they can. There seems to be an abundance of great talent here in Muvizuland and a lot of people willing to collaborate.

Make a great movie and the recognition will definitely follow.

"If you build it they will come"
2011/5/25 15:51:54
The newest Muvizu release... I'm downloading the 64bit version right now! YEAH BABY!!!
2011/5/25 15:37:49
Industrial-scale collaboration mcmillan-ra wrote:
Dreeko wrote:

"Back to the Führer"

Just to add to the bad puns - in the Metro this morning they were talking about Hitler using dogs as spies or some such - they used "The Luftwoofer" and "the Furred Reich." Both of which I thought were hilarious.

The Luftwoofer and Furred Reich... ROTFLMAO!
2011/5/25 13:22:13
Muvizu movie Vote I'll gladly contribute any of my talents needed! Count me in!
2011/5/24 23:29:18
Industrial-scale collaboration Dreeko wrote:
Emily wrote:
mysto wrote:

Back to the Führer!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha! Bloody brilliant title DREEKO!!
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Just for fun..

Applause EXCELLENT!!!!!! Toast
2011/5/24 17:12:22
Math Videos It would have been nice to be able to do something like this when I was in school. I think your students did a great job. Keep up the good work!
2011/5/24 0:00:05
prOp Animations You forgot to mention that you also shot a dragon.
2011/5/23 17:50:07
Does Size Matter freakmoomin wrote:
best title to a thread EVER

and yes......i think it does..... no matter what they tell us!!!

I can think of all kinds of remarks to this but I shall refrain. LOL
2011/5/23 17:13:47
Garage Band Trailer... Thanks for the kind remarks guys, it is appreciated.

I do have Adobe Premiere but here lately I've been using some software called AVS Video Editor for the editing of my videos. It seems to do a pretty good job of things. It's free to download and use, or you can pay and get a full version.

I payed the $59US for a lifetime subscription. The good thing about it is that when you pay you get full versions of all their other editing software too. It's really a good deal if you ask me. Here's a link to the site
2011/5/22 20:04:24
Garage Band Trailer... I thought I'd post a small trailer of a project we're working on. I hope you enjoy it.

2011/5/22 17:59:59
Industrial-scale collaboration Very interesting story line! Sounds like it could be a really cool project.

Back to the Führer! What a great name for something like this!

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2011/5/19 0:23:06
Muvizu movie Vote I really enjoy doing set design and the animating of objects and the characters. I like trying to get the timing of things as close to perfect as I can. I also like messing around with different special effects and lighting techniques.
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2011/5/19 0:12:39
Industrial-scale collaboration Danimal wrote:
I sure do love acting and can throw out a voice or two. I've also found a real enjoyment in the editing process. Anyone needing help? I'd be happy to give it a shot.

Acting? Voices? Editing? Interesting, VERY interesting!

EXCELLENT post Dreeko!!!

I too am trying to steer away from the "one man band" approach as well. I enjoy doing everything myself but being able to share a project with others and tap into other people's techniques and ideas I'd probably never come up with on my own is really great fun!
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2011/5/18 23:13:18
prOp Animations What He Saidi agree
2011/5/18 21:25:05
Eyeball movement I use the ol "hold the mouse button down on the control for the duration of the clip" trick too! It does produce a LOT recorded movements on the timeline and there is a bit of fine tuning involved but as Ziggy said it's well worth the effort.
2011/5/18 14:32:22
Industrial-scale collaboration I highly recommend collaborating with others on a project. I too am working with a few fellow Muvizu-ers and I can say that it is not only great fun but for me it has opened up new ways of thinking and looking at things that I wouldn't normally have come up with on my own.

2 or more heads really are better than 1...
2011/5/18 14:14:39
Eyeball movement Some very interesting reading there toonarama.
2011/5/17 23:23:13
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Congrats on your new kit! Sounds like it's gonna be a screamer. I'm looking forward to the 64bit version of Muvizu so I can "unleash" my machine as well.
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